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Submission + - Big Pharma Not Helping With Cancer Cure (

An anonymous reader writes: Three years ago,Evangelos Michelakis, a cancer researcher at the University of Alberta discovered that a common, nontoxic chemical known as DCA, short for dichloroacetate, seems to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors in mice. Recent trials on human subjects and use of the drug by Canadian physicians (DCA is already approved for other conditions in Canada) show dramatic results. However, the approval is languishing because, since the drug is not patented, no traditional pharma company will back it. Kickstarter anyone?

Submission + - Auto scaling strategies for Windows Azure, Amazon' (

An anonymous reader writes: Implementing a cloud-based application without auto scaling is like installing an air-conditioner without a thermostat: one either needs to constantly monitor and manually adjust the needed temperature or pray that outside temperature never changes

Submission + - Cooler AMD APUs Target A/V-streaming Gadgets (

DeviceGuru writes: AMD has just added a pair of lower-power processors to the Embedded G-Series APU (accelerated processing unit) line that debuted earlier this year. The new single- and dual-core parts integrate 64-bit x86 CPU cores along with a DirectX 11-capable GPU (graphics processor unit) core on a single die, and offer total (CPU+GPU) power consumptions down to 5.5W. Given their fanless capabilities, you can expect to these new APUs to start popping up in A/V-streaming consumer devices such as the Boxee Box, Google TV boxes, Roku players, connected TVs, and Blu-ray players.

Submission + - SPAM: Infinity Blade: Arena Review

youowemelunch writes: "After months of waiting, Chair Entertainment finally brought online multiplayer to its critically acclaimed and award winning video game, Infinity Blade. Now iPhone and iPad owners can test their skills against an endless supply of opponents."
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