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Comment Re:It's in alpha, don't expect too much out of it (Score 1) 66

it is already a container, and you are using virtual box to run ubuntu which is a container too, you have a container within a container, like those Russian dolls within dolls, i think it would be best to run a container up on a native system to not add layers of complexity to a system that is already complex on its own (plus its an alpha release and still not ready for prime-time) but i hope it does make good progress because i love both Linux and android

Comment sounds like a great idea (Score 2) 66

there are some android apps i like and would enjoy running on a Linux desktop with a proper mouse & keyboard, for example SDRTouch with my SDRPlay software defined receiver would be much better than on a little bitty tablet, and hopefully using a mouse with it would make it nicer for adjusting the frequency or bandwidth and other stuff, good luck to the developers i hope this pans out to be a great program and improves both Linux and android

Comment TV's Golden Age is Long Long Over (Score 2) 200

the Golden Age of TV was in the 1960's & 1970's (before the internet) when most everybody spent their free time in the evening watching their favorite TV shows before bed time, TV is like the Radio now, people mostly ignore it unless they want local news & weather, the internet wont lill TV, like TV did not kill radio, it will just fall back to a secondary source of entertainment and news and information

Comment RE:"The article points out that equipment dealers" (Score 4, Insightful) 316

"using those expensive repair calls to offset slumping tractor sales."

maybe people dont want to buy new tractors with this new "tractor with expensive propitiatory software, so they are keeping their old tractors, and even buying old tractors because they can fix them their selves without some greedy corporate tractor dealer scalping their pocketbooks every time they need work done on their tractor

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