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Comment Re:If you compare maps.... (Score 1) 173

Look at the opposite way. I don't want to live anywhere without 3G or broadband. Few people do. It's like having a city without electricity or running water these days. It might even be more important since this is the way people share ideas and news.

You can argue that they should move, but that's easier said than done, and how are they to know what they're missing if they've lived without it? Yes, you can also argue that isolated communities should remain isolated communities, but then their ideas do not align with the rest of the nation at the very fundamental level, causing all sorts of unnecessary strife. I would prefer a nation that is more connected and in tune with itself.

Comment Re:let me go home and cry some more (Score 2) 255

Do high end graphics, sound, etc. really make gaming more enjoyable?

Yes. It's called immersion. Sure, games can be immersive without these things, but they sure do help, and once you've experienced them in newer games it's difficult to go backwards. And it's not just the graphics and sound, but also things like control schemes and "polish". Try playing GTA4 and GTA3 back to back. GTA3 was more fun, but I'm not sure I could tolerate it after seeing the production and experiencing the evolution that was GTA4.

Then again, there's very few games I'd play more than once, anyway.

Comment Re:Easy and Advanced (Score 1) 980

As far as I'm concerned "advanced users" are those who look stuff like this up in order to figure out how the OS can best _augment_ them:

Like I said, misleading and divisive. A little condescending, too.

Comment Re:Easy and Advanced (Score 1) 980

I'm sure there are key commands in most shells, it's just that they're not apparent and nobody takes the time to learn them. Further, I still think your framing of the argument as "newbie" vs "advanced user", while well-intentioned, is misguided and inadvertently divisive. Yes, I think UIs still have a way to advance, but I don't think they're catering to new users so much as attempting new paradigms. And yes, I find that the more that's on my screen, the less I can focus on the one task I'm doing. Different strokes for different folks. That's why some people like KDE and others (like me) prefer Gnome, and it has absolutely no bearing on how "advanced" the user is. Luckily, my preference is on the winning side!

Comment Re:Easy and Advanced (Score 1) 980

If you have over 30 tasks that you are actively using and need to constantly switch between, you're far, far in the minority, my friend. And while yes, they may be catering to new users, they are also catering to people who prefer simple, non-cluttered screens. If I have to perform an additional click to do something that I only need 1% of the time, then I really don't mind if it simplifies the UI I have to stare at 100% of the time.

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