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Comment Good, but not enough? (Score 1) 72

I've used it. It's not bad, but so far it's not really enough to pull me from Ubuntu (or Debian on servers). I have tried lots of distros and if you want a Linux that "just works", thus far I have found nothing as complete the original Ubuntu. Eventually I'll give them another shake, but I'll probably wait a few more releases.

Comment Re:Solve the damn problem already! (Score 1) 148

Your idea is valid as an alternative for the last option. I don't understand why no ever seems to understand that this is not a one or none contest. The idea is to use more than one or all of these in combinations as suites the security level.

- The mark of beast shit is utter nonsense. You use it all the time any way on your driver license.
- A pin is four to six digit code. It's not meant to be used alone.
- biometrics is one of the best components of authentication when establishing identity is important
- nfc OR fob, and again a perfectly good option in a multi-factor approach

Comment Re:Solve the damn problem already! (Score 1) 148

You miss understand. It's not about using one of them. It's about using them in combinations. So lets say I want to log into Slashdot. Well that's low security, so an id code or biometric scan plus a pin is probably sufficient. On the other hand, my bank login will require id AND pin AND bio scan AND a nfc or fob.

Comment Solve the damn problem already! (Score 1) 148

I really want to understand why tech companies are so incredibly inept when it comes to things of actual importance. This password problem should have been solved years ago. It's not that hard, for Pete's sake.

        universal id number
        pin code
        biometric id (finger, hand, eye)
        cell phone nfc
        key fob

Industry consortium needs to get together to standardize on each of these and then services can mix and match depending on their particular security requirements.

Personally I am starting to think passwords are still being used *because* they are easy to crack. And oh how they love to ask personal "security questions" -- more like "unsecurity questions". I lie my ass off on those.

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