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Comment Tax The Rich, Feed the Poor (Score 1) 1127

till there are no rich no more - Alvin Lee & Ten Years After

i am sure all the multi-millionaires and billionaires and multi-billionaires can stand to lose a few bucks to help the poor, this nation favors the rich so much that it is sicking to see such wealth piled up while so many can not even afford clean clothes and food!!!

Comment i like freedos (Score 2) 211

but it is quite limited in its capabilities, it would be cool if someone ported some basic linux apps to it like iceWM and some basic browser like dillo and a text editor, maybe something for audio/video and grphics editing like mtpaint or xpaint, make it simple and basic like Windows95 was, not too complicated and just enough to make it usable as a bare bones desktop, if i was forced to use commandline only i would just use Linux without Xorg which is more robust and feature right and even has some ncurses apps that are decent

Comment Re:Do your job (Score 0) 311

my bad about Eric Garner, my memory about what exactly killed him was fuzzy, but those cigarettes were taxed, Eric Garner paid taxes when he bought a pack of cigarettes, the tax system in the USA is a total ripoff, people pay income taxes when they get paid, then they are taxed again when they buy something with the same money that they paid taxes on when it was income, personally i think the IRS should be abolished and a flat tax implemented that is fair and not too burdensome on the working class and does not give favors and tax shelters to the rich so they pay a fair share too

Comment Re:Do your job (Score 1) 311

Michael Brown was attacking the officer trying to take his firearm away, i would have shot him too in that situation

you are right about the Walter Scott shooting, the officer was wrong to shoot him while he was running away, they already knew who he was so they could have caught him later

i have to agree too that Eric Garner should not have been shot, he was only selling individual cigarettes on the street, if i was a cop i would have ignored Eric Garner and let him sell his cigarettes, i doubt he made more money than enough to buy himself a hamburger, Fries and a sodapop

Freddie Gray is a bit of a toss up, he could have had already been injured before he was put in the back of that paddy wagon, but i also agree the officer should have sat him down and put a seatbelt on him, i would rule that an accidental death

Comment Re:or ... (Score 0) 311

you're not telling the whole story, the subject also said he had a licence to carry a concealed firearm, then the officer said to keep his hands where he could see them, but the subject continued to reach for something what it was the officer did not know, could have been his wallet or it could have been the concealed firearm, the subject should have keep his hands visible like the officer said in his second command,

Comment microsoft could also be obsolete too (Score 1) 75

and become as relevant as Sun Microsystems with outdated arcane software because it is closed source and unable/unwilling to allow anyone to modify & rebuild, sourcecode is no mystery anymore, kids in school are now working on source code so when they get an idea to build something they are more likely to opt for GNU/FOSS/Linux to have more control of the operating system,

when it comes to speculation there is two sides to that coin,

Comment the law and the courts can be bullshit (Score 3, Insightful) 90

what about fingerprints, they can be used to arrest someone, but fingerprints are inadmissible in court because fingerprints are not accurate enough to prove if the person is guilty, i bet there are similarities with the human face too, i seen people that looked alike close enough that if i seen two people that looked alike but after knowing them i could tell the difference and then i dont see them for 10 years or more and then see them again i could not be able to tell them apart, unless there was some signature feature i did not forget like a noticeable chipped or crooked tooth when they smile or a tattoo or scar, or a mole

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