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Submission + - SPAM: Commercial Driver's Sleep & their CDL'S Suspended

An anonymous reader writes: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) is planning to implement requirements that will require commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders with a body mass index of at least 35 to be tested for sleep apnea. This number is based on a recent recommendation from the Medical Review Board. Drivers with a BMI of 35 or greater will be required to undergo an initial sleep apnea screening.
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Submission + - FCC boss wants to meter the internet (

An anonymous reader writes: FCC Commissioner Julius Genachowski has publicly backed usage-based pricing for wired Internet access at the cable industry's annual NCTA Show. He makes the claim that it would drive network efficiency. Currently most Internet service providers charge a flat fee and price their packages based on the speed of the service, while Cellphone providers are reaping record profits by charging based on usage, similar to the way utilities charge for electricity. By switching to this model the Cable companies can increase their profitibility while at the same time blocking consumers from cutting the cord and getting their TV services online. A petition has been created calling for his resignation

Submission + - Anonymous Operation Quebec ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: A few months ago, students protested against a raise in school fees which led to a major strike. Governement wanted to bring peace by voting a brutal law which controls the right of people to gather in the streets. Now, Anonymous took part in the conflict and claims attacks on Quebec governement websites,
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Submission + - Ultra-Orthodox Jews Rally for a More Kosher Internet 1

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Michael Grynbaum writes that 40,000 ultra-Orthodox Jewish men filed through the gates of Citi Field to discuss the dangers of the Internet. For the attendees, many of whom said they came at the instructions of their rabbis, it was a chance to hear about a moral topic considered gravely important in the Hasidic community: the potential problems that can stem from access to pornography and other explicit content on the uncensored, often incendiary Web. Schlomo Cohen, 24, said he came to Citi Field because the rally was a good way to remind his community to keep temptation at bay. “Desires are out there,” said Cohen. “We have to learn how to control ourselves." The rally was sponsored by a rabbinical group, Ichud Hakehillos Letohar Hamachane, that is linked to a software company that sells Internet filtering software to Orthodox Jews. Those in attendance were handed fliers that advertised services like a “kosher GPS App” for iPhone and Android phones, which helps users locate synagogues and kosher restaurants. “No one here is a Luddite who denies the manifold benefits that technology has brought to mankind as a whole,” says Eytan Kobre, spokesman for the event. “But at a certain point, a mature, thinking individual stops and says, ‘I’ve got to make a cost-benefit analysis [of] what ways it is enriching my life, [and] in what ways it is undermining it.’”"

Submission + - Journalists Targeted and Harassed by Chicago PD During NATO Protest (

phx_zs writes: Numerous "citizen journalists" who have been streaming live video of the NATO and G8 meeting protests in Chicago have reported being followed, harassed, unlawfully detained and searched by the Chicago Police.
Video has surfaced showing one of these incidents occurring, during which the journalists say they were handcuffed, interrogated, and had their equipment destroyed.


Submission + - Researchers Use Stem Cells To Grow New Teeth (

bonch writes: Scientists from the College of Dental Medicine at Nova Southeastern University have successfully grown new teeth from stem cells. After extracting stem cells from existing oral tissue, the cells are molded into the shape of a tooth using a polymer scaffold. Using this method, teeth have already been successfully grown in mice and monkeys, with human clinical trials under way.

Submission + - Windows Phone ecosystem too small for developers to make money ( writes: "With 2 Million downloads on the Windows Phone Marketplace, we're a sizable developer in the ecosystem.
After reaching #35 on the Top Apps for several weeks (out of 80,000 apps, Angry Birds being #1) we believed it was not a small feat. Yet #35 amounted to less than 500 downloads per day. These 500 downloads include free trials, so not all of them are paid. With Microsoft advertising a 10% conversion rate to paid in its fanciest dreams, the 500 downloads become only 50 paid downloads per day. We find it extremely small for being in the top 35 overall.
Add to this some major security concerns we experienced first hand on the platform like piracy and source code freely available to download directly from Microsoft's own server (Rovio's Angry Birds source code linked in the article), along with major sales disappointments at the major milestones (the release of Mango, the new Nokia phones), we're starting to think we bet on the wrong horse... like Microsoft at the Kentucky Derby.
Is the market too small on Windows Phone for developers to be profitable? What download numbers are you guys reaching in the Top 50 on Android and iPhone?"


Submission + - The Insider Network - Facebook's IPO and the people getting rich off it Read mo (

TheGift73 writes: "NEXT week's much-anticipated Initial Public Offering (IPO) of social networking giant Facebook has caused all kinds of speculation about its value.
Predictions have put the company's value at anywhere from between $US75 to $100 billion.
Whatever end of that scale it is, Facebook's emergence on the US stock market will make some smart kids very rich, and some rich people much richer. Our look at the social network's big players reveals how the right connection at the right time can make you a billionaire."


