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Star Wars Prequels

Journal FortKnox's Journal: Episode Three: Major Spoilers 52

Ok, this is your only freakin warning. I can't comment and want to talk about the movie. If you haven't seen it, don't read. If you read anyway, don't bitch cause I ruined a great movie for you.

OK, parts I didn't like:
Hearing James Earl Jones say "Where is padme? Is she alright?" And when he basically said "Khaaaaan!" (do I see another website coming up in the near future??)
Samuel L Jackson survived 3 movies without dropping the F-Bomb. Couldn't Lucas just have him say "Give me my lightsaber"... "The one that says Bad-ass muthafucker on it"?
I wish Sam Jackson went in a more majestic way... but hey, he did knock down a sith lord...
I really wish they woulda taken the wookies on Kashyyyk, and have a little scene where someone tries to kill Chewbacca as they ship him to a slaver camp, and a young empire captian named "Solo" saves him and escapes...
The emperor fought like an old man. Not majestic at all, and slow. I was hoping for more of a yoda type battle...
"Medically she is fine, but she is dying. She seems to have lost the will to live." Give me a break. Just have her die in childbirth by complications. Why was the extra drama injected unnecessarily????

Mind you, those are pretty minor things to dislike, which is why the movie was great. Some things I caught that some others may not have:
The emperor talking to anakin discusses the "Wise Darth Plateus" (and eludes that he was his mentor and he killed him in his sleep). When talking about it, he says he was powerful enough in the dark side to actually manipulate the midiclorins to create life.
*dingdingding* Anakin was born without a father, and, in fact, was born by the midiclorins by themselves.
My theory is that Darth Plateus created Anakin. Why in such a remote place with a slave girl? Because then the Jedi wouldn't recognize his power, and he'd be able to sweep in and purchase the 'slave boy' to make him his apprentice. But, eventually, Plateus died his untimely death, and the Jedi stumbled upon him...
At the end when the emperor and vadar are looking at the construction of the death star, the officer standing next to them is Grand Moff Tarkin, the man in charge of the Death Star in EpIV
C3P0 and R2D2 are given to Captain Antillies (sp?). They mention this in EpIV, but what other people don't know is the character "Wedge" from the original trilogy... his full name is "Wedge Antillies". Captian Antillies is either his father or him.
Kenobi and Darth Vadar are the only characters to appear in all six movies (bound to be a trivia question, eventually). Yoda and the Emperor do not appear in EpIV.
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Episode Three: Major Spoilers

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  • Is Wedge's father.
  • Obviously C3PO and R2-D2 appear in all three.
  • C3p0 and r2d2 apear in all the movies too,
    The biggest spoiler is perhaps that sidious is palpatine which i had worked out imediatly after seing him at first in the phantom menace.
  • the start of all this crap? Me and the Time Lord are goin' back to take his ass out. Live by the midiclorian, DIE by the midiclorian.

    /MIDI.... yum.
  • But why does Princess Leia say she remembers her mother in Episode VI, and she remembers that she was said?
    • Adoptive parents on Alderaan. Leia did not know she was adopted, any more than Luke knew his "Uncle" and "Aunt" were unrelated to his father.
      • His "Aunt" and "Uncle" ARE related. His mother married and had a kid after he left with Obi-wan. So I believe it was Owen... he is Darth's step-brother.
        • Darth Owen, dark-lord of Swansea!
        • Technically, and by technically I mean I'm being pedantic, his aunt is only vaders step-sister-in-law. so she still remains a non blood relative. You are correct about Uncle Owen, he is a step brother, on the mother's side, and as we all know midiclorean propagate along paternal lines, exclusively.

          The difficulty of course, is in the fact that the series gives anakin an 'emaculate' conception similar to christ. When obviously, he should have been an experiment by a sith lord, to create the ultimate sith a
    • Good point, because Luke specifically asks her about her "real mother." I assume Leia did know she was adopted. In fact, isn't she only a Princess because she is the daughter of a queen? The Organas aren't royalty, to my knowledge.
  • I always got the impression from the first three (err, last three?) that Wedge died at least once in each film. Of course it was really hard to track all the X-Wing pilots who bit it in the first Death Star attack.
    • Showing my inner Star Wars geek.

      You are thinking of Porkins.

      Wedge wasn't blown up even once, and eventually became a General or Admiral or somesuch in a later book.
      • visit to get all these questions answered. Wedge does not die in any of the movies and Porkins only dies in the battle on the first Death Star (Death-ticle, Giant Hurt Ball, Sphere-O-Fear, whatever) because he always flew with his inertial compensators turned down (so he was unable to pull out of the dive while making a run against the guns).

