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Comment Why so aggressive? (Score 1) 150

So you can guarantee being able to break out of the VM

Now where did I say that? What's with the lies over something so trivial?
I wrote what I wrote and not what the strawman in your head is up to.

This is a very old and well understood problem ( ) and I suggest you learn about the implications instead of frothing at the mouth in denial.
When the VM has been designed without security in mind and with hooks deep into the host at the kernel driver level without separation then an exploit of the VM software can escalate to the host. You don't have to trust me on this - learn about the topic and you'll be able to see that much yourself.

Comment Re:I recommend a lithium drip. (Score 1) 151

I was thinking about that when I was wondering what possible reason there would be to expend insane amounts of fuel to get to Mars in 30 days.
Buzz Aldrin worked out the easiest way to get to Mars in a reasonable timeframe but that's quite a few months of getting zapped.

Despite all the silly bits the Japanese Anime from a few years ago "Planetes" explored the issue well. With a thriving moon colony, a lot of activity in orbit and all the technology to enable that there was still the situation where older astronauts were almost certain to die of cancer before retirement.

Comment Re:Toyota Way: All of section 2, principles 5, 6, (Score 1) 416

It's not -just- going by the book

Indeed - success was from a lot more than "the workers consistently follow the specified procedure".
The cultural differences that you are crediting are neither so simple or even something that originally came from Asia.

The differences today really come down to a changed idea of who can be a manager and how to do it - the irony of the "born to rule" attitude infesting US management would be funny if it wasn't so tragic. Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were not born to rule.

Comment Dear ADL, (Score 1) 170

We understand your concern with the latest incarnation of hate speech on the Internet. Unfortunately, at this time we are busy trying to figure out how not to get so many black people shot by police. So you will have to excuse us if we don't share your same level of urgency over a cartoon frog.

Sincerely, the American public.

Comment Re:So are we... (Score 1) 151

No, no, you misunderstand. The purpose is to get them off of Earth, where they can't do any more damage. To that end, I would propose that the first mission include the entire United States Senate. As much as I'd like to start with the House, they won't fit, but we can divide them up across subsequent missions.....

Comment Re:So many people who think they are experts... (Score 1) 240

You live in a silly small country that hopefully soon will drift into insignificance

I live in a very large country that is already insignificant but has not dropped the ball on education as badly as the United States of America has. A few decades ago I believe it educated it's engineers well, so that even if I was the least of them I can at least deal with simple stuff as this.

I suggest watching some videos of buildings in real disasters to cure yourself of this very sick little conspiracy theory.

The tiny bit of difference in earth rotation speed from top of a sky scraper to its base is _hughe_

WTF - do the mathematics yourself instead of taking the word of whatever nut fooled you- it's ignorable. You may be a coder and not an engineer but you can work this out and shake the bullshit out of your head.

Comment Re:A VM is not security - idiots (Score 1) 150

So yes, a virtual machine providers security benefits

Not really, and effectively zero if it exploits a bug in the VM. The point is these things have been designed without security in mind, they have been designed for a completely different purpose, so they can't ve described as "hardened" - not even the pathetic security catchup game being played with Hyper-V.

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