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Comment Re:I don't think it matters at this point (Score 2) 125

Only 20 years?
Are you only 20 years old?

There has always been a gap between the big boss man and the workers. Communism started because of these issues.
During the 1990s we were at a peak. Cold War ended we were for the most part at peace with the world. People were working to fix the Y2K bug or replacing their infrastructure.
It was mostly due to circumstances and the tech bubble. Not politics.

Part of the issue from getting out of the 2008 Recession is the fact we do not have too many major players that came up with something new. The few exceptions are the gig economy jobs. Were people can empower themselves to make some extra cash on their free time. The problem became when these people made it their full time jobs.

Comment Re:Top 3 promising fusion concepts: (Score 1) 344

Russia attacks their own citizens and neighbour countries because this gives Putin and his cronies more power. The US does so because a campaign donor gets to profit. While both don't give a flying intercourse about cost-benefit for their populations (much less others), the motivation differs.

Comment Re:Top 3 promising fusion concepts: (Score 1) 344

Yeah, I'm pissed off! Where's all the riches and oil we were supposed to get from Iraq after we invaded? The US got snookered on that deal. We went and invaded Iraq and everything, and all we got was a deficit increase!

If a company gets $1 when the taxpayers lose $1000, it's still pure profit.

Comment Re:Question (Score 3, Insightful) 48

Wouldn't one of the attacks simply be: $5 wrench attack against a microcode engineer?

(If you thought hacking an entire datacenter or hacking an entire operating system was bad.... Try hacking ALL INTEL or ALL AMD cpus..... pretty crazy.)

You mean, something like Intel IME? Already there, in your CPU. I'm for one using an old AMD (Phenom 2) but I see no upgrade path at the moment. AMD's version of the backdoor is less vicious (no path from the network card) but not nice either.

There's no outright proof of Intel CPUs being backdoored, but they made a number of very weird design choices that make absolutely no sense when the purpose is anything but hiding a backdoor. So let's think who gets the keys.

Comment Re:Theranos II ? (Score 1) 110

Note to VCs and other money-types.

When a candidate talks about 'revolutionary technology' make sure you see it actually working before you give them mountains of bucks. Oh, and make sure you get it independently tested, too.

Tech has already changed the meaning of 'innovative' to 'same as last year's model minus an interface port' now they're turning revolutionary into some ironic hipster term.

My experience (in a totally unrelated industry) is that there seems to be a large amount of money out there in private equity looking for something to do. Many of the people doing such work do their due diligence (since they will immediately gut and then flip the company), but suckers are born every minute. In other cases, it seems that the investor/investee relationship is protracted battle between con artists.

But I'm just an engineer, some big shot will probably just jump in here and tell me that I was naive to think the world worked any other way.

Comment Either that or (Score 1) 10

It pulls the chumps off of Wall Street to work in relatively economically harmless cabinet positions, thus allowing a new generation to take over on Wall Street producing a boom.

The Peter Principle- it still could work.

Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 1) 266

I don't quite get the point of the article.
US bonds are a low return but safe investment. Most companies do some bonds on their portfolios just to make sure their money is diverse.
Currently bond returns are under standard inflation so the government is getting money for cheap.
Now the real question is if the government is taking advantage of this cheap money and using it to fix things that can have a greater return then what the bond price is.

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