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Submission + - Trump and Putin Agree to Nuclear Arms Race (

An anonymous reader writes: Clammoring on the heals of the Electoral College, the two beauHD-tiful men enjoyed a cup of tea together over talks of the importance of a healthy Nuclear weapons arsenal on both sides of the scrimmage; as goes for implementing and deconstructing Nuclear weapons, these brave men agreed to renew a arms race and we've yet to expect a result of their copulence to this brave hand-in-hand gesture. May the best man be the bitch.

Comment Re:Because they are a con (Score 1) 844

Funny, but it's worth noting that double-bagging drastically decreases the condoms' effectiveness. Latex rubbing against latex will tear easily.

I take your point and raise you another.
You see, this is when you put Tabasco sauce/Deep-heat between the layers, so if one of them does break you find out real fast!

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