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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Poll: PB&J [UPDATED] 109

The order of a PB&J is important. So which do you do first:
A.) Spread on the Jelly THEN the PeanutButter
B.) Spread on the PeanutButter THEN the Jelly
C.*) Make some random comment about ExtraCrunchy vs Smooth PeanutButter or Jam vs Jelly and not even answer the damn poll
D.) I am from Australia and we eat tar...err... vegemite on our bread!
E.*) This is too us centric...blah blah blah... damn foreigners...

F.*) I don't like PB&J and I'm going to whine about it :-P

* - Since Em is gone, probably having a wonderful time and being in a great mood cause he's getting married and such, I figured I have to make up for it and give the poll a little attitude.

Yeah, the poll sucks... I wish he was back, too :-P
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  • by blinder ( 153117 )
    F, I hate PB you insensitive clod?

    • that makes two of us. I prefer ham&cheese myself.
    • Mine is more like... find peanut butter and jelly that i can have... consider rice bread... consider tapioca starch bread... consider corn tortilla... sit down dejectedly with peanut butter jar, jam jar, and a spoon.

      *sigh* If i could have bread, i could have a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk again... if i could have milk... *grin*


      • Are you allergic to bread or is that some weird Atkins diet type thing?

        In response to the poll:
        I haven't had a PB&J in so long I don't really remember what they taste like. So, F?
        • no gluten. No wheat barley rye amaranth wild rice and no oats either, mainly because other large peptide chains can also cause reactions.

          *sigh* /passes you the jar of peanut butter and a spoon


          • Can you eat grapes? It appears that I am a lonesome practitioner of the fine art of dipping grapes in peanut butter.

            And I will not stop evangelizing until you all try this at least once!
          • I have very select knowledge. What the hell is celiac? And a peptide chain?

            Unless it's physics, math, computers or history I Don't Know Shit(tm).
            • Basically, there are proteins in grains that he can't break down. Not sure of the ultimate effects, but I've heard they can be pretty nasty. One unmentioned side effect is that beer is verboten. Lots of posts on rec.arts.brewing about making a gluten free beer.

              • No beer? That is bad... I thought proteins naturally broke down though? Are there any side-effects from a lack of the proteins? I thought that bread (wheat/barley/rye) was fairly necessary for the body.
                • *grin* and celiac works this way- the body mistakes the large protein block (gluten) for an invading organism, and promptly lets loose a flood of the usual killer cells. Since there is no actual invader, the body's immune system attacks the body, in various icky ways but including flattening the intestinal villi- those little frondlike bits that allow you to absorb your food. Hence, no digestion, and add into that the fact that while you're immune system's preoccupied, everything else can attack you with im
                  • I use Millet bread for my Pb and J, toasted first - only way to eat Pb and J - Pb on slice and J on the other... then put them together sticky sides in ( if sticky side is out it is rather messy ). I have been making up for lost time and have eaten said sandwiches for breakfast for the last 4 days. yummm !

                    sol, I have found a Hot Chocolate mix that is safe for ' coeliacs' by Green & Black's... and does not have the milk solids in it either. Rather tasty, specially when made with Hazelnut milk

                  • George said, "he" -- I didn't say it.

                    Solution? No gluten. No beer, no bread, no pasta, no whiskey, no additives that involve wheat in the processing, and nothing that doesn't have all the ingredients listed. ('colouring' and 'flavouring' are not specific enough.) So that rules out lots of things. Would you believe i had my first (and last) guinness JUST before the diagnosis got handed down?

                    Damn. Damn damn damn. Not having a good porter or stout is a hell I don't want to imagine.

                    On the bright side, i
                  • I had a friend with this and he became the unparalleled master of working with rice esp fried rice. MMMMM, that's what I'm going to make for lunch.
                  • no whiskey

                    OMG! I wouldn't be able to survive!
                • The proteins only break down in the presence of the correct enzyme. Each protein has an enzyme whose job is to break it down. IIRC, those with celiac disease don't produce the enzyme necessary to break down the protein. It's not all proteins, BTW, just certain ones.

