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Journal FileNotFound's Journal: Mods are Silly 3

It's a fact that in order to get modded up, your post does not have to be correct. Just agreable.

You will get a +5 post if you post early on and post exactly what the average mod might think of find acceptable. It can be totaly wrong. You can know that its' wrong. But hey...Karma: Excellent

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Mods are Silly

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  • Stop whining. So you don't get mod points. Deal with it. Or starting posting early with something interesting or funny to say. You'll notice that the mod categories are not "+1 Right" or "-1 Wrong". It's not about being correct it's about getting people thinking or talking.

    If you're journal's any guide you haven't got much hope. I mean I only posted here because I noticed you on my "freaks" list and thought I'd give you a serve. You should be thankful even for that.
    • Actually..I was making an observation based on the fact that I DID get mod points.

      For making BAD points.

      I have maxed karma but I find it still amazing how I get modded to +5 when I feel that my post is really hardly deserving the base 2.

      But it's nice of you to look through my journal.
      • But it's nice of you to look through my journal.

        Damn, I was trying to be rude, not nice. I see I'm dealing with a more worthy foe than I originally thought. Can I ask though, why did you make me a foe? Just curious.

        But back on topic: moderation is pretty poor on Slashot. It needs to be broadened out so that almost everyone (or a large percentage) can moderate all the time, weeding out the individual morons, which have too much power over a single post. It's a shame because Slashdot has gotten big enough

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