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Comment Re:Things Mature (Score 1) 646

No lets see what users care about.

I fired up Firefox and opened slashdot ... ... any minute now ... ... ... Ok it woke up again after 20 seconds.

I may only have 4GB of RAM but I still find it unacceptable that Firefox and Firefox alone will lock up for 20 seconds when opening a web page. Not take 20seconds to load, but physically become unresponsive. I mean what is it doing? Having an army of Viet sweatshop workers sitting there with calculators figuring out how to use those 90MB?

Memory may not be everything but if as the GP said you're using 10MB to print "Hello World" you're doing something very very wrong.

Comment Re:Amazing how icaucus's supported candidates (Score 1) 17

Not trolling. I just find it ironic that you complain about government intrusion into our lives, yet ignore one of the biggest ones. Why this bias against personal vice while the grand larceny goes unnoticed?

I think the idea that the government issues licenses to run a business is wrong.

For local mom and pops, you would be right. But any business that affects third parties (displaces people, contaminates the ground, air, or water, the economy etc) must be watched closely, and possibly regulated. These things travel far beyond their property line. And we have every right to control that.

So you were against the Reagan and Bush tax cuts also? What about ag subsidies?

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 240

i completely agree with your sentiments on management ruining great products. i think technologists need to step up to the plate more often and take complete ownership of technology rather than let business people push them around.

Comment Re:What a coincidence (Score 2, Insightful) 322

Google's spam filters are the Postini filters, recalibrated with Google's data. I'm in agreement with the parent that gmail is not significantly better than the competition.

The quality of their search engine results have been reduced by people gaming the system, the transparent trick of heavily weighting wikipedia results, and the rise of aggregators. Not that others are doing much better, but a lot of that "I'm feeling lucky" mojo is gone.

Maps came from Telcontar. The street view was innovative, but the maps themselves--not so much.

I'm not a Google hater, but it's important not to look at ANY company through rose-colored glasses.

Comment Re:i'm not paying $250 to buy books (Score 1) 542

Quite frankly, I don't see a need for yet another document format. PDFs work everywhere, and have been around for a while. It can render anything you can hope to find in a book anyway, so what more do you need?

What more you need is a little thing called reflow Your PDF does not work "everywhere." It is formatted for a specific size of paper. Chances are, an electronic reading device (including a computer screen) is not that exact size or aspect ratio. the eBook formats (ePub, eReader, Mobipocket, etc.) all permit reflow of the document to the screen size and dimensions of the reader, allow adjustments in font size, and all kinds of goodies that PDF will not accommodate.

Comment Re:Sounds good to me (Score 1) 757

The idea of borders, haves and haves nots is a relatively recent concept. Thus to say you need to enforce and keep people out is crap!
People used to move from one place to another ALL the time. So long as you paid your local taxes and gave all of your servitude everything was cheeky.
If we went back to borderless countries we would all be in much better shape because people would travel however they would please.
So do your history and then understand what I am getting at...

Yeah and back when we had borderless countries most people died less than 25 miles from where they were born. Borders exist because technology has allowed far greater population mobility.

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