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Journal Journal: Meta Mod ALL Unfair. 1

I'm sick of Slashdot. It's gone downhill. Jon Katz was an ass, now Michael is an ass. WTF?

I don't get mod points despite my excellent karma and input. Fuck it. I'm trolling.

In my own way...

Since I can't moderate but get to meta mod every day I'll meta mod EVERYONE unfair. I know it means jack shit but it really pisses people off. So I'll do it, every day.

The Internet

Journal Journal: Speakeasy SUCKS

On the 18th of Sept I placed an order for Speakeasy ADSL (1.5/384) for $70/month.
For the past 2 years I've had Verizon 384 SDSL for $90/month and I loved it. During those 2 years my DSL service was NEVER interupted. True one time a bunch of kids intentionaly cut the big thick cable going to the phone distribution box knocking out all phone service for several blocks...but the DSL worked the moment the phone line was restored ( 4 hours).

I loved Verizon but for $90/m (they did lower it to $70 a month of two ago) I could do far better than 384. Speakeasy offered 1.5Mb/384 for about the same price so what did I have to lose?

My DSL line apparantly.

On the 24th Speakeasy installed thier loop and the line worked for a day. When I came home at 6pm on the 25th the DSL signal was gone. So I called Speakeasy and told them that I had no DSL signal. The Tech told me that they'll get in touch with Covad and give me an update in 4 hours.
I was out for the evening so I didn't bother calling back for an update.
8:20 am 26th, I get in to work to check the ticket status and there have not been ANY updates since my initial call. I figure I'll wait a bit.

Call them at noon and the guy tells me that the first update from Covad always takes about 24 hours, so I should call them when I get home.

6pm I get home, my DSL line is still out. I call Speakeasy and get Tech on the phone who tells me that there is no update. Then he starts telling me to reboot the modem (done that 40 times by that point) needless to say that does nothing.

Next he yapps about the phone filters, how many phones i have etc. I tell him that all of that is irrelevant, I had DSL for 2 years with no downtime what so ever and had their DSL line working for 1 day on the same line in the same house with everything being as it is now. He totaly ignores me and tells me to go and unplug every phone in the house (including the one I'm talking to him on now) and then call them back after I reboot my modem.

At this point I'm pissed off as hell. I try to tell him again that I've had DSL for 2 years and that it's more than highly unlikley that one of my phones would all of a sudden cause problems after working fine for 2 years and time it with their installation.

He says that I need to unplug all my phones to trouble shoot the line...I tell him that that's bullshit and he hangs up on me. Great. Love that 24/7 support.

So I figure fuck this BS, I take the DSL modem and plug the thing into the network interface box outside my house. Guess what. No signal. DUH DUH DUH.

Call them up again, get some other Tech on the phone. I tell her that there is no signal going to my house. She says "Oh ok I'll escalate the ticket".

About 1 hour later someguy from Speakeasy calls to "troubleshoot" the DSL for me. I'm baffled by this point. Troubleshoot what? The CO? Which part of THERE IS NO SIGNAL TO MY HOUSE is so hard to understand? I tell him that there is NO DSL signal in my network interface box. "Well I can't help you then, Covad will need to do this." "Yes, I told you this 24 hours ago. When will my service be restored?" "Well Covad doesn't work on the weekends, so they'll look at it on Monday"

In other words, it takes FIVE techs and 24 hours for Speakeasy to begin to understand that the problem is that the DSL line is down and not that the customer has stuffed the DSL modem and the 5 phone filters up his ass.

The last update I have is : Backhaul installed
The port is down with training starts at (6) and not incrementing. I ran a MLT and the MLT states the circuit cannot be found.
Next steps/actions:
I sent this trouble ticket to Ilec Repair to verify the circuit and to run a MLT so we can determine next steps
Estimated time of next update:
09/29/2003 10:00 MDT

God knows what that means. When I called Speakeasy earlier today regarding a time estimate to fix my line, they had no idea.

Great. $360 later I'm without DSL since Thursday and as far as I can tell it won't be back today and probably not tomorow. If that's the case I'm canceling on Wed. This service is BS.

The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: I want money.

I want money.

Alright, fine. Screw money. I want stuff.

Here is the stuff I want:

  2 - PIAA X-Treme White Plus 9005 Bulbs - $60
  2 - PIAA X-Treme White Plus 9006 Bulbs - $60
  1 - K&N FIPK 57-1523 - $225
  1 - TrueBendz Dodge Intrepid Stainless Steel 2.5 inch with AroSpeed/Magnaflow Dual Exaust - $670

Total cost: 1015.
Install of Exaust: ~200
Final Cost : 1215.
Money I have: 200
Credit Card Balance: 600
Car Loan: 14,000

Obvioustly I'm not being supplied enough money. Please remedy the situation by sending money to Yes I accept paypal.

I'm willing to sell my soul or sexual favours for the dual exaust...


Journal Journal: Darkov loves me. 12

It's true. He's the only one who reads my journal. I never thought anyone would look here. But he does.

See thats what makes him special, he does something that nobody else would ever do. Not even my gf reads my journal - well maybe because she doesn't read slashdot...

Still, the attention facinates me...

So you seemed curious as to why I made you a foe. Well hard to remember...I have so many! It was probably something you said that I did not agree with. My Foe/Friend list is more like people I disagree/agree with, some make it really tough by having seemingly random opinions.

So after some in depth examination I discovered the post that might have triggered my "foe sensor":
She's stealing music. She deserves everyting she gets. She should be tried as an adult and the death penalty shuld not be ruled out.

If the piracy continues the recording industry may we wiped out, then would would all those poor executives do? The can't all join SCO.

It was modded funny later, maybe I might have missed the joke having not bothered to read past She's stealing music. She deserves everyting she gets. so maybe you shouldn't be on my foe list afterall.

Yet having you there has produced some facinating and unexpected results; so I'll keep you there anyway. You seem to love it there...

User Journal

Journal Journal: People are Silly 1

...but you already knew that.

So some genious thought that I was whining when I said that mods are silly...and they are.

Granted my last few posts didn't have the 6 or so 5s in a row, but still. 5 posts of 5 isn't bad I think.

But the point is that mods rate comments simply becasue they're "agreeable" they read them once and say "Hmm that sounds good.". Well written BS gets modded to 5 and stay that way even after every single reply is saying how the parent post is BS. Sadly the replies are ignored...

Then there is the whole "I Meta Mod all Offtopic/Troll/Redundant/Flamebait/Overated as Unfair!" culture. But then I must admit I think that the whole rating thing is kinda screwed.

We need to be able to choose if we agree/disagree with the parent and posts should get a rating based on that.

If everyone disagrees with a post then it's BS.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Mods are Silly 3

It's a fact that in order to get modded up, your post does not have to be correct. Just agreable.

You will get a +5 post if you post early on and post exactly what the average mod might think of find acceptable. It can be totaly wrong. You can know that its' wrong. But hey...Karma: Excellent

User Journal

Journal Journal: Mods Suck

I love it when I post a threat early and it gets moded "redundant" because the posts that follow are more descripitive and informative than mine...

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