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Comment Re:oh, great (Score 1) 332

It sounds like you're trying to lay all the blame on slavery on black people. Yes, there was slavery in Africa, but the practice expanded greatly because of white Americans.

Actually, America imported a fairly small proportion of all slaves. Most went to Brazil, then to the Caribbean, then to the South (less than 10% of the numbers), then the rest of the Americas (including the North). The practice in Africa DID expand because the market increased in size, and so excess PoWs in the African wars could be monetized rather than exterminated. Only in the South did slaves reproduce more slaves than the previous generations' numbers; the Caribbean sugar plantations were death traps for everyone even before Yellow Fever and malaria took their toll, and in the North the Africans nearly died out every winter, and so were too unprofitable to keep except as vanity items like house servants, while the northern Europeans found the weather just like home.

Comment Re:Disappointed but not surprised (Score 1) 2837

What "term limits"? No limits except for the presidency, and only FDR ever had the gall to assume that he was the Indispensable Man and run for a third term or a ninth year.

The ugly truth is that the electorate is fairly evenly split, and gets tired of which ever side gets in power after 2-3 terms. FDR/Truman was an exception, because of the Republicans being blamed for the Great Depression, as was Lincoln to Hayes, due to the Democrats being blamed for the Rebellion.

Comment Re:Wow, not even eight minutes later, and... (Score 1) 2837

Defect to either Ireland (last I saw, 90% spoke English as well as a Liverpudlian) or the Netherlands (a few years back, they were talking about having a new university teaching only in English)(plus Frisian is the closest relative to English), both of which are still in the EU.

BTW, French Canadians are much less than 1/2 of all Canadians; they just make noises about separating like the Scots do, and get ass-kissed to stay in the Dominion. If the Scots ever DO vote to leave, expect Holyrood to be given a bill for the debts of the Kingdom of Scotland which Whitehall assumed, with compound interest since 1707.

Comment Re:How long will he last? (Score 1) 2837

People said they were terrified for Obama's safety 8 years ago... Most of the people with guns like this guy a lot better. :)

Lee Harvey Oswald was a Communist, who had defected to the Soviets from the US Marines then was forced back. The assassin in 1880 or 1900 was an anarchist. Leftists with guns are more dangerous to the top of the pyramid.

Comment Re:Very true (Score 1) 2837

Well, "fair and square" given that the rules, however weighted, were well known beforehand. Also, if Bernie had been better at convincing the super-delegates that he could attract main election voters not as far to the Left as the average Democratic primary voter then he might have convinced them switch to him.

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