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Comment Re:All according to plan (Score 1) 256

A "Star Trek" type communist world without the liberal political correctness does sound awesome where all necessities are free. Course they have "replicators", but one if the books mentioned how money was done away with once people realized a faith based currency was meaningless. Now with that said I know "Utopian" society always falls apart.

Multiculturalism always fails and has in every society on Earth.

But here's done Utopian communist examples from an episode of Star Trek excerpt:

Heres the Democratic Co-Director of liberal think tank "Institute for public policy " discussing how back in 2005 at a dinner secretly taped how to destroy America by using multiculturalism , a completely made up word by political correctness just as the word racist never existed in language until the inventor of political correctness as a weapon Richard Henry Pratt created the word in 1902 for Indian youth to attack older Indian generation as he erased 100s of languages and cultures via political correctness dubbed the largest cultural genocide.

So star trek world would be cool, it only works in fiction :-P

Comment Re:DSL shouldn't be considered broadband any more. (Score 2) 104

DSL is faster than Comcast in my city.

I got 100 megabit down / 25 megabit up VDSL2

VDSL is soon going to G.Fast over copper = gigabit dsl has already rolled out in Europe in few cities as it was recently standardized after several draft versions.

VDSL2 is now slowly upgrading to VDSL2+ to give 100-500 megabit dsl

but im happy with 100 megabit dsl... Comcast in my town don't even offer half of that.

and DSL is unlimited with free newsgroups access unfiltered here.

my usage just from 1 pc on lan from dumeter is 422 gig, my 2nd desktop a torrent box is at 328 gig
tablet is at 277 gig
laptop 56 gig


been subscriber ever since dsl first began in town at 1 megabit went to 3, 6, 12, 25, 50, now we are at 100. soon is 500 then G.Fast rolls in we get gigabit dsl.

Comment Apple took the name Iphone anyhow. (Score 5, Interesting) 89

Those of us on internet in late 90's remember the most popular voice chat software that even worked over dialup. It was hugely popular among ham radio operators as being one of them, we got the ok to setup links to 2 meter and 70cm band repeaters, after not the greatest of verification but it wasn't a disaster.

1995 article on the original iphone:

it worked damn good over dialup for what it was, even allowed calls to landlines, and ham radio links, it was great for those days, and of course peer 2 peer

1996 college paper on the specifics of Iphone:

Comment Anyone wanna join Isis? (Score 0) 126

We got health benefits!
Real FPS!
Your own harem!

We even provide safe spaces for SJW's!
If you are a SJW and wanting to join, we provide 100% guaranteed SAFESPACE vests. Anytime you feel threatened or think someone looking at you sideways means you've been raped then just simply press the button and an instant safe space will be provided for you.
This service is free of charge for all joining SJW's as a courtesy.

If joining, you can instantly get your health benefits with no waiting period, go over to the box labeled "health benefits" and get a pack of band-aids.

Comment Venmo steals the money if you own a certain Toyota (Score 1) 321

Guy had work done on his Toyota and used the service to send money, as it wasn't a dealership.

He also had his money stolen and refused to be returned to either payer or payee.

There is a Toyota Isis the morons have zero common sense.

They just scam with arbitrary keywords. Paypal/Capital One/Discover/Bank Debit cards don't care about "comments" they look only when it goes outside the U.S. to verify.

Comment Re:Forbes treates Firefox privacy as ad blocking (Score 4, Interesting) 112

That's why I run the best script for grease monkey plugin ever.

Adblock Detector Blocker for Grease monkey.

You can watch Hulu ad free, have zero ad or paywalls anymore on news sites. Read the entire new York times without paywall pop-up.

Grease monkey with adblock detector blocker
Ublock adblocker
No script

3 greatest plugins ever to enjoy a web like it was when I was working for isp in 1993+ erases social media and ads from the net and unlinks all sites from each other via social and analytics sits, blocks statcounter, Google analytics, Alexia, etc.

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