Submission + - FDA May Let Patients Buy Drugs Without Prescriptions 1

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "The Washington Times reports that the Food and Drug Administration may soon permit Americans to obtain some drugs used to treat conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes without obtaining a prescription allowing patients to diagnose their ailments by answering questions online or at a pharmacy kiosk in order to buy current prescription-only drugs for conditions such as high cholesterol, certain infections, migraine headaches, asthma or allergies. Some pharmacists embrace the notion that they should be able to dole out medication for patients’ chronic conditions without making them go through a doctor. “This could eliminate the need for a physician visit for certain meds that may have been prescription prior to this change,” said Ronna Hauser, vice president of policy and regulatory affairs for the National Community Pharmacists Association. “However, there may be circumstances when a patient might need a physician visit and diagnosis and original prescription to start therapy but could continue on that therapy with pharmacist refill authorization capabilities.” Medical providers at public hearings to obtain input on a new paradigm urge caution, saying the government should not try to cut health care costs by cutting out doctors. “Patients rely on physicians to provide sound diagnosis and treatment information and to help them meet their unique health needs," says Peter W. Carmel, President of the American Medical Association. "Expanding many prescription medications to OTC interferes with that important relationship without offering any real benefits to improve patients' health or reduce their costs.""

Submission + - Embryonic stem cell research around the globe (

ericjones12398 writes: "In 2009, President Barack Obama lifted former President George Bush’s ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research utilizing new sources of embryonic cells. Unfortunately, since President Obama lifted the ban, the federal government has been embroiled in an exhaustive court battle over the fate of embryonic stem cell research. Since the court is not expected to reach a decision for several months, the future of federal funding for embryonic stem is uncertain. Yet how is embryonic stem cell research looking for the rest of the world? Is the future of embryonic stem cell research bright, or is the rest of the world also embedded in a long ethical debate? Is the United States being hampered by it embryonic stem cell policies?
While there have been many ethical debates about embryonic stem cell research across the globe, many developed nations, especially in Western Europe, have taken full advantage of new embryonic cells lines since 2005. This was illustrated in a map created by William Hoffman from the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the University of Minnesota, which highlights countries with flexible embryonic stem cell research policies. While a 2010 map takes President Barack Obama’s executive order into account, most countries have been developing and federally funding new sources of stem cells for half a decade before the United States."


Submission + - What Various Studies Really Reveal About File-Sharing (

Dangerous_Minds writes: Drew Wilson of ZeroPaid has an interesting look at file-sharing. It all started with a review of a Phoenix study that was used to promote SOPA. Wilson says that the study was long on wild claims and short on fact. While most writers would simply criticize the study and move on, Wilson took it a step further and looked in to what file-sharing studies have really been saying throughout the years. What he found was an impressive 20 studies which 19 wasn't previously covered. He launched a large series detailing what these studies have to say on file-sharing. The first study suggests that file-sharing litigation was a failure. The second study said that p2p has no effect on music sales. The third study found that the RIAA suppresses innovation. The fourth study says that the MPAA has simply been trying to preserve its oligopoly. The fifth study says that even when one uses the methodology of one download means one lost sale, the losses amount to less than $2 per album. The studies, so far, are being posted on a daily basis and are certainly worth the read.

Submission + - Physicist Says Moore's Law is 'Collapsing' (

CWmike writes: "A well-known theoretical physicist has taken direct aim at a key theory in the computer industry, saying Moore's Law is collapsing. Physicist Michio Kaku, a professor of theoretical physics at City University of New York, said in a videotaped interview on that time is running out on the 47-year-old law. And that could affect the evolution of the computer processor. 'In about 10 years or so, we will see the collapse of Moore's Law,' Kaku said. 'In fact, we already see a slowing down of Moore's Law. Computing power simply cannot maintain its rapid exponential rise using standard silicon technology.' Kaku, like so many scientists before him, said recently the two main problems that will derail Moore's Law are heat and leakage. 'That's the reason why the age of silicon will eventually come to a close,' he said. For years, various scientists and industry analysts have been predicting the demise of this law. But for years, researchers have been pushing ahead, advancing chip structure and components and keeping Moore's Law alive. Charles King, an analyst with Pund-IT, said Moore's Law may be running its course but he's not worried about how that will affect the evolution of the computer industry. 'You could argue that the concept is heading toward a collision with the intractable barriers of physics," King said. "At the end of the day, the vast majority of laws fundamentally reflect their time and place and inevitably become inconsequential as times change.'"

Submission + - Hartli launched: The internet's virtual design enthusiast (

akumpf writes: "Hartli is a new web-crawling design bot that wants to make the internet better. Type in any URL and Hartli will analyze the page in terms of both facts (like color palettes, fonts, grids, repetition, etc) as well as emotion and show you the results.

By feeding in websites, Hartli keeps learning about the internet at large. In his first few days he's analyzed thousands of sites and just keeps getting smarter. Someday Hartli may very well be able to make recommendations and even automatically evolve the design of a site depending on how it is perceived and how users interact with it."

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