                  I'm not sure how the amino acids (what's left of the protein following breakdown, and what the body uses more directly than the protein) from bread are used. No idea if they can be replaced with other stuff. Excellent link [] about the disease. Doe
      • You can eat apples, IIRC, so you should try your peanut butter on those. Sounds weird, but is quite good (as long as you don't despise peanut butter). I prefer Granny Smiths, but it works on most varieties.
      • Heh... just like I said in Red's Journal [] the *smell* of peanut butter triggers my gag reflex.

        I hate it that much.

  • Its easier to get the jelly out of the peanutbutter than the peanutbutter out of the jelly.

    What brought up this poll? My brother in law keeps making PB&J's in the wrong order. So I have to fish out the PB in the jelly AND there is PB around the lid. What a mess!
    • I make sure to wipe the knife carefully on the edge of the PB-slathered slice of bread to reduce the incidence of unplanned peanut-butter transmission.
      • However, if you do the J first, and then wipe the knife carefully on the edge of the bread, there is (in theory, at least) zero Jelly transmission.
        • I PB first, on the slice of bread on the left, wipe the knife on the edge of the bread, but then wipe BOTH SIDES of the knife on the un-jelly'd slice of bread on the right, leaving ZERO PB on the knife, enabling zero transmission.

          I'm a sandwich nut - They are very precise and neat. They taste great, but I'm a definite freak. Meat to edge of bread, uniformity in thickness of's truly a sight to behold. :)

          • Almost perfect, Sam. You just need to lightly toast the bread before making the sandwich. If the bread is still warm from the toaster, the PB spreads really well, and the toasted bread adds nice texture and flavor to the sandwich.
            • Oooo...dave, you're one smart guy! I'll have to try this now. But I mostly eat PBJ at work, when the benefits of toasting would have long since been sogged away....
            • And you, dear Dave, have it almost perfect -- you lightly *pan fry* the bread (on one side only). The peanut butter melts delightfully, the jelly squooshes delectibly (each applied to different slices of bread, to answer the polle), and you've got the lovely mixture of textures *and* a hint of buttery goodness.

              Add a TALL glass of ice-cold milk, and you've got yourself one of Bethanie's Top Five All-Time Favorite Comfort Foods(TM). :-)

          • but isn't the uniformity ruined with the first bite ? does that mean you then have to make another sandwich with your precision method, only to take a bite and lose the neatness once again ?

            where do you place the tomato slice ? hopefully never up against the bread.

            • I said I'm a freak about *making* them. I'm not OCD. ;)

              Tomatoes, inasmuchaspossible, go in the center. If we're talking square bread (grilled cheese w/tomato, possibly), then two slices, in opposing corners, probably overlapping. On a round bun (hamburger), center, unless they're small, and overlapping 2 is permitted. French roll....well, I usually don't put tomatoes on those sandwiches. Ups the sog factor. Not acceptable. ;)

        • by Saige ( 53303 )
          Exactly. And as I point out below, doing the PB second allows you to lick the knife clean of the excess PB. And it's always better to lick off excess PB than excess jelly, especially when you make sure to have lots of excess PB on the knife. :) At least one person here knows proper PB&J sandwich creation methods.
          • I think you have a PB problem. Have you ever confronted this addiction head-on? As an aside, bananas act as a good PB carrier - you can even just lick the PB off if you want to keep "eating" your banana for a long time (in order, of course, to maximize the PB to banana ratio).
    • More importantly, it is easier to wipe excess jelly off of the knife onto the un-coated piece of bread so as to not risk contaminating either component.
  • I spread the PB on one piece of bread and the J on the other, then put them together. So the order doesn't really matter - you should be asking which way up it's ate.
    • Everyone knows the PB is on the bottom as to not stick on the roof of your mouth.
    • Jelly on top. I didn't know that anybody didn't know that...
    • i'm with Kitten-san on this.
    • I spread the PB on one piece of bread and the J on the other

      So are you just abbreviating to "J" in order to avoid having to point out that Americans don't know what jelly is? :-) Oh, and I answer F) Bleugh! Why on earth would anyone want to eat peanut butter with or without any additives? Just scrap it altogether, and go with bread (wholemeal, preferably), butter (unsalted) and your choice of jam or ham/cheese. You know it makes sense!

