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Comment Re: Overboard, Sad! (Score 1) 111

A car driver losing control and injuring a pedestrian would serve more time.

In the US, generally not. I've heard of cases where pedestrians have had some fairly grievous permanent injuries after being hit by a car while they were walking on the sidewalk, and the driver hasn't faced charges. This taxi driver, who hopped onto the sidewalk and severed the leg of a pedestrian, is still driving his cab, as an example.

I'm not sure what I think of that. On the one hand, reckless behavior causes tragedies. On the other, pretty much by definition tragedies caused by reckless, rather than deliberate, behavior are accidents - the fact they're avoidable accidents doesn't mean the perpetrators ever intended them to happen. There needs to be consequences, but destroying someone's career seems to be spreading the misery, not preventing more.

A better focus would be on creating systems that make such accidents more difficult. The same, ultimately, is true of drones.

Comment Re:Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 1) 617

Don't forget the progressive income tax.
Cost of living may be higher but he is wealthy in terms of the tax man. So take 4K every month for federal state and local tax. Leaving him 3k a month. So he is being responsible only putting 1/2 of his salary into mortgage. But with 3k per month with other inflated prices. He can get by but why with working for the money where you can move to a different area get paid less and have more spending money.

Comment Re:Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 1) 617

I don't think poor is the correct term. I think the less politically correct term living below their class is more apt.
At 160k 3k a month should afford a good 4 bedroom house over 2000 square feet, with some land.
But he is living in a starter home from with a professional salary that people in other areas would dream of.

Comment Re:meh....plans & contracts (Score 2) 48

I don't want plans or contracts... but that seems to be what the war is over.

When the big companies come down in price, the MVNOs come down too. I have 2 lines, one on Straight Talk for $45/mo with 5GB + unlimited edge, and the other on H2O wireless with 3GB/mo + unlimited edge for $30/mo. H2O wireless has been a 4 week experiment so far, but I have seen 0 difference in coverage between the two lines and will probably move the Straight Talk line over to H20. The H20 wireless plan was about $10 more expensive 12 months ago. Other prepaid MVNOs have come down in price too. All the SIM cards in stores have the wrong monthly prices on them. It's a great time to own your own phone.

Comment Re:"...disabled by default." (Score 1) 255

Kaby Lake (and newer) processors are only officially supported on Windows 10.

This is actually only FUD and an excuse to force certain business users, win7 does work fine (well, fine for Windows). It's not the case for new network/graphics/etc cards, though.

Comment Re:Also in the news (Score 1) 228

-rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 18768 Feb 19 21:17 /usr/lib/chromium/chrome-sandbox

Bit wrong on this one. The binary is "owned" by root.

And thus, via the setuid bit, a process that execs this file gets full root privileges.

You as a user only have read/execute rights the second set of permissions "-xr" and then "everyone" "-x".

Eh? What "-xr", what "-x"? The permissions are: group "r-x" which doesn't matter as you don't belong to group root and the file isn't setgid, and others "r-x" so you can execute it.

This doesn't mean the file runs as root.

That's exactly what setuid means. The process can then shed its privileges, but a browser shouldn't need them in the first place.

Comment Re:Microsoft want a piece of the pie (Score 1) 255

Microsoft look enviously at Apple, who get to control and profit from their walled garden. Then they glance over at Android, and see Google has their play store (which, whereas it may not be a walled garden, has a fence around). Fire users most certainly have their own walled garden courtesy of Amazon.

Apple and Google are both benefiting from these "almost monopolies" they run controlling their users, skimming a bit off the top from everyone. No doubt, Microsoft sees that these are profitable ventures and they want the same control over what runs on Microsoft Windows. It's a little harder to do because there is a lot of legacy applications, and neither consumer, nor software producers want to give a little bit of each purchase to Microsoft. Microsoft are going to continue baby-stepping towards that goal though because they want the money, and their competitors are already doing that.

It will be a sad day when you have no option but to buy from the Microsoft store, but that day is coming.

It's already a sad day because most companies now seem interested only in skimming a little bit of someone elses' profit rather than making an actual product themselves.

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