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Comment Re:also in the news ... (Score 1) 451

Good thing it takes longer to work someone to death if you're paying them a little bit. Slavery is for suckers.

The thing is....NONE of these "gig" jobs are there for you to make a living on...that's not their purpose.

They are there to allow you to make some money on the SIDE, when you have free cycles.

Not every single job out there is one meant to make a career and living from, when did this thinking come about?

Perhaps from the fact that everybody needs a job to make a living on? And that people who have a job that they make a living on, have no free cycles?

Comment FFS (Score 2) 35

Why is it *always* necessary to compare a government agency to how an equivalent private agency would run?

It's really that unbelievably difficult to understand that private business and public services operate in wildly different ways, with wildly different purposes and goals?

Do people have *any* idea how much things would cost if all government services were for profit? Either virtually every government run service would have to shut down, or be priced to the point where no one but the wealthy would be able to afford them.

If you want to argue that CSIR isn't fulfilling it's mission, that's fine. Argue away. But to argue that CSIR should be shut down because it isn't make a profit? That's just so mindbogglingly insane that it's not even wrong.

Why not apply the same criteria to every other government service? DMV? Libraries? Public schools? Roads? Emergency Services? Basic Utilities like water and sanitation? They should all be profitable or shut down! Hell, disband government entirely and make *everything* a for-profit company. You need clean water? Then you won't mind paying $10/gallon for it cause some Martin Shkreli clone wants to line his pockets.

Suddenly all you people who bitch about taxes being theft will be singing a wildly different tune. Assuming you can sing at all because you will be left financially destitute just trying to not die.

Comment We don't need to "stop" it (Score 4, Insightful) 127

You know, a thought just occurred to me.

If people can at least agree that climate change is happening (man-caused or otherwise), can we not also agree that some form of mitigation is necessary? It's not as if climate change is an unheard of thing on our planet. That's not even the issue.

Humans are unique in that we can modify an environment to suit us, but that doesn't make us any less dependant on the other species on this planet, and so it is *still* in our best interests to keep things on as much an even keel as possible.

Species evolve slowly over time. As conditions change, animals *will* evolve. But if conditions change too quickly, then there isn't enough time to adapt and species die. So we don't necessarily need to stop it... only slow it down as much as we can so that everything else can keep up and we don't risk getting ourselves taken out in the process.

This of course presumes one a) understands evolution, b) understands that climate *will* change and c) gives a shit about things beside short-term financial gain.

Comment Re:Expect Russia to take advantage (Score 1) 92

Putin doesn't care in the slightest about public opinion. Being feared and hated by the world is as good as being respected in his book.

Fear is a kind of respect. Not the best kind, but still better than no respect in the realm of international politics. But that fear comes from respect. If Putin comes off as an incompetent schmuck then people will stop fearing him so much. But ruthless and competent is something to fear.

Trump, on the other hand, has the biggest gun in the room in his hands, so even his incompetence is scary.

Comment Re:So now Trump controls where we vacation (Score 1) 176

About bloody time. Anybody who "Vacations" in ISIS territory falls into one of three categories:
1. Liberal Christians about to become martyrs.
2. People who have become radicalized Islamic Jihadi going there to train for suicide missions.
3. Aid workers.

Examining their social media accounts will quickly sort them into one of these three groups, and allow us to stop #2 from traveling.

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