  • Peanut butter first, of course! This is especially true when you are making the sandwich for later, in which case you should put the peanut butter on both slices of bread and put the jelly/jam/preserves in between.

    Onto point two: I prefer strawberry preserves and grape jelly, though I have been known to dabble in raspberry jam. I never have been a marmalade fan, though.

    Now for the barely-on-topic bit: when I was younger (10) I once made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with four slices of bread... bread
  • I don't like PB&J you insensitive clod. ;-)

    I don't know, I've never liked it. I like Peanut Butter sandwiches, and I like jelly on a biscuit, but the combination never did anything for me.

    • Same here. I like peanut butter. I like jelly. Just keep them apart. However, I'm not against mixing gobs of honey with my PB sandwiches. Peanut Butter on both slices of bread (toast is better) and sealing in the gooey goodness.....mmmm. Actually, honey on practically anything is good. Try it on ice cream, you'll never turn back.

      However, peanut butter and ice cream, horrible combo. Maybe I'm just against cold peanut butter....*shrug*.
      • Never tried honey on ice cream, but I do like peanut butter in ice cream. I used to drink peanut butter and chocolate milkshakes from this little greasy spoon called Temptations near where I live. They were great.
      • Aye, never did understand why people would want to ruin a perfectly good peanut butter sandwich by adding jelly. And the toasting makes it all the better.

        However PB does make a great addition to ice cream, swirled in with some fudge and chocolate chips...mmm...

  • If placing both PB&J on the same piece of bread, one much do the PB first, then wipe off the PB on a clean part of bread, then do J. Doing J first would be disastrous. The J doesn't have the fortitude to handle PB being smothered over the top of it.

  • by daeley ( 126313 ) *
    When I was a kid, I couldn't stand PB&J -- loved the PB, hated the J. So I would have a PB&M: Peanut Butter & Mayo. Mmmmmm.

    Nowadays, tho, I can't stand Mayo, so I just have a PB on Toast. :)
    • I was a PB & Cream Cheese fan myself.
    • Did you ever try the infamous PB&Mayo&Onion&Lettuce?

      It's not for everyone, but it is quite good. I used to have my mom make it for me in Junior High.
    • Oh Dear GOD!!!

      You sound like my sister's bf! Well, you would if you added sliced bananas to that concoction! :P

      But yeah, PB on toast is good, then the PB can get all melty when you put it right on the toasted bread :D
  • Yummm... That's one of the best combos that I have had. Next is PB&Honey, then of course PB&J. Any way about it though, it's bread, then PB, then other filler.

    I'm hungry now, thanks.
    • another combo is the venerable PBH where:
      PBH = Peanut butter + Bananaa + Honey

      The bananas are either sliced and laid on top of the Peanut Butter , or mashed and mixed with the peanut butter ...I prefer to slice the banana, and lay it on top of the PB, drizzle a bit of honey over the slices, and smear a thin layer of honey on the opposite slice of bread.


      • Most excellent combination. If it's good enough for the King, it's good enough for me. Hail to the King, baby.
        • If it's good enough for the King, it's good enough for me

          Didn't The King (hail!) deep fry these sandwiches in batter too?

    • Fluff 'n Nutters rock!

  • (Bread + PB) + jelly + (Bread + PB) = heartburn
  • Using different knives for the PB and the J.

  • Get yourself a bunch of grapes and a jar of peanut butter. Dip the grapes in the peanut butter. No bread required- everybody wins. :)
  • ...PB on one slice, wipe off blade on clean slice, J on the other slice, fold together.

