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Comment Re:yes, this is of utmost importance (Score 1) 178

my mom grew up during the 1930's depression, she still cuses FDR to this very day for ordering farmers to take fruit & vegetables out to the desert and burn it when it could have went to feed the poor, (he did it to keep the prices from dropping too much). and she still keeps leftover food until it starts to turn rancid and sometimes i have to go through her refrigerator and throw out old food, i know how the great depression influenced people, she wont waste a drop of anything, i seen that the insanity can go the other direction too, i wont bother to scrape the last drop out of a can or bottle, but i wont waste half a container of good food if it can be frozen and thawed to be re-used

Comment all these liberals & globalists (Score 0) 507

should be rounded up and put in FEMA camps for re-education, right along with all these muslims immigrants that have been flooding in for the last 8 years be deported, i am all in favor of the US Constitution being amended to make islam & sharia law illegal because of its incompatibilities with civil rights and human rights,.

Comment i have a metal strap holding my pelvis together (Score 1) 251

i almost torn my leg off at the knee and fractured my pelvis in a terrible motorcycle accident, I almost died, i hope i can get some bionic parts and become the first real 6 million dollar man, i am willing to donate myself to science if they promise to not make my life any more miserable than it is already

Comment how about this (Score 0, Troll) 626

all those big wig IT executives that want to open the floodgates for refugees open their homes and guest houses to refugees, they can sleep in your spare bedrooms and eat your food, use your couch and TV, or if that inconveniences you too much maybe you can buy homes and supply them with the money to live since you want them here so god damned bad

Comment firefox used to be a browser (Score 1) 319

the mozilla team keeps adding stuff to it that normal browsers dont need in order to surf websites, why didnt they fork it off and make a separete browser for phones & tablets, there is a boatload of stuff in the x86 PC browser that i dont need, plus when they screwed up the menus & addressbar & tool bar that was the last straw, i dont want to relearn the interface every time someone gets a wild hair to rearrange everything, fuck em, i use chromium mostly, and occasionally Palemoon (fork of the old good firefox) for some websites that are simple, and keeping an eye on Vivaldi which looks fairly decent. this pic is what firefox is now, it is not a sleek slender fox anymore, it has become a fat bloated old dog

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