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Comment Re:Makes perfect sense (Score 1) 278

That sums up 95% of my experience too.

I don't love Apple either; I find Android to be far worse as well.

I used to use iTunes on my work MBP -- I now use it on my personal MBP. Cost of switching is more then just a new phone. iOS is "good enough."

Aside from Apple's retarded anti-skeuomorphism design I find Android is even more "clunky".

If Apple would ever pull their head out of their ass and allow jailbreaking and an USB port I wouldn't have any issues.

Comment Re: Makes perfect sense (Score 1) 278

Yes. This. A thousand times this. And when you try to turn it off, half the time, you accidentally press both the power and volume buttons, and the phone ignores it. Apple doesn't design for end users. They actually design for their own designers and engineers.

The last phone that was actually designed for end users was the 3GS. Since then:

  • 4 Series was covered with unnecessary glass whose only purpose was to look pretty and then break.
  • 5 Series moved the headphone jack to the wrong end of the phone, making it essentially impossible to build a holster that allows access to both the headphone jack and the power cord, to save space inside the device.
  • 6 Series had that design flaw *plus* putting the power button in a defective position, presumably for some engineering-centric reason.
  • 7 Series has that design flaw plus the headphone jack nightmare.

What's next? Buttons so perfectly smooth that you can't find them by feel?

Comment Re:Hey! (Score 1) 68

Sure. I use one of these, with this firmware, making it a cute little self-contained Linux box with both a HTML GUI and a command-line interface that is as complete as you want to make it. (I've got a build environment on mine, just because I can.)

802.11ac, dual-core 800MHz ARM, 256MB of RAM and 128MB of flash (all of which are complete overkill for this application), along with multiple USB ports for plugging in random goodies.

Comment Re:Makes perfect sense (Score 1) 278

> I am not trying to sound like an apple apologist but really is the headphone jack that big of a deal?


Having to cart around yet-another-stupid-dongle, faster battery drain, and the inability to charge while listening to music all add up to inconveniencing the customer when the prior model didn't have those drawbacks.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Best simple SID to USB connection? 2

That may not be a good way to describe it but... I have a C64 I never use and I think I shall desolder its SID before consigning it to recycling since they are now officially hard to come by. What can I put it on that will let me use it efficiently?

Comment Re:Meh. (Score 1) 115

Among the worst are Japan and Spain, but most industrialized nations have birth rates below 2.1.

Japan needs a low birth rate right now. They have massive suicide and make-work employment. I've never understood why a crowded country like that would want to keep their birth rate up. Let it slack for a while and take some of the pressure off.

Comment Re:Pretty shocking (Score 1) 115

The US is a huge country with lots of empty areas that has great air quality.

[citation needed]

I live in the county in the USA which allegedly has the best air quality in the country. The area is volcanic which means more soil radioactives and it contains a shitload of dirt roads which means more soil in your lungs. And the fires, oh my lord the fires.

So, where are these empty areas with great air quality? And why do you think they're relevant given that they're empty?

Comment Re:Most rich people's houses aren't in very... (Score 1) 264

I would think a superior solution to a fixed bunker would be some kind of specialized boat designed for long endurance.

Obviously what you want is a nuclear submarine. But what would probably be adequate is just any small submarine to use as a taxi, and a sub-aquatic "bunker". Nobody will be able to get to you there.

Comment Re:Just give us a damned SATA port! (Score 2) 44

USB boot is possible on RPi, but it's kind of a pain to get working as it is not compatible with every USB storage device.

Is this the case on the new Pis, or just on old ones? Every time I ask if the Pi foundation has got USB right on the newest Pi I get downmodded, even though they have fucked up USB again and again. The original Pi's USB craters under load and yes, compatibility is piss poor.

Do the new Raspberry Pis have working USB? Or is it unreliable shit just like the first Pis? Let's see how quick this comment gets downmodded by the Pi Police for asking really a quite important question.

Comment Re:Goodbye, internet! (Score 1) 259

If you are ranking countries by freedom of speech, then the US is only ranked 41st in the world as ranked by the 2016 World Press Freedom Index.


And this, friends, is why America is going down the toilet: American Exceptionalism. "My country, right or wrong!" the idiots cry aloud, as the country goes more wrong by the day.

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