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Comment Re:Other poll ideas (Score 1) 554

Competitive Orgy

Also, wasn't Hoplitodromos the same thing as Chariot Racing?

And no straight women should be allowed to answer, as two brawny men wrestling in the nude would be too popular, especially as women were forbidden to witness the Games, anyway. Likewise no straight men could comment if we talking about a mythical Games for women athletes, also conducted while nude.

Comment Re:Very sad (Score 1) 129

I could list a few left-wing conspiracy theories, including my one friend's theory that the Clinton Death Lists were real and driven by Bill and that was a GOOD thing, because it balanced out the political assassinations performed under George H.W. Bush's aegis. I would point out, also, that it is extremely unlikely that you know any of MikeMo's conspiracy theorists, as you two clearly travel in different circles.

Multiple anecdotes do not qualify as data, regardless of which ever side counts them.

Comment Re:And surprise surprise... (Score 1) 129

Your scepticism is understandable, but extensive video footage of the event has been released.

I hope this sets your mind at ease.

And extensive video footage has been released showing that NASA reached, walked upon, golfed upon, "danced" upon, and drove upon the Moon. And STILL Buzz Aldrin has to deck idiots, every so often.

Some people will not have their minds set at ease by anything but their eventual death.

Comment Re:Bargain bin (Score 1) 78

You clearly don't understand businesses based on appealing to different age cohorts' different tastes, do you? How much Bix Biederbecke do you suppose Spotify plays, or even Louis Armstrong or Duke Ellington? Compared to whatever is recent and appeals to today's mayflies?

Remember, Antonio Salieri was once known for something other than being convinced that he killed Mozart by overworking him, because he thought that Mozart was too easily too much better than him. And supposedly rightly known, if the classical music commentator on my local PBS radio station can be believed. How often is S. on Spotify, or anything by J.S.Bach's sons (several of whom were thought better than "Old Bach" in their lifetimes, and two of whom are still considered almost as good)?

Comment Re:Bargain bin (Score 1) 78

So if other songs released when yours was and roughly as successful as yours was get preferential treatment because you didn't kiss Spotify's ass

Bad analogy. In this case, the band or musician did not refuse to kiss Spotify, they stabbed at them, and Spotify is somehow being castigated for making a reposte.

Comment Re:Sour Grapes (Score 1) 78

Streaming pays absolute shit according to most accounts.

A better way to view it is that streaming is today's AM radio (dating myself a tad, here). It is not a profit center, it is an advertisement for the musicians and/or their group. If you like their one song, maybe you'll buy others.

I might suggest that this "sour grapes" at exclusivity makes streaming services more like the old recording companies, too. I remember that when Motown had a celebration/concert for one of their anniversaries there was a lot of talk of ignoring the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson, as they had signed to a different label after becoming big. This is similar.

In short, same old same old. Nothing to see, just move along.

Comment Re:Turkey is an authoritarian regime?? (Score 2) 56

, especially when its leaders are elected democratically.

No, he means that it is less likely to be authoritarian if democratically elected. If the Germans in the 1930s GODWIN RULE ALERT! CONTENT REMOVED AS IT IS VERBOTTEN IN DEUTCHLAND.

Also, if the government is elected repeatedly, occasionally loses and is out of power, then gets re-elected, it is even less likely. This still does not mean that they cannot be authoritarian, just less likely to be.

Besides, the Gaza Arabs wanted terrorists against Israel, and probably would still, even if they weren't inundated with anti-Jewish messages by their own media. Some people just like their hates. Ask a Bostonian about the Yankees, or a New Yorker about DeflateGate.

Comment Re:Short variable names (Score 1) 671

If you use short variable names for loop variables and stuff, you can code faster because you type quicker.

Back in college, I had to rename i,j,k,l as indx,jndx,kndx,lndx just to keep the TAs off my back. Single char variable names were FORBIDDEN!! but they never had a good reason for ruining the readability of the code when a quick comment at most would serve to describe which index variable was which.

You might notice that Mathematics texts never use long variable names, and COBOL always does? Nuff said.

Also globals aren't bad, and public variables aren't bad.

Of course they are bad. Necessary sometimes, but bad. So write yourself a comment as to why you are using it, and go on, and let someone else remove it after you have left the company, if they have nothing else to do with their lives. Especially useful for tracking internal conditions in functions when you are debugging and don't want to bother stepping through them.

Comment Re:Depends on your definition of "life" (Score 1) 250

The Fermi Paradox was defined without any hyper-light expansion needed, or even contemplated. Personally, I felt that crossing the gap to one of the satellite galaxies was probably unlikely (let alone a jump from or two the Andromeda spiral), just as Europeans were unlikely to cross the Atlantic to settle and replace the indigenous inhabitants of the two continents on the other side of that ocean.

Oh, wait.

Comment Re:Life (Score 1) 250

The only way to make the probability not approximate zero is to find some excuse to insert an infinite number (or whatever seems close enough).

Like conducting the experiment in an ocean-sized lab with the organic density of beef consumme? Large enough numbers in the numerator balances large numbers in the denominator (or vice versa), so the chance of a very low probability event occurring once in an experiment that large, run for millions of years, can be quite close to one.

One needn't assume "a non-negotiable total commitment to materialism" to come up with a rational and fairly materialist explanation. Just a way to recalculate the problem so that an arrow CAN hit a target or a fast runner beat a tortoise with a head start, Zeno notwithstanding.

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