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Comment Re:You know, I remember those Goldman Sach's speec (Score 1) 404

Meanwhile you're guy is about to hand the Crimera over to Russia without a peep.

Krushchev handed it to Ukraine in 1954...
and Putin took it back.

The USA can fight this from the moral high ground after it hands back territory it grabbed from around its own borders.

Comment Re: That investment has been in the works for a wh (Score 1) 267

The pro-Islamic comment was complete claptrap.

However, The Guardian lost credibility after Snowden, and after they were forced to destroy some hard drives in front of GCHQ personnel.

Glenn Grenwald caught them lying, distorting and dissembling just recently.
"The Guardian’s Summary of Julian Assange’s Interview Went Viral and Was Completely False"

Comment Re:One huge difference (Score 1) 75

Nicely put!
I think there are a similar problems facing human language processing.
Slang, cant and argot change very quickly, and so it's very similar to a Fog of War for computers.
Teenagers, in particular, will change the meaning of words, or create words, or even maul grammar to include
or exclude others from their cliques. Irony and sarcasm are other bollards to progress for computers, innit.
AI Winter is Coming!

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