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Comment Re: I am very skeptical. (Score 1) 87

Just the fact that you use those silly google names to indicate android version shows how far up the posterior of google you are. So sad. Just refer to android versions by number so we can understand.

You're crazy, basically no one knows the numbers. Look at all the discussions in the press, ask around to people (among people who even know that there are different versions of Android). Everyone who knows anything about Android releases knows the dessert names. The numbers are enthusiast-only trivia.

Comment Re:3500 degrees (Score 1) 115

Because when you mix 2 things at temperature T, it doesn't make a thing at temperature 2T. Don't mistake temperature for energy.

Wait, wait, wait.. Are you guys thinking about is a physical connected heat transfer? Then yes, adding two sources at 1000C will not get the temperature above 1000C (you need an active heat source and insolution for that). But this isn't a physical heat transfer. It is an energy transfer over light, and this case the new matterial unconnected to the old can have different material and different insulation. Using physical connected heat logic makes no sense here.

Comment Re:3500 degrees (Score 1) 115

Because when you mix 2 things at temperature T, it doesn't make a thing at temperature 2T. Don't mistake temperature for energy.

?? What are you smoking?

Of course it isn't. But if you add two accelerations to eachother you get twice the acceleration. The stable temperature is based on where the acceleration and deacceleration of temperature meet (how much is added and how much is lost). When you add more, that balance changes upwards.

Comment Re:I am very skeptical. (Score 3, Interesting) 87

I highly doubt that 29% of Androids are up to date.

Keep in mind that the security patch level field was added in Android Marshmallow (IIRC), and I expect that's what they're using to determine patch date. If so, KitKat and Lollipop devices aren't counted, and this really says that 29% of Android devices that are new enough to have Marshmallow or Nougat are up to date. That's not surprising, though it's obviously still far too low.

Unless, of course, the report assumes that anything running Lollipop or older is not recently patched, which seems like a reasonable assumption.

Comment Re:3500 degrees (Score 1) 115

I had the same question. It seems to me that the only limiting factors would be total power (shouldn't it scale linearly with the number of bulbs?) vs. the rate at which heat is removed from the target location via thermal radiation or convection.

I suppose you'd also have to consider what happens when your target vaporizes, since you'd no longer have a solid object at the focal point to absorb the radiation.

That is also the only way a relation to the filament material would make sense. If the target is made of the exact same material, it would vaporize at the maximum temperature of the filament. But why would it be the same material?

Comment Re:Nope (Score 2) 115

optimal setup for concentrating natural sunlight

But it's not. Sunlight is for all intents and purposes collimated due to the extreme distance of its source. While these lamps can be "swivelled (sp?) to concentrate light on a single spot", that will tell you little about the setup applicable for use with sunlight.

Have you heard about mirrors? And mirrors on swivels?

See also Solar power towers

Comment Re:3500 degrees (Score 1) 115

That's a lot really. What kind of lights are these?

The summary obfuscates this but whatever the amount of incandescent bulbs you are focusing on the same spot, you cannot get a temperature that is higher than the filament in the bulb (the black box temperature of the bulb). And 3500 is a lot for an incandescent bulb.
Maybe it's another kind of lighting then. Like a combination of different LEDs.

Okay. I will bite: Why not? You add energy from multiple lamps. Light superpositions and photons excites what they hit if they are absorbed, because they can't really do anything else. The maximum possible temperature at the focal point, shouldn't have anything to do with the original material.

Comment Re:Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proo (Score 1) 246

Seems that the fix for that would be to ban intent as a criteria to set damages. I.e make all infringements attract the same penalty which should fall between the two extremes.

No, that wouldn't be good. Normal damages for unintentional infringement shouldn't be much higher than licensing fees, otherwise you impose an additional cost on innovation -- requiring people to scour the database searching for any patent that might possibly apply. Equally, it's important that intentional infringement receive higher damages, else there's no reason ever to bother with licensing.

What we really need is fewer, better patents, written in a more useable way. What gums up the works is all of the patents on obvious inventions that are highly likely to be independently reinvented by anyone competent who looks at the a given problem.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 113

Can you actually still do anything, or have all useful features been removed?

I was going to ask which features had been removed this iteration! Restricting users options seems to be an ongoing trend with the Gnome.

Comment Re:Flaws.. (Score 1) 70

Perhaps ebay have become aware of a security flaw in the keyfob, and are thus trying to migrate users away from them?

Their flaw is that they are literally unbreakable, so they are moving to something entirely trivial for most big interested parties to intercept and decrypt. I wonder why?

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