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Comment Re:"rolled out" - to (Score 1) 87

It's rolled out for Chinese->English, with more on the way.

The Google Translate mobile and web apps are now using GNMT for 100% of machine translations from Chinese to English—about 18 million translations per day. The production deployment of GNMT was made possible by use of our publicly available machine learning toolkit TensorFlow and our Tensor Processing Units (TPUs), which provide sufficient computational power to deploy these powerful GNMT models while meeting the stringent latency requirements of the Google Translate product. Translating from Chinese to English is one of the more than 10,000 language pairs supported by Google Translate, and we will be working to roll out GNMT to many more of these over the coming months.

Comment Re:Self Driving Cars? Never! (Score 1) 50

What a tiresome argument. Human drivers aren't capable of quickly and ethically trolley problems while controlling a vehicle, and we don't expect them to be. Sure, you may think to yourself "Well I know what one *I'd* pick," but in an emergency you're not gonna react the way you imagine your super-rational brain to.

The car is programmed "Go the speed limit," "maintain a safe following distance," "obey laws," and "Avoid hitting people," and that's about as far as it goes.

You don't need to rank human life to have a car that avoids collisions.

Comment Re:Won't work in America (Score 5, Insightful) 630

Yeah, we all know that neighbor who's sister's daughter's friend knows that One Poor Person who blows all their cash buying a $600 cellphone every other week. They're all like "well I could pay for rent; or I could get a rose gold iPhone to replace my regular gold iPhone. I sure wanna get evicted." That definitely happens, like, all the time.

Comment Re:Drones might have weapons. (Score 1) 644

I have no desire to own or operate a drone. But in the same way I'm not gonna shoot down a kid's kite for flying over my property (or the soccer ball that got kicked into my yard), I don't think that "Maybe it had a weapon on it!!!" is a good reason to shoot down somebody else's drone.

Comment Re:'Refutes' or 'denies'? (Score 1) 564

Unfortunately, "refute" has two commonly used meanings. The sense of the word that you (and I) understood was to "disprove" a claim - however, it can also be used to simply mean to "deny" a claim.

I think it's disingenuous to say refute when you mean deny; but headline writers love their clicks.

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