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Comment Yes, the tech already exists... (Score 1) 90

The answer is yes. The technology to detect the difference has been around for over a decade, but it's not in any iris scanner for security that I'm aware of.

My Mom and Dad (yes, both of them, this one was actually Mom's idea), hold a patent on a method for using a laser and optical system to measure a bunch of things about the eyeball, including intraocular pressure. It's sensitive enough to not only measure the internal eyeball pressure, but you can very easily see the pulse, and with a bit of clever math, it's even possible to use it to generate a non-contact blood pressure measurement.

So, in short, It's certainly possible to tell the difference between a live eyeball and a dead one in ways that are pretty difficult, and certainly cumbersome, to fake, if you care enough to do so. Combining this with some other methods could easily result in a very accurate system that would also be very hard to spoof...

Comment More useful than current (Score 4, Insightful) 73

Going to a technical conference for a language that is popular or that you know well does not offer that much value, because almost anything you learn there could have been learned online quicker.

Going to a conference filled with niche languages or higher level ideas is great because it's much more mind-expanding, and even if ideas seem esoteric there's always some interesting twist you can take back into languages you know better or are more practical to work with. It also helps keep you from getting too pigeon-holed by ignoring changes in the world around you, as I see many object-oriented die-hards doing...

Comment Are you joking? (Score 1) 109

I forget where I read it but I think I remember reading an article some years ago where someone stood up a free Wifi network named something along the lines of "get hacked" and it still had many, many users...

If it's free WiFi people will use it regardless of potential danger, the name is literally nothing.

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