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Comment Re:Damn (Score 1) 3

Thank you. That was definitely a memorable, and much appreciated weekend. And that Mongolian BBQ? Wow was that good. Need me some more of that.

The coffee? Hilarious.

The tornado? Haha, sorry, but you freaked out and I didn't think it was suck a big deal. But we did get to hang out some more at the gaming/internet cafe.

And I don't know that the box set was too overpriced. But even if that's the case I still would have bought it. I love that box set to death. I've watched it so many times. And I had a blast getting to watch almost all of it with you. Though I still feel bad that we were so close to the end and couldn't finish it together.

I hope you're doing well also.

Take care.

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Journal Journal: can't remember why 3

I don't remember what I told myself or why I did otherwise, but 5 years ago instead of saying goodbye I said hello. I guess I should read my first journal entry here, but I doubt that will give me any clues. I didn't want anyone to know. I've had more high's and low's since then. Definitely a lot of high's in the last few years, but now I wonder what next. I'm bored, I think I just alienated a potential life long love and at the very least a long time friend, and now I feel like I'm back

Comment Re:Seeing family (Score 1) 3

Slashdot friends = 32

Multiply friends = 18

Facebook friends = 75 (and I have tried to keep only those I personally know and want to keep in touch and know will reciprocate and not just add me randomly because their brothers sister's fish got eaten by the school hamster which was then eaten by the school bully which you heard about 8 years after you graduated)

And by the looks of it Multiply updates haven't really been that plentiful, and I haven't been there in a while. I think last time was late July? Either way, it's been a couple months and I only had what seemed like a small handful of stuff to go through. Not to mention I don't believe we're connected over there.

Sounds like I should finally give in and delete the slashdot account. Maybe the Multiply one as well. "No goodbye's, no see ya-later's, just gone. Left. No nothing. That's what I think about between the 10 seconds when I pull up to the curb and get to your door. I don't know much, but I know that."

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Journal Journal: almost couldn't sumbit 3

*Before my actual post*
I couldn't even find the link to write a journal entry. It took me probably 2 actual minutes to find it at the BOTTOM of the long page of journal entries. Why?! Why would it be all the way down there and not have some other journal link at the top? Maybe there is, but they certainly didn't word it correctly.
*End of my rant and into the actual post*

Comment wasn't aware (Score 1) 2

This kind of feels like I'm about to start a flame war, but I wasn't aware that Synergy couldn't do multiple monitors on multiple screens. In fact, I have a friend at work whom I know has many multiple monitors and machines and I believe he is only using Synergy.

Now I could be wrong, maybe he is using Synergy+, but I'm pretty sure that you just have to add the names and locations of screens into Synergy. Unless they're is some kind of limitation when you throw linux into the mix. That's not to say that having another project that branched off and has contributed to, and improved upon, an existing piece of software that has gone silent isn't a good thing. In fact, that warms the cockles of my heart. I always wished I could contribute more. I keep telling myself I will, but can never fine the time. Seems like those skills I wanted to enhance might not ever see the light of day. At least until I perfect my current set for my job and part of my personal life. I guess that's the next step up I've been waiting for. And to clear that up I mean coding more and having it feel more natural. I can still code some, but they still feel kiddy-ish.

Comment oldie but a goodie (Score 1) 11

Hahaha, I remember that scripts hay-day. I'm pretty sure even I still have it around. Can't remember the last time I ran it. Probably before Slashdot went and made the site even uglier and its horrible use of javascript via jQuery. Such a shame too because jQuery is a pretty interesting and good use of javascript. Which says a lot because I hated javascript but started messing around with it now thanks to jQuery.

But I digress. I had even made my own little java app to do pretty much the same thing as LPetr's perl script. I wanted to do a few more things though that required some UI. Funny how it never quite worked out. Well, I shouldn't say that I still get use out of it at least once every year to make my journal.

Comment Re:nope (Score 1) 9

whoops, I'm like 9 hours and 2 minutes too late. Sorry about that. Didn't get the email until just now :P

And no, not from a GMail account.

Comment I actually liked that (Score 1) 2

But now I have to ask...
Did you leave that comment?

It works well in all the browsers I've tried it in. It's just a new way to deal with reading the information and sending it to you. If you don't like it, why don't you just put on your big boy pants, stand up straight, get over it, and act like a man.

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