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Comment Re: UBlock = inferior + inefficient vs. hosts (Score 1) 179

You shut your mouth! APK is a national treasure. Like the World's Largest Ball of Yarn, or Donald Trump's toupee. Anyone who can envision a Slashdot without his enlightened and charming meditations is a dirty, dirty heliocentrist.


More soberly, I honestly think he has schizophrenia. His writing and formatting is consistent with that exhibited in TimeCube and bears some resemblance to that of Francis E. Dec, Esq.

Comment Missing info (Score 3, Informative) 44

The summary neglected to mention, but Tumblr has promised that you will be able to share in the profit from the ads that appear on your own blog, if you choose not to opt out. (Similar to how a youtube channel owner can allow ads on their videos in exchange for a cut).

I imagine it won't be a meaningful amount of money for most users, but I think that's an important detail that makes this seem less Evil than it otherwise would.

Comment Re:What a coincidence! (Score 2, Interesting) 126

What a trash video. He basically says "um have they considered that you'll be going fast and that crashing is bad?"

He's not even consistent - he claims in one breath that any crash would breach the outer walls and that repressurization would be catastrophically fast, and in the next that humans couldn't possibly survive until the tube repressurized and would die nearly instantly from being exposed to vacuum.

He also doesn't really know how anything works and throws in meaningless stats constantly. Like when he compares the mass of the air in the tube about 20 minutes in - irrelevant to anything. It's like saying the water pressure in my shower is somehow increased by the mile of plumbing between me and the water tower.

Comment Re:Gaben Ain't Dumb (Score 1) 410

You've made some good points there, I admit.

That's why Steam has Big Picture Mode, why steam machines exist, and why Steam Link was created.

But the thing is, consoles do BPM BETTER than steam does and have been doing so for YEARS.

A windows Steam machine basically has all the drawbacks of Windows, printer queues, system services, Firewalls, antivirus/antimalware etc etc.

A SteamOS machine is still Linux. For example Steam has built in game streaming on windows, but that doesn't work on Linux/SteamOS. If you want to gamestream on SteamOS it is back to the command line you go to fiddle with ffmpeg x11grab scripts or install OBS.

The Steam controller already makes life easier for many keyboard + mouse games.

Considering I first hooked up a keyboard and mouse to a console in 2002...the Steam controller is a solution in search of a problem that isn't really a problem. Which could describe Steam boxes as a whole.

Comment Re:Has Nintendo not heard of smartphones? (Score 1) 157

decent mobile gaming has already got a choice of dozens of devices that also do more than just play games.

Like the Vita and 2DS/3DS? They're the only decent mobile gaming around.

Hell, Sony's PSP is probably a more "decent" game machine than tablets and phones with all the F2P IAP crap.

Comment Re:Now it makes sense... (Score 1) 157

Sony did that in 2011 with the Xperia didn't quite take off.

Also one could Skype on a PSP or Vita in the past, though you can't now. The Vita's email client works though.

The Xperia play even had Minecraft PE as an exclusive for a couple of months. As an aside, the physical controls on the Vita make Minecraft on the Vita a better experience than Minecraft PE on tablets and phones, even with the Vita version's world size limitation.

IMHO phones should stay phones. The changes needed to make a phone a good gaming device increase the size, weight, heat output and battery draw. We still need dedicated portable consoles for "Good" gaming on the go. Sure, maybe if you like F2P touchy games with IAP you like gaming on phones...but for other games, not so much.

Comment Re:Still hasn't learned (Score 1) 157

and controllers that were, compared to XB and PS controllers, VERY basic and simplified, so you didn't first have to learn to play, you could simply pick them up and play.

Only with the Wii, the N64 and Gamecube controllers were more traditional.

And the other consoles simply suck as party consoles.

That depends on how you #define party console.

One of the issues is that people "think" there are no "party/family-get-together" games for the PS4...since you don't see those games on the shelf. But there ARE some party games....the thing is they're mostly in the Playstation Store.

So when a "Wii Mom" goes to the game aisle and sees "Game party pack 2016" or "Happy fun time sports-with-mii's" in the Wii/WiiU section, and then goes over to the PS4 section and sees: Fallout 4, Destiny, TESO, ModernSeasonalRealisticSportsGame2016, Duty Calls: Medal of the Battlefield Ops Master Shooty Sergeant eXTREEM edition, Demon Souls, etc etc..she's going to think there are no party games for the PS4.

It's one of the problems with digital downloads, it is hard for SCEfoo to market them to people who aren't already on PSN so they might as well not exist to "casuals". Even then it is hit or miss. I only just found out about Brut@l a couple of days ago.

Comment Re:Has Nintendo not heard of smartphones? (Score 1) 157

Those are idiots who played the Pokemons when they were 7-year-old

I first played Pokemon in 1999 (Red/Blue) on a GBC when I was 32 you insignificant clod!

instead of real games like Street Fighter II, Doom etc.

I've also played SF2 (on a SNES, but I'm not a big fan of the game or genre) and DOOM (also on the SNES and PSone)

Playing both Pokemon and DOOM is not a zero sum game, one can like them both. Though the last Pokemon I played was Gold/Silver/Crystal. The combination of the in-game clock tied with events, and the whole trading thing designed around the schoolyard made the games not very adult friendly even if you DID have two GBC's.

Comment Re:Er (Score 1) 602

Might as well ask if they'd like to lose their pilot's license. They're required by law (and ethics) to always be prepared to take control away from the Autopilot, in a fraction of a second.

So what is the purpose of autopilot then? Specifically, what is the purpose of autopilot when it doesn't prevent you from running broadside into a truck?

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