        Not that I am a huge nerd and own all the X-Wing serries of books written by Alston / Stackpole.

        jason :-)
  • I caught all of those things pretty much too, so you're not so freakin' special FK. ;)

    Anyway, I thought the whole thing with her dying because not having the will to live had an extra unsavory implication--she was too self-centered to think about the children she was leaving behind. If it was just a complication from childbirth, it would've been so much easier, but NO, her heart was broken by that crappy-ass actor Hayden Christensen, so she died, leaving her kids split up across the galaxy, almost leading
    • I am glad, as I heard earlier reported, the dumbass floater doc-droid was actually going to say "she is dying from a broken heart", which would of sucked the hairy balls off a bantha. She lost the will to live was acceptable to me, and not being overly cheesy.
    • I bet it was the emperor who killed her really, which would have made alot more sence since he was feeding Anakin the visions
    • My wife/mother of my child was really pissed off about Padme dying for that reason. I think "annoying, selfish bitch" figured in there somewhere.

    • Why they didn't toss in "trachea damage from force neck crushing" I don't know, even it was just a contributing factor.

      Luckily Darth didn't go home for Christmas or giving Luke to Uncle Owen would have been a bad idea.

  • But Rock-o wins this one too.

    Excuse me, little italian white guy.

    Me hearts OG Eddie Murphy.
  • that Bodak and I were discussing last night, is he points out that the Death Star at the end of Sith doesn't make sense. There is something like 16 years between this movie and Episode 4, which was just coming online and being fully operational. Then supposedly 3 years between 4 and 6, where the Death Star 2 shows up at Endor. So, it took 16 years to build the first one, then 3 for the second, and larger one? That is a heck of a mechanical engineering and construction feat to go bigger, with a smaller const
    • Or.... due to architectural and structural advancement between EpIV and EpVI, construction could be made faster....

      Its a reach, I know, but not completely unsubstantiated...
      • Yeah, it is a reach. No matter if it is here, New Jersey, or a galaxy far, far away, I think the unions and lazy ass contractors would drag out the construction. ;)
        • Actually I was thinking that perhaps the second one went faster due to lessons learned during the first construction, plus the emperor probably controlled many more resources later than he did initially, and thus could build the second one faster. They could easily be overlapping too (why build one when you can build two at twice the cost?) Plus having two planet zappers isn't a bad thing either.
    • ... or a few years after Episode III they started working on the second deathstar... The rebels only found out about it in Jedi though...
  • by arb ( 452787 )
    I always understood that Wedge and Captain Antilles were not related - they just shared the same last name, which was a common name on Alderran.

    As far as Vader - I thought the Vader suit should have looked a bit more "primitive" and not as refined. What we see in Ep IV is the result of 20 years' enhancements and improvements...

    Oh, and I was disappointed to not see X-Wings. I always thought the rebels would have been using old, scrounged ships and was hoping that X-Wings would have been the bright, shiny,
  • Acting F+, only Ewan McGregor didn't call it in.

    Story Compared to Empire a B

    The movie seemed rushed. another 30 minutes would have been great to flesh out a few things.

    I swear. even Yoda who was cgi, looked like he just gave up fighting the emperor instead of extending everyone's agony of somebody possibly speaking any more lines.

    But i'm going to go see it a few more times I think.

  • shakespearean. :-) But I think that it really drove home the point of the connection Anakin and Padme had. I can see how some people wouldn't like it or understand that, but to me it added another dimension to the movie.
  • The drama was necessary, as it was supposed to be an ironic thing. The visions he kept having of her dying were not that she died because of childbirth like he thought. It was supposed to be a dramatic moment where he realized that she died because of him. Anakin made a decision to join the darkside to save her, but she wouldn't have died at all if he hadn't made that choice. Maybe they could have done it different because the way it was done was a little cheesy.
    • the real reason padme died is...

      She called Anakin 'annie' one too many times.. you see, they cut the scene badly, but he was really pissed, and he killed her, really to the point where she'd suffer long enough for him to torture her the way she had tortured him, by calling him his childhood slur/nickname of 'annie.'

      So you see, he's shocked that she died, before he could torture her, not that she had died because of his using the force to strangulate her.
  • I expected much more of Vader's transformation into Robocock. I figured we would see him completely transformed into a true cyborg; instead, they simply stapled on some prosthetic limbs, dressed his wounds and put him in a fancy suit of armor.

    And I'm sure it pained Lucas greatly to have to keep with the same cheesy control panel on Vader's chest that looked like something I could have (and I'm sure many people here did as kids) built from old Radio Shack parts for approximately twelve dollars.
  • The fact that the emperor fought like an old man just added to how evil the bastard is. He doesn't fight with any particular heroics. (Even Anakin twice in the movie had issues with killing an unarmed opponent.) He cowers until you're not looking and then blasts you across the room. or stands a few hundred yards away and hurls senate seats at you. Coupled with the fact that he pretty much never stopped smiling really made him an evil little bastard.

    What I tied together re the 'will to live' thing is

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