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Comment Re: If he gets busted... (Score 1) 81

Some might. Some will simply shift the blame because they refuse to accept that they are in any way responsible for the situation. I had such a thing happen with a neighbour whose internet had been cut off because his machine had been infected and was spewing spam.

He was irate that the ISP didn't protect him from this and felt he was being unfairly penalized, and wouldn't budge no matter how much I tried to explain to him that the computer was his property and he was responsible for maintenance and security. Eventually I told him that the only option was to backup any critical data and completely reformat his hard drive, and that there was nothing else I could do for him.

Every word that came out of his mouth made me less and less sympathetic to him, to the point where I hoped he was never able to access the internet again. People like that are beyond help. The only thing you can do is isolate them so they don't hurt others.

Comment ALGOL-W (Score 1) 392

I played with Basic in high school but did my first undergrad stuff in ALGOL-W. As an undergrad I messed with Pascal, Fortran and PL/I. One of my profs at the time was an author of the ALGOL 68 report, thought BCPL was cool and that C (a relatively new language at the time) was a mental disorder. He gave us an assignment in APL once. I guess I'm showing my age.

Now I do 99% of my work in C. My boss and I agree to disagree on scripting languages. I like Python. He thinks Python is ridiculous and insists on Perl for production work.


Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 1) 222

Nobody was forcing them to be parents. They were prepared to be parents and take the financial and emotional responsibility... that was the whole point of the procedure.

Yes, for a child born of their own genes. There are numerous disadvantages to raising a child who is not of your own genes. Such offspring is much less likely to be successful in every way due to a number of factors. Your offspring literally inherits traits you gained during your lifetime. This is important for creating rapport between parent and offspring. Keep in mind that it's a typical instinct for an ape to kill all the offspring of other males when he takes over a female.

Comment Re:Are there any killer apps for Android? (Score 1) 55

My Charter Spectrum Cable TV app runs on Android, but isn't available on Linux.

Spectrum has live TV available through their app and their web site. Unfortunately, the app only works on Android/iOS, and the site only works on Microsoft OSes because it requires silverlight and flash to be installed. The Linux wrapper for the silverlight plugin (pipelight) has been discontinued, so I'm out of luck. I've tried and failed to get it working under Linux with Firefox, Chrome, Chromium -- natively, under wine, natively with the last pipelight wrapper which only ran the plugin through Wine. No dice. It'd be really nice to have a Linux machine to watch all my cable channels on without needing to use a Windows box or a cable box.

I can watch youtube, twitch, netflix, amazon, and a dozen other streaming services on Linux... but, not my own cable/ISP's digital TV lineup. This isn't Linux's fault, of course -- Spectrum should know that silverlight was deprecated years ago and flash is a dinosaur.... but... being that they're a monopoly, there isn't much I can do about it.

There are a few other mobile-only android apps one can't install on PCs -- and even the web interfaces for some sites which have apps lack features which are only found in their apps. (Instagram doesn't let you "like" things from the website, nor does it give you emoji options for instance).

Comment Re:How much CO2? (Score 1) 205

It's not that much. The US military (and presumably others) has been experimenting with artificially creating cloud cover for decades. Conspiracy theories aside, there are a couple of relevant patents. One of them basically involves special afterburners, and the other one involves spraying metallics (just like the conspiracy theorists said, whee!)

Whether we should be doing this or not doesn't really have any bearing on whether we should be doing the other things, though. We could do both.

Comment Re:DRONE ON (Score 1) 205

On top of that, it's a stupid fucking argument to be making. Carbon emissions are not evenly distributed. A handful of the worlds rich assholes (read: us) are doing the vast majority of the climate change (See figure 1).

India and China are trying as hard as they can to come up to our levels of carbon release. This is a problem that has to be solved at a deeper level. It has to simply be cheaper not to pollute. Therefore this is where the bulk of the research should be going.

Comment Re:It's in alpha, don't expect too much out of it (Score 1) 55

it is already a container, and you are using virtual box to run ubuntu which is a container too, you have a container within a container, like those Russian dolls within dolls, i think it would be best to run a container up on a native system to not add layers of complexity to a system that is already complex on its own (plus its an alpha release and still not ready for prime-time) but i hope it does make good progress because i love both Linux and android

Comment sounds like a great idea (Score 2) 55

there are some android apps i like and would enjoy running on a Linux desktop with a proper mouse & keyboard, for example SDRTouch with my SDRPlay software defined receiver would be much better than on a little bitty tablet, and hopefully using a mouse with it would make it nicer for adjusting the frequency or bandwidth and other stuff, good luck to the developers i hope this pans out to be a great program and improves both Linux and android

Comment Re:It would be... (Score 1) 205

I'm not sure it would help against your pretty sever case of confirmation bias. In my commute there is a great percentage of cars doing stupid shit that endanger other people, and there are seldom any cyclists doing that.

About fifty percent of the cyclists I see on the road are doing something spectacularly stupid. These things range from riding the wrong direction to completely ignoring signals and signs. Perhaps this has to do with where I am driving, which is primarily around Napa, Lake, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties. I am very cautious around cyclists, because it doesn't matter who is right and who is wrong, I don't want to kill some schmuck with no appreciation for the laws of physics.

Comment Re: Systemd! (Score 1) 281

AMD driver support is and always has been a PITA. This continues to be true, although many people say that it is becoming less true. Meanwhile, nVidia Linux driver support is more of a PITA than it was back in the olden days, so there's really nothing to be happy about unless you're an intel fan.

Comment Re: The problem is depth perception (Score 1) 49

You can get a depth from a single camera if the object or scene is suitably lit.

People do it with IR. But it's pretty crap, and it can be fooled by some surfaces and materials. And when you talk about what people are actually looking at doing in cars for full autonomy, it's combining normal visual cameras with lidar and radar.

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