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Comment yup, amazon does do that (Score 1) 120

they know that they can send you info about your purchases via emailso they also spam you a little, they know they are getting past spam filters, (both software and in the mind/eyes of the users) they are not malicious or evil intent or anything, they just want to sell more stuff, i just delete them, they are using my money to mail me things i like to buy so i dont want them to be annoyed with me,

Comment maybe Google & city & state govts (Score 1) 229

will start running fiberoptics all over the place and offer high bandwidth internet for as minimum of a price as possible and start undercutting ISPs just enough so the ISPs dont even think about price gouging and jacking up prices, and maybe the municipal water or electric or gas companies can cooperate and run it together to save labor & maintenance costs, you know this can be done to stimulate competition in the marketplace and keep prices down

Comment Re:"it was used for children's writing exercises" (Score 1, Insightful) 235

"The income of the priest class is totally dependent on their continued ability to sell invisible goods to suckers, they praise and glorify faith to the skies, complimenting people on how much of it they have. If it weren't for faith, they'd be out of business, and they know it."

" They have no merchandise to buy, no commissions to pay, and no refunds to make for unsatisfactory service and results....

"Their commodity is fear. They blackmail their parishioners with threats of hell and damnation. These poor deluded people give them their hard earned money to save them from a hell that does not exist, and from eternal torment that was invented by the corrupt minds of priests to rob the living and in addition, they are exempt from taxation! Insult to injury!

Let me tell you that religion is the cruelest fraud ever perpetrated upon the human race. It is the last of the great scheme of thievery that man must legally prohibit so as to protect himself from the charlatans who prey upon the ignorance and fears of the people.The penalty for this type of extortion should be as severe as it is of other forms of fraud and theft."

Comment they are so rich (Score 1) 161

that their wealth has warped their minds, being rich does not always mean they are wise, a fool and his money, if i was rich i would do some philanthropy too but i would not come up with such pie in the sky crazy ideas, i would work with real world problems with real world solutions, maybe donate a few billion to provide medical treatment to poor children that could otherwise not afford it, have some cargo planes airdrop food in emergency situations where people are starving, thats that actually benefit real people in the real world right now, not some impossible pie in the sky research ideas that will never come to fruition

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