    Er, that's the way I've always done it...



    • You have to coat BOTH pieces of bread with peanut butter THEN put on the jam. This way, if you have to bring it to work or something, the peanut butter will act as a sealant and not let the bread get soggy from the jam. EVERYBODY knows this! Jeesh.
  • First, you spread the jelly/jam/preserves on one slice of bread, wipe the knife blade off on the other piece of bread, and take the now almost-clean knife and spread the peanut butter on the non-jelly slice of bread. You're putting them together anyways. Then you lick the excess peanut butter off the knife, dipping it in the peanut butter first to make sure there's plenty of excess to lick off. :)

    Any other method is simply making things more difficult. If you do the peanut butter first, it is much harde
    • Ah, advice from a chef! Sweet! :-D
    • I have had approximately 27 years to optimize this process and this is the best solution.

      If you do it another way you aren't really wrong -- just inefficient (and inconsiderate if others have to use the jars too)

      I actually remember having a similar conversation with a friend in 1st grade. His contention was that if you do the PB first, then you would get PB no the jelly and soon it would all be PB.
  • Use a knife for the PB
    Use a spoon for J.
    PB on one piece, J on another, slap together, eat.

    /nuff said.
  • Blame my sister - she found out about it when she was travelling round the world, and stopped off in Australia.

    • No! Marmite! Goldurnit!

      Well all right...Vegemite will do nicely. :-)



      • Blech! Foul tasting stuff! I don't know how you can stand the taste. Vegemite all the way! ;-)

        Historical fact: Vegemite first hit the shelves in 1923 and in 1928 has its name changed to Parwill. The ad slogan was 'Marmite, but Parwill'. The name change didn't last long and it reverted back to Vegemite.
        • As it happens, my family once had an Australian college student staying with us for a few days (at the time I was still a teenager living in Minnesota). The first morning, he got out a jar of Vegemite and started slathering it on his toast, while I was eating Pop-Tarts...and both of us were eyeing the other's breakfast with a "what the hell is that" look on our faces. ;-)

          We traded, and were both pleasantly surprised. Though Vegemite is definitely an acquired taste...

          I actually tried Marmite much later -

          • I draw the line at baked beans, anyone can eat baked beans, least of all for breakfast, is beyond me.

            Yum! Baked Beans on toast for breaky! Something I haven't had for ages. As a special treat we would sometimes have a slice of bacon and an egg on toast, smothered in baked beans.

            I tried pop-tarts and while they are okay, they just don't do that much for me.
            • Yum! Baked Beans on toast for breaky! Something I haven't had for ages. As a special treat we would sometimes have a slice of bacon and an egg on toast, smothered in baked beans.

              I do that all the time, too. Minus the beans. ;-)

              Soft-scrambled eggs on toast with melted Cheddar cheese and bacon...mmm...maybe a bit of Hollandaise sauce...

              I tried pop-tarts and while they are okay, they just don't do that much for me.

              I can't say I like them that much, either (more like once in a while I like them but not

              • Soft-scrambled eggs on toast with melted Cheddar cheese and bacon...mmm...maybe a bit of Hollandaise sauce... ...covered in baked beans. Now you're getting the idea. ;-)

                actually I pretty much only eat the strawberry ones without frosting. I don't have much of a sweet tooth...

                I never tried the ones with frosting - they just sounded so wrong. And strawberry ones were my flavour of choice too.

  • I'm deathly allergic to PB. To the point where the smel lmakes me nausous, skin contact cause me to break out in rashes, and even the slightest ingestion can cause anaphylactic shock and death.

    I prefer meat on my sandwiches, anyways. Big ol' pieces of cow, pig ,or poultry topped with some lettuce, mayo, onion, cheese, and sometimes tomato.

    • Big ol' pieces of cow, pig ,or poultry

      Ah, yes. My favorite sandwich:

      Baguette roll
      Dijon mustard on top half, herbed cream cheese on bottom half
      Roast beef (nice and pink and juicy)
      Virginia ham, honey-cured
      Jarlsberg cheese
      Vidalia onions

      Truly, the food of the gods, I tell you.



