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Comment Re: Streaming Sites Illegal, Not Links to Them (Score 1) 48

I am thinking in particular of 123moviesfree.whateverthetldtheyhavetodayis

They live behind Cloudflare and presumably pay money to them for the bandwidth to stream movies illegally.

Also things like animeland.tv that do the same.

I must admit I use these things and often it's stuff that I have access to but which doesn't work. For instance I subscribed to Funimation's site because my daughter loves anime. But the site is so slow that the movies are unwatchable. I guess since the same stuff is available illegally for free on animeland.tv I don't feel guilty since a legal site has my cash even if the site itself doesn't actually deliver what I paid for.

Also 123movies works more reliably than Netflix. Even if the movie is available on netflix, I tend to watch it from 123movies.

If I was a total leech I'd just cancel all my paid subscriptions to shit and watch everything illegally with no ads.

In fact I wonder how these illegal sites can provide such excellent bandwidth/reliablilty without making any money. My adblocker seems to block all their ads.

I wonder if it is a state actor funding these things to attack hollywood.

If so, I don't mind. I tend to hate Hollywood with a burning white hot passion these days.

I will pay for shit if I care it gets made on amazon or whatever. Or patreon. There's nothing that's worth watching that needs a budget too big for the honor system.

Comment Re:Why not automatic voice encryption? (Score 1) 519

Well there could be a web of trust or at least what we have with Certificate Authorities and HTTPS.

And web of trust exchange would be easy with phones - maybe scan one of those codes.

Even if the CAs are compromised, they wouldn't be able to use information gleaned without giving up the fact they have compromised the CAs.

Comment Why not automatic voice encryption? (Score 1) 519

Why is it that wiretaps still exist? Why doesn't every phone negotiate the highest possible encryption level with the other phone it is connected to? Then whoever you call you get the highest encryption supported by their phone, and wiretap is impossible.

You could have your phone warning beep if the other phone doesn't support secure connection.

Why isn't this built into just about every phone?

Comment Re:More than a few questions (Score 1) 983

Who cares if they blew the guy up? By shooting, up cops you've already moved the debate into ad baculum. It's combat. And sometimes the cops have to do that. It all worked out for the best, and you can complain about rules etc, but nobody has both the will and standing to legitimately argue it.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 983

He's certainly a threat if he gets away or is not contained. Having him there limits the police's options. There could very well have been a riot, and if there were they would have to retreat or fight a pitched battle with the rioters which would lead to lots of people being injured or maybe killed, or to the gunman getting away ( and he was a threat, we can't have him geting away and doing something like this again ). If the police were going to fight a pitched battle, better with him than some misguided protesters who haven't actually killed anyone.

Comment Re:More than a few questions (Score 3, Insightful) 983

I say ethics does work that way - in this narrow case it all worked out for the best. Can't argue with success.

If he wanted to defend himself in a court, he could have surrendered. By remaining a beligerant he forfeits that right.

It would really serve no purpose for the cops to take off their I am a cop hat and put on an I am a military guy hat. In fact there is some overlap between what the cops and what the military do. The cops even generally have militaryesque ranks and chains of command etc.

Comment Re:More than a few questions (Score 1) 983

Meh, in this narrow case, who cares? Go ahead and litigate it in your mind to the extreme, the guy is basically a beligerent at war with the US. In the end, the result is the same and also the ethics. Think of how many Americans Abraham Lincoln had targeted and killed, and a good thing too.

Comment Re:#BlackLivesMatter (Score 2) 983

Not sure if BLM is a movement with leaders or something more like Anonymous. More than likely those BLM supporters who want to kill cops are the minority.

Still I hardly hear a peep from them about cases where the cop does wrong and is prosecuted and ends up convicted of a crime ( or when everyone fully expects that and the cop is sitting in jail ). I hear the noise from BLM about cases where the cop most likely won't suffer any legal sanctions.

Therefore, if we generally expect the legal system to come to correct conclusions, then we would expect BLM to be generally wrong about the cases that anger them.

Comment Re:What a complete... (Score 1) 171

In my day they would give us a page of 20-30 long division problems. Today they concentrate more on abstract concepts and will assign four to six.

I remember I would try to do them, and get five or six done and then pass in the page incomplete. Due to silly mistakes, I'd get bad marks on the tests too.

But I always understood all the concepts, but was unable to do complete the sheer number of problems especially without error. Compared to my classmates I sucked at math.

But then on standardized tests, I would do upper 90s percentile. On one state given test I took in 8th grade I got the best score ever in the history of the school, because the test was doable without any computation. You could look at the question and the answers and rule the wrong answers out without putting pen to paper. Maybe I got real good at that because I was so bad at not making mistakes.

Anyway in 8th grade I was a C minus to D student who struggled to factor polynomials.

However, I was able to earn a 4 year college degree in math by age 18. I switched majors to math from biology, after doing well in a required calculus class that I had dreaded because I suck at math. And being bad at computation, I eventually became good at using tools to do it for me and became a computer programmer.

IMO the way they are teaching now is better balance.

Comment Re:Why I thought... (Score 1) 359

Star Wars: A space Opera.
Star Trek: wow space stuff is futurisic and cool man. Refreshing escapism without Cowboys and Indians.
Star Trek TNG/Voyager: A soap Opera. 15 year olds wanking it to tight uniforms pre-internet days.
Star Trek post 90s: You're still watching that? There is such a thing as internet porn ya know.
Star Trek 2010s: Keep mining for dollars: Will enough gratuitous cgi action attract new fans who are already jaded to CGI effects and rescue a dead franchise?

Comment Re:Orion (Score 1) 359

I don't seem to remember any replicators in the original Star Trek from which those slaves originate. Also in the original, Harry Mudd was a thing. With replicators, why would someone like that exist? Also, the Ferengi make no sense with all powerful replicators. Anyway, the Holodeck would end human ambition and drive to explore forever.

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