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Comment Possible but major hurdles (Score 1) 260

It is quite doable but some significant things have to happen.

1. Open standard for e-documents. PDF doesn't cut it. And there has to be an easy way to create them, something like Markdown but better.
2. Ubiquitous storage. Basically cloud storage has to become something like a shared social distributed system that all have access to.
3. E-Readers have to be cheap, light, fast and have long battery life -- and standardized like a PC so many companies can provide them.

Comment Hillary = More War (Score 1) 857

This is my prediction: Hillary = More War. Despite what she says, she has always voted in favor of conflict and has never dissented. Reportedly she even did an end-run around Defense Secretary Gates to get the bombing of Libya to happen.

For all his bluster, I think Trump would at least seek alternatives first. However, I can't support Trump for other reasons, so I am voting for Johnson.

Comment Re:Cult-like (Score 3, Informative) 656

My niece got a full blown case of the measles form the vaccine. The doctor was a bit shocked. But law measle cases have to be reported to the CDC, which the doctor did. But CDC stats never recorded the case. Getting the measles from the vaccine doesn't count. See how that works?

Measles vaccines are attenuated -- which means it contains a live strain. If just a fraction of a fraction of this attenuated strain gets transmitted, some will ultimately mutate into alternate forms and reappear. Giving such a large breeding ground to these viruses might eventually lead to a strain even worse than any known natural strain.

Things are rarely black-and-white, though most people seem to see it that way. It's dangerous when our leaders loose color vision, but it is easy to understand why. Just follow the green.

Comment Inevtitable (Score 1) 125

At our current rate of growth Earth has less than 400 years before a runaway effect will take hold here as well. Calculations show that the oceans will literally boil away by then. And these aren't climate models. They are basic thermodynamic models. No doubt we will curb our growth rate well before then, but will it be too little too late?

Comment It's all Rigged. (Score 1) 493

Its all rigged to make Clinton President. I mean really, the only way she could win is by running against Trump. How many months now have we heard Trump bashing on every station on every show all day and all night. It is all we hear in the Media. Trump is a Manchurian candidate, whether he knows it or not, just like McCain and Palin were before him. His sole purpose is to loose.

If we were smart we'd all vote for Gary Johnson (although that probably wouldn't matter either, since I am sure they control the tally machines too).

Comment Why do I get a bad felling about this?.... (Score 1) 254

What worries me is how sure he is they will be the first. I read another article about the person heading up the same program at NASA (can't recall her name right off, sorry) and she said pretty much the same thing -- absolutely positive they would be there first. Now, their time line puts that is the 2030s. That's behind SpaceX's schedule, so unless they know something....

Comment Re:Dumbass effect + solar roadway alt. uses (Score 1) 163

Very well said. Following your lead let me add a few points as well.

* Heavy trucks will not crush the panels. If I recall correctly, the first thing they did was check with an MIT material physicists to see if it was possible, and the answer was effectively, "easy peasy".
* Moreover, the added cost of making the panel that durable is no more than the added infrastructure cost to make solar canopies.
* Ice/snow melting can work. Nay-sayers always imagine the panels trying to melt a block of ice sitting on them. That's not what they have to do. By simply raising the temperature just above freezing the panels will prevent snow and ice from forming in the first place. That has a much lower energy requirement than melting a preformed pack of snow or block of ice. Moreover, even if they have to draw power from the grid, it is still way better than snow-plows and salt.
* Obviously early applications will be sidewalks, cross-walks and parking lots. Just because its not in a road yet, does not a failure make. You got to walk before you can run. Also, even if those were the only applications they are ever used for, it would still be a huge success and benefit to our infrastructure..

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