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Journal FortKnox's Journal: GMail, Firefox 0.9, and Pizza 39

GMail: So who hasn't gotten an invite and such? They are giving out invites like mad (I'm out , but already invited 6 people), so if you don't have one, say something and I'm sure someone will hit you up with an invite.
bethanie asks "what's so great about it?" Sure, it is a fad, and the 1GB of space makes it really desirable. But, honestly, after using it, I'm thoroughly impressed. The 'labels' instead of folders (and being able to apply multiple labels), and the way it handles replies in a 'threading' manner really kicks ass. I actually had to pay attention to notice the ads, so they are completely negligible.

All in all, I really think it flows well with how emailing should be done. Hopefully this will redefine webmail.

Firefox 0.9: I'm not to happy with it. Granted, I have the release candidate, but its actually crashed (as in, shutdown completely) randomly, and the "Tab Extension" extension causes a crash on startup (BTW - Tab Extension is practically required IMHO).
Yeah, slashdot doesn't render well every once-in-a-while, but its the only site I go to that has had that problem... so I think it may be slashdot. Lets face it, its an old site design and Taco just mentioned he's looking at learning css. I'm not to worried about it.

Pizza: There's no place for fruit on pizza? So what do you use for sauce? (A tomato is a fruit[1]!)

[1] No, not a fruit on the vine, but veggie on the plate. No, not a veggie. It is 100% a fruit all the time. Why is it confusing? IIRC, it has to do when the US was importing it (in the late 1800s, early 1900s), and fruits had higher taxes than veggies... the US Courts ruled it was a veggie cause it was 'mostly used in salads like a vegetable.' That's politics for ya ;-)
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GMail, Firefox 0.9, and Pizza

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