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Comment Amazing (Score 1) 25

This is amazing work. I bought the Humble Indie Bundle specifically to get Aquaria (and support Linux indie games!). The fact that he managed to port a working version to the PSP so quickly is awesome. Bravo. *goes to throw copy on PSP*

Comment Linux Partition (Score 3, Interesting) 201

This is actually a big selling point for my business: I do computer repairs, and my focus is on selling people on the idea of using Linux. One of my best points is "On Windows, you are almost gauranteed to have malware on your computer tracking you and watching you, stealing your CC, etc.. If nothing else, use Linux to just log off windows, sign on to Linux and do your banking." Not perfect security, but a heck of a lot better than when you have malware trying to get that info every time you buy off Amazon or sign in to online banking to pay a bill.

Comment Difficult? (Score 1) 710

I work in a local PC shop. I build new systems, and repairs ones people bring in. I have news for all of you.. The people who use computers: They are STUPID when it comes to computers! People that run their own business, mom and pa, the girl next door, the dentist in my building, etc... They all get dumb when it comes to computers.

This icon, over here, lets me use google, and watch videos on youtube... This icon, it's to write documents. This thingy over here, it lets you see the Earth (seriously!!).

Me: Can you click on the Start button and..

Customer: Wait, what? Me: Click on the Start button.. at the bottom left of the screen... Customer: Oh! I see it!

Seriously. Every damn day. This is where I stay quiet and *tears her hair out*. The amount of complexity in installing your operating system, setting it up for internet access, setting it up to play multimedia (codecs etc), and it many cases even installing the apps they need like Office.... these things DO NOT MATTER. If I asked one of my customers to install XP themselves... or bring home their new computer without a PDF reader installed, without flash installed (for those cool videos!), etc... They'd all leave! They get their computer back, they know they can open their attachments (video, pdf, etc), they know they can write a document, look at youtube, search google. This makes them happy!

Now, compare to Linux... you do not ask the customer to download it, burn it to an iso, and install it. No. A techie does it. I run my own business, doing nothing but Linux install, support, upgrades. When they get their computer back, or their new computer.. they can open pdf files (default in every linux install). They can view multimedia (I installed the codecs, verify sound works, etc.) They have shortcut icons on their desktop to start "the word program". Another to browse the net. Another for Skype (that I installed), another for playing music. These people.. Are happy! I cannot see how anyone can complain about the pains of installing and configuring linux (as if Windows was a breeze to get set up!). Joe Average User does _NOT_ install his own operating system, and he does not configure it for use. He gets it, and uses it. If you don't see that, you need to work in a small-time PC repair shop for a little while, talk to some real computer users.

..They're kinda scary.


Comment Free shifting? (Score 1) 223

My question: If I already bought the game (on my Wii), do I now get the Linux client for free? When I read the first slashdot story on this game, I ran over to my Wii and bought it! I wanted to support these guys, and hey, it looked to be a fun game. I haven't played it much however because I just don't get to sit down with my Wii very much. I would however goof off with it at work on my Linux laptop... So, can I just get the Linux version? If not, well... I ain't paying for it again, sorry, even if it is a good game.

Submission + - Demonoid Blocks Canadian Users 1 writes: "Seems that Demonoid, the popular torrent site (which even hosts Linux ISO's) has been forced by threat to start blocking Canadian users from accessing their site. From the site: "We received a letter from a lawyer represeting the CRIA, they were threatening with legal action and We need to start blocking Canadian traffic because of this. If you reside in Canada, that is the reason you are being redirected to this message. Thanks for your understanding, and sorry for any inconvenience." You can get around this of course, but up til now you didn't need to if you lived in Canada!"

Submission + - Identity/ID Theft Trojan on ( 2

Ant writes: "Broadband Reports report an InformationWeek story on security researchers' finds that the popular job site was being widely used for identity (ID) theft. Hackers are placing fake advertisements/ads, on the site, that infect computers running Windows. The Trojan takes information that job seekers place online which includes social security numbers. The scam is one of the biggest of its kind and could affect over 100,000 identities..."

Submission + - Student finds 5000-year-old chewing gum (

itsthebin writes: "Sarah Pickin, 23, found the lump of birch bark tar — complete with neolithic tooth prints — on a dig in Finland. Ms Pickin's tutor at the University of Derby, Professor Trevor Brown, said birch bark tar contained phenols, which are antiseptic compounds. "It is generally believed that neolithic people found that by chewing this stuff if they had gum infections it helped to treat the condition. It's particularly significant because well-defined tooth imprints were found on the gum which Sarah discovered," he said. Ms Pickin was on a volunteer program at the Kierikki Centre on the west coast of Finland when she made the find. It is not for sale on Ebay yet :-)"

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