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Journal GillBates0's Journal: Regarding R*cism and such 5

It is hateful and bad to dislike someone for what they are (e.g. their skin color).
It is NOT hateful NOR wrong to dislike someone for what they think or believe in.

It's as simple as that!

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Regarding R*cism and such

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  • So, then, it's okay to hate Jews. Or Christians or Muslims. Or atheists.

    Maybe Scientologists, or people who believe in Santa Claus.

    What people think or believe in is none of your business... and in fact you can never truly know those things. All that matters is what they do.
    • What people think or believe in is none of your business

      Shame nobody told them that.

      To our host: Racism is the wrong peg to hang this argument from.
      • The reason I wrote "none of your business" is because those are things you truly can never really know for sure, and in most cases it is pointless to even try.

        This is why the whole concept of hate crime is such a slippery subject and probably, in the long run, a bad idea.
    • So, then, it's okay to hate Jews. Or Christians or Muslims. Or atheists.

      Notice, I didn't say 'hate' but 'dislike' someone's ideology. Doesn't subscribing to a particular philisophy (Disclaimer: I'm borderline Agnostic, was raised a Hindu, and practice Buddhist meditation as well) automatically imply a disliking alternate philosophies? Otherwise, why would one prefer or choose one over another?

      But yeah, the basis of Hindu philosophy does include accepting all religions (look up Pluralism on wikipedia) as alternate paths to the same underlying Reality.

      • From here: []

        Hindu views

        The Hindu religion is naturally pluralistic. A well-known Rig Vedic hymn says that "Truth is One, though the sages know it variously." (Ékam sat vipra bahud vadanti).[11] Similarly, in the Bhagavad Gt (4:11), God, manifesting as an incarnation, states that "As people approach me, so I receive them. All paths lead to me" (ye yath m prapadyante ts tathiva bhajmyaham mama vartmnuvartante manuy prtha sarvaa).[12] The Hindu religion has no theological difficulties in accepting degrees of truth in other religions. Hinduism emphasizes that everyone actually worship the same God, whether they know it or not.[13] Just as Hindus worshiping Ganesh is seen as valid by those worshiping Vishnu, so someone worshiping Jesus or Allah is accepted. Many foreign deities become assimilated into Hinduism, and some Hindus may sometimes offer prayers to Jesus along with their traditional forms of God.

        Note - I can dislike but still accept others philosophies or ideas as their paths. BUT accepting still doesn't imply liking their ideas, particularly, when they are forced upon me.

        But I digress, what I originally started out saying was that disliking somebody for what they are (by birth, e.g. their skin color) is Wrong. BUT disliking their believes or disliking them for what they believe in, is not.

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