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Comment Re:TPB legit? (Score 4, Interesting) 97

A Very interesting flow-on understanding.

As they technically don't host any infringing materials, they shouldn't be anything but legit - though I think they get hit with something along the lines of "conspiracy to enable infrigement" or some such muck - in which case, this might not actually have any bearing.

Submission + - New Type of Star Can Emerge From Inside Black Holes, Say Cosmologists (medium.com)

KentuckyFC writes: Black holes form when a large star runs out of fuel and collapses under its own weight. Since there is no known force that can stop this collapse, astrophysicists have always assumed that it forms a singularity, a region of space that is infinitely dense. Now cosmologists think quantum gravity might prevent this complete collapse after all. They say that the same force that stops an electron spiralling into a nucleus might also cause the collapsing star to "bounce" at scales of around 10^-14cm. They're calling this new state a "Planck star" and say it's lifetime would match that of the black hole itself as it evaporates. That raises the possibility that the shrinking event horizon would eventually meet the expanding Planck star, which emerges with a sudden blast of gamma rays. That radiation would allow any information trapped in the black hole to escape, solving the infamous information paradox. If they're right, these gamma rays may already have been detected by space-based telescopes meaning that the evidence is already there for any enterprising astronomer to tease apart.

Comment Re:Lesson from this story...don't be a glass hole! (Score 1) 1034

Detained for a few hours, no counsel present, interrogated by a bunch of FBI agents - because he wore Google Glasses inside a theatre? If that's not thuggery, I have no idea what is. Sure, he might not have been taken out the back and bruised within an inch of his life, but as far as proportional responses go, I think this is appaling.

As for "Why was he wearing them in the first place..." - how is that relevant in any way? They aren't illegal, they aren't dangerous and it's his own business if he wants to look a knob in his seat.

Comment Re:A Microsoft Killswitch (Score 4, Insightful) 214

I would go one step further - and say that if you are REALLY on top of your game, then you would have noticed this malware running on your system, removed it yourself and the "eViL WiNdOwS" Malicious Software Removal Tool would have done nothing to your PC anyhow.

If you aren't on the ball enough to notice that your system has become infected, don't be so quick to anger when someone else removes the problem on your behalf.

Comment Re:Stupid interlligence (Score 4) 278

Wouldn't it take longer to be pulled over, explain that you are in the secret service. Wait for the officer to stop laughing, then PROVE that you are in the secret service, then get back on the road?

I mean if something is "National Security" type stuff - where apparently seconds matter, it's so important that you can put your countrymen in the line of danger by whizzing past them at dizzying speeds, surely an interuption of at least five minutes (at the utter least) is going to be much much worse than simply doing the speed limit in the first place....

Oh, snap, I forgot I shouldn't have brought my logic and common sense into this conversation....

*sips coffee*

Comment Re: You mean (Score 1) 458

Am I missing something in your numbers:

* 1/3 - 4
Fourth antidiagonal:
* 4/1 - 5
* 3/2 - 6
* 2/3 - 7
* 1/4 - 8 ...

How is 4/1 = 5?

Given that a Rational Number is a fraction of a Natural Int and Non Zero Int, isn't there basically an infinite set of Rational numbers between each Natural?

Between 1 and 2:
3/2... 4/3... 5/4... 6/5 .... ....

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