      • Personally, I like:

        Kaiser roll
        Dab of horseradish
        grilled chicken breast
        4 slices bacon
        1 slice cheddar
        1 slice colby
        1 slice pepper jack

        grill the chicken breast on the forman grill while toasting the buns. Cook the chicken till it's ALMOST done, but not quite. At the same time, throw the bacon in a small, shallow frying pan. Fry up till nice and crispy and set aside on a paper towel. Take the nearly finished chicken and place in the hot bacon grease. finish cooking. While the cicken
  • See, I have a high metabolism. Dangerously high, to the point that random passersby wonder how I can eat such sugary crap for breakfast and actually carry on through the day.

    Sadly, I'm also a migraine sufferer, and chocolate, sesame, and most nuts trigger a pretty nasty headache.

    That said, I have medication, and sometimes I can't deny myself tasty food, so I just eat it in moderation and hope that it won't trigger the migraine immediately. There's some threshold of trigger substances that I need to ing
  • Since most of the time I make this for my lunch in the morning, I'm never awake to remember. Personally I prefer marshmallow fluff over jelly.

    1. PB and J- Usually I don't think about it but if I do PB before because jelly is hard to get out of the PB jar.

    2. PB and marshmallow - Always PB first because the marshmallow is very stick and really hard to keep from mixing with the PB. I usually use 2 knifes for this sandwich.

    3. PB and J on toast- Jelly always first so the toast can have time to cool and not
  • Peanutbutter down first. Jelly down on top of that, spread very lightly to avoid ripping.

    I was at a wedding once where the priest said that love was like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. That you had two very different entities coming together, but once they were together and made this new thing, you could never truly separate them. I'm not kidding. :)

  • Well, really a knife and a spoon, but who's counting.
  • Step 1) Get Bread, PB, Jelly, knife, spoon
    Step 2) Put two slices of bread on table / napkin.
    Step 3) Put peanut butter on one side using knife.
    Step 4) Get jelly out of jar with spoon, then spread with knife.
    Step 5) Smosh the two sides together.
  • Spread the words of wisdom, letter B.
  • i prefer creamy peanut putter and jam. sometimes marmelade. i like bread with some substance to it, usually whole grain breads.

    first i spread the jam on the first slice of bread. then, because i'm anal about some things, i wipe the knife on the other slice of bread so it will be cleaner when i stick it in the peanut butter. then i spread the pb. put the slices together and eat.

    my wife puts the peanut butter on first, because for her it is an open-faced sandwich. it is much easier to spread jam on pb
  • Although I prefer my Vegemite on toast. In sandwiches though it does go well with cheese. The important thing to remember is to spread the Vegemite thinly. Damn Americans slap it on way to thick, which is why most of you guys don't like it.

    Oh, and as for PB&J: PB on one slice, J on t'other and slap 'em together.
  • A favorite of Elvis, as legend has it. This will put the entire debate to rest, and is the FINAL word on PBJ.

    The Fool's Gold Loaf [].

  • PB does not require refridgeration. In fact, when it is refridgerated, it is more difficult to spread.

    Jelly does need refridgeration.

    If some stray Jelly gets into the PB, it is going to grow mold and crap.

    If a little bit of stray PB gets into the Jelly, no big deal.

    Therefore, PB - wipe knife on other slice of bread - then Jelly.
  • Before I got married, I jellied, then wiped the knife clean on the other slice, then with the PB. The trouble is that my wife insists that all bread in all sandwiches be toasted. Toasted dark. It is impossible to get the jelly off the knife with toasted bread. I can't clean the knife and then toast though because that could get jelly in the toaster. So now I have resorted to actually washing the knife after the first application, and since I wash now, I don't really pay any attention to which goes on first.

"Trust me. I know what I'm doing." -- Sledge Hammer