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Comment Re:A load of BS (Score 1) 778

Computers were supposed to get rid of paper and they didn't.

Yet. Anyone with the smallest foresight can see the trend is towards paper-thin, low power electronic displays. It may be 20+ years before they cost marginally more than paper and start to replace the more mundane uses, but it will. And before anyone starts... of course it will never *completely* replace paper - there will always be some uses that are just more convenient. But look at checks - 15 years ago I was writing 8+ paper checks a month. Now I probably write that many a year. Still a game changer.

Gaming on a phone is awful.

Don't have an iPhone, do you? I have a lot of friends addicted to iPhone games, and there are even a few I have played more than I would like to admit.

If I am going to do work during my commute it will be on a laptop or netbook, not a mobile. I suspect a lot of people feel the same way.

If I am going to do work on my commute I will DEFINITELY use a laptop. The article only mentioned netbooks, which would be insanely painful for programming. Anyone pretending to do "work" on a netbook probably works in marketing and sends emails for a living...

Decent cameras will never go away because a phone will never be able to match the feature set of the camera....even compact ones, imo.

Well, the article only mentioned compacts, not "decent" cameras (though compacts are pretty decent these days!) Again, progression of technology... look at phones now, vs phones of 10+ years ago. If you don't think all of the features of a compact camera can't be added to phones in the near future, you should delete your /. account.

Watches will always exist, if anything, as a fashion accessory.

Yeah, so will codpieces, it doesn't mean they are still useful.

Comment Re:Trying to make your mark, eh? (Score 1) 264

Years ago the Microsoft DNS implementation had a very nasty memory leak and used a lot of cpu - you really did need a dedicated DNS machine for small sites and to reboot it once a week.
I think that's why people are still thinking about putting it in a virtual box so it can't eat all the resources, even for a pile of trivial services that a sparcstation 5 could handle at low load.

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