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Comment Re:Haha (Score 2) 201

"If that's not enough money, let's return to a top marginal rate of 91%. It worked great in the 50s, and the economy was booming."

WHY was it booming ?
Give you a hint. Name a large, highly populated 1st world country, with large amounts of natural resources and mature industrial sector and infrastructure that was NOT bombed during WWII. So the USA was able to build stuff for the rebuilding of Europe and Asia. It could invest in R&D rather than in schools, hospitals, houses, roads, rail, water, electricity.

Its not about America being great again, its about the rest of the world no longer being dependant on America.

In the 1950s the USA was about 60% of the entire worlds GDP, now its about 20% and falling.

The USA only makes up about 4% of the worlds population, so there is still a lot of room to fall yet.
Build your walls, have a trade war, stop immigration, its just going to hasten the fall.

The rest of the world agrees with Trump "No deal is better than a bad deal", and few countries (if any) now have to accept a bad deal from the USA.
Sure loss of trade with the USA will hurt, for a wee while, but other countries will step in and life will continue as before.
No one HAS to buy from the USA anymore, there are alternatives.

Comment Haha (Score 5, Insightful) 201

As Nelson would say "Ha ha".

The US already pays more for "health" by a VERY large margin than anyone else. How soon will it be before the "internet" follows suit.
The rest of the world will be happy to stick with its Net Neutrality , get the same (if not better) service for a lot less money.
Unlike health though, it is easier to host servers in other countries, which is all that will happen.
Will this encourage investment, sure, just not in the USA.

Comment Re:Liability (Score 1) 93

The average user does not read reviews. They use the modem/router that was supplied to them by their ISP.

By the time the unit is in the consumers hands its already too late, the effort needs to be made right at the concept stage right through to manufacturing.

Most ISPs regard the modem as throw away items, its cheaper for them to supply something new than to support something old. The manufacturers work on the basis that they want to sell something new and not support something old.

Neither the manufacturer or the ISP has the consumers interests at heart, self regulation is not working, so now it needs "the waving of the big stick" to ensure a reasonable minimum standard of care.

Comment Liability (Score 4, Interesting) 93

Perhaps it is time that manufacturers have to accept liability for faulty software.

There are many things that are considered bad practice (or outright stupidity) that make it into the consumer market, these should be punished.
The lack of timely firmware updates (or even any updates), should be punished.
Hardcoded accounts/passwords should be punished
Telnet/SSH access from the DSL side on by default should be punished
Wireless not requiring a password (a complex one !) before the wireless can be enabled should be punished

If manufacturers had to shell out $1000 per item for this sort of behaviour a lot would go to the wall, the others would clean up their act quickly.

And NO, manufacturers can not opt-out/contract out of this (if they try, make it $5000 an item).

Sure, no software is perfect, but thats not the problem, its that so much junk is put out there with no attempt to make it secure. The average home user can not be expected to do this themselves.

Comment Re:Marketing vs Engineering (Score 1) 38

Until its there, its vapourware.

English is a very difficult language , too many words sound the same, too many words have multiple meanings (The word "set" has 464 meanings), too many accents in addition to more localised slang (look up "Dench" and "Shit the bed" for the UK, "Stink" , "Munted" and "Jafa" from New Zealand).

Google and Apple have been doing this (often badly) for years and still don't get it right (though Google is better than Siri (and I use Siri)). If they release it as soon as they say, it will either be a miracle or it will have so many short comings that it will be a joke.

Different countries have different additions into the language, for example place names. Australians have Aboriginal names, NZ has Maori names, USA has the different Native American languages for place names as well as Spanish names.

English is hard.

I will stick to marketing promising things engineering has a not yet completed.

Comment Re:The government can supply everything for less (Score 2) 113

Well healthcare in the USA is the highest per capita by a VERY large margin. You are paying more, not getting more.

Worse, given the massive costs, tens of millions of Americans do NOT have adequate health care options.

And then it turns out that the infrastructure is also ageing, needing over $1 Trillion to fix it

And China is doing quite well, its now a bigger economy than the USA, its modernising rapidly in all areas.

Communism with corruption is a failure, but then so is capitalism with corruption.

Comment Re:Th best of days (Score 1) 467

Yeah, but without the DRM.

"TRS-80 Basic decoded and other mysteries" has the ROMs disassembled and commented.
I have the full service manuals for the TRS-80s and others, you could buy them.

There were all sorts of sanctioned "mods" (double density, numeric keypads,etc etc etc)

And it was all documented, explained and available.

Comment Re:Old computers presented you with a prompt (Score 1) 467

I hand coded, hand assembled a very basic printer driver for a Heathkit 6800 system for one of my classes . Had to punch in the HEX codes by hand. It had to take a piece of text over the serial port and send it to the parallel port while checking line length,CR,LF + underline and a couple of other quirks in the text file.
Fun times....

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