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Comment 48 frames per scond would help (Score 1) 300

I wish more film makers would use 48 frames per second. When I saw the Hobbit in the IMAX I was awestruck. I felt like I was watching a stage production. The fast pace action of modern CGI is just too blurry at old school rates. (And forget the haters who panned it. That's just the tired refrain that always comes out against anything new.)

Comment The Fix and the Future (Score 1) 329

The fix and future of this is simple and it has already been suggested by another car maker (was it BMW?), the car manufactures themselves are going to provide insurance and buyers will have to sign a waiver acknowledging the risks of automated driving, thus letting the car company off the hook (unless actual negligence can be proved) In fact I wouldn't be surprised if this later part is already the case.

Tesla can't stop offering Autopilot, as unfortunate as it is, accidents that occur while in use are vital to improving it. Thus making it increasingly safer over time.

Comment It was inevitable... (Score 1) 485

Someone was going to be the first, and there are bound to be many more. But the good thing about automated driving tech, is that every time it happens engineers can go back to the lab and figure out how to prevent that situation from happening in the future. And thus little by little (but in rather short order by comparison to the age of the automobile) automated cars will take over the roads.

Comment Re:Once again laws trumps your feels (Score 2) 254

There is nothing stopping Paramount from working with fan fiction producers, even elevating the really good ones to top production quality with licensing arrangements. There's is clearly more demand then Paramount knows what to do with, which means they are loosing money by their own actions, not the fan film maker's.

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