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Comment The 11th thing is... (Score 1) 778

Being attached to a piece of technology at the hip where I can still get hampered with 'the-sky-is-falling' on-call calls when I'm *not* on-call, people I don't feel like talking to me can annoying me with phone calls/txts that I have to take the time to silence, my flip/touch-phone device for a bordem-killer to the point that it takes two years off it's design worth, knowing what time is ANY time of the day (it's actually nice not to keep track of time once in a while), yet another device I have to carry around with me besides my netbook/ipod/work-laptop/gps, etc. (unless you're an uber-UBER power phone user, I don't agree WTFA on that one totally), never knowing anyone's phone number anymore (leaves you dead in the water, especially when you leave your cell phone at home by accident), substituting nice, quality memorable photos from a good, quality digital camera for 1MP squashed ones, loosing total track of your walking and ability to dogde solid objects when trying to answer that important txt msg while on run or in the car (I've seen people almost kill themselves to fulfill that 160 character impulse). The list can go on and on... It's a mere trade-off for the extra added stress is causes us IMHO.

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