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Comment probably done by the competition (Score 1) 125

it probably came from within the pharmaceutical industry, or they paid to have it done, medical marijuana is taking income away from the pharmaceutical industry. eventually the pharmaceutical industry will have to accept marijuana as a legitamite product and should consider making remedies with the active ingredients of marijuana

Comment i always hated tape (Score 1) 562

all formats, reel to reel, 8-track, cassettes, etc...

tapes can stretch, sooner or later something is going to hang up and you will have stretched tape, with the exception of computer files CD/DVD is the only way to go, just keep them clean & dry and always keep them in their jackets when not in use so they dont get scratched

Comment this gives me an idea (Score 1) 88

get a startup going with a clever idea, use a GoFundMe or some sort of Kickstarter financing website to collect funds for my clever idea project, dont build anything and collect millions of dollars, after the money sits in a bank for a while make a press release that the project failed and investors have to send a self-addressed stamped envelope for a refund, send all those that send a SASE a refund, keep the rest of the money plus the interest it made while sitting in the bank which could be many thousands of dollars

Comment the OLEDs i seen are all big and expensive (Score 1) 238

like in 55' size and in the 5 thousand dollar range.
i dont want a TV that big and i am not willing to spend more than a 2 or 3 hundred on a tv and i dont need a tv bigger than 24' to 36' max in size.
i dont watch much TV anyway, i use a 24' LCD for a computer monitor, and get 6 stations over the air on an antenna.
I would buy a OLED when they get in the size range and price range that i want

Comment i figured something like this would happen (Score 1) 63

since android is built on Linux and is (mostly) open source eventually google's dominance on android would meet competition sooner or later and it would take a big player with deep pockets to do it and Amazon is a player that meets those qualifications, maybe within a couple of years there will be android phones that gets system updates from Amazon, or maybe the Co-Op method of development where several hardware vendors and phone service carriers will all pitch in on the development of the OS and apps that goes in to their products

Comment play a little tit for tat (Score 1) 427

and do the same thing back to them, only worse, hit them where it would cost them a lot of money like ordering a bunch of porn with the company credit card, all because they were trying to mess with my mind, and just before i left i would wipe all the harddrives on every computer i could get my hands on, and have them all booted with a live USB linux playing an infinite loop of some porno video, with a post-it note on each monitor sayng: "who is screwing who?"

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