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Comment Re: Translating for the rest of the world (Score 1) 126

Your point?

Some elements end in -um, some in -ium. If you complain about aluminum, then you're a hypocrite for also not complaining about all the others. Americans aren't complaining about all the elements ending in -ium; we have no problem understanding that some are one way and some another, it's only a bunch of dickheads who seem to think they should all end in -ium and complain about this even though a bunch of them don't, and haven't for millenia.

Comment Re:The Latest Innovations (Score 1) 528

Finance? It's go Quickbooks or go home. And they *only* make a Windows version. (No, that online crap doesn't count)

According to another poster here, Quickbooks doesn't work on Windows 10, only Win7.

So saying that we "chose" to use Microsoft is like saying that someone who lives in a cholera infested area "chose" to drink beer, and that attitude won't win you any favours.

I'm not trying to win any favors. I'm actually just laughing at you all as you suffer with all the stuff MS is doing lately, which are the direct results of your own bad choices.

Comment Re:The RX470 makes me want to try AMD again (Score 4, Informative) 41

The stability issues have been fixed at AMD for years, once the AMD team took over from ATI who were always hit and miss when it came to driver releases. I've been using AMD exclusively since the HD 4850 (currently on the R9 280) and I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a graphics driver issue, now you are more likely to get a bad Windows patch than a bad GPU driver.

One thing I have to give them credit for is when they EOLed their ancient VLIW card line they made one last driver so that if you wanted to run newer versions of Windows, even Windows 10, then you can. I just wish Nvidia would have done the same as I have a ton of hardware at the shop that I couldn't lock in the Win 10 free upgrade for (just in case the customer might want Win 10 later) because there simply wasn't an nvidia driver that would function. But just to see if it worked I decided to lock in the upgrade with my netbook which has the AMD E-350 chip which has the very first gen APU the HD 6310, a really old chip, worked perfectly fine.

So if you want a good GPU at a cheap price I'd say go for it. I'd get one myself but my R9 280 runs all the games I play at 60 FPS+ with all the bling cranked so I don't see a point ATM in upgrading but when it gets to the point that isn't the case? I'll get another AMD GPU.

Comment Re:Yeah so (Score 1) 175

If you expected Sanders to be non-compromising, you clearly haven't done your research on him. The man has a solid track record of a pragmatic idealist - he has clear ideals that he strives to fulfill, but at the same time, he is perfectly able and willing to work with people whom he disagrees with, so long as it gets him one step closer to his goals. Look at what he did in Congress - constant scheming to add riders to bills. Go even further back, and look at what he did as a mayor.

And it's exactly what made Sanders such an awesome presidential candidate. Most "revolutionaries" dismiss incremental change outright. This guy realized that it's the only chance that he and his platform has, and mastered it. I actually put more faith in his ability to navigate through the gridlock in Congress as a president, than Hillary's. Alas...

Comment Re:Facebook still wins the war (Score 1) 21

Really, somebody needs to go after Visa/MC/Amex and start taking the money from them, too, because they're the ones that enable the purchasing aspect of this.

It would be kind of nice if these "app store" type purchases required not just that app store approval, but some kind of credit card pin to approve the actual financial transaction, too.

There's just so much functionality tied to the app store/vendor cloud account that you end up needing the password to add free apps, which ends up opening the door to using the password for making in-app purchases as well.

It'd be nice to see "a minor made this purchase" be an affirmative and non-deniable method of obtaining a refund. Yes, it would be abused, but the abuse of it would be the key to forcing the app store and/or Visa into creating a system of affirmative cardholder approval of the purchases.

Comment Re:Wasted money (Score 1) 108

For me it's the 20 minutes of commercials, the lack of ushers to kick people out who won't STFU, the insane concession prices, the garrish, loud lobbies, and the high ticket prices.

$50 for a couple to go to a movie? It's the price of a streaming box from China.

For older films, availability is a major issue. It's hard to find anyone who will take your money... but when you do, the prices can be insane. Competitive with 'owning' a DVD which you can loan or trade with your friends, rather than the disposable watch-one-time thing. *if* you can find the content at all, normally it's just not possible.

But I don't want to over-emphasize the price. 20 minutes of commercials on top of showing up early to get a good seat... I'm more sensitive than most to stupid commercials and they make me sick of looking at the screen before the movie even starts.

Comment Re:Router Failure? (Score 1) 91

Shouldn't, but could.

They could be running a converged network infrastructure with storage and networking fabrics meshed and a run-amok router starts blasting out broken routes and it cascades into storage access problems and crashes compute nodes that lose their storage, resulting some borked databases and crashed apps.

I'd guess it was designed to not do that and we don't know if it was a config error, some HA feature that didn't work, some other bug or what.

Comment Re:The last thing anyone wants is their day in cou (Score 1) 94

Last time I was put under collection by a local newspaper, I went Willy Wonka on them.

"You REFUSED no less than four requests to cancel! You STOLE $20 off my credit card after repeated contacts to Support to cancel! You CEASED sending the paper after failure to bill the NEXT issue, and now you demand payment for services not rendered! You will remove the debt collection from my credit history, and you GET NOTHING! GOOD DAY, SIR!"

The performance was not your average court performance, but we weren't in court and they folded. I guess they realized I could legitimately get them into *real* court (not small claims) on damage to my credit history, and that I would *win* in less than six seconds, and that the court would have a four-page report regarding their conduct published as an opinion, and probably order them to pay me thousands of dollars in punitive damages for being bastards. It's ridiculous, but that happens when you engage in professional misconduct.

That was, however, several orders of magnitude less complex than any court case I've seen--probably because no sane lawyer would let their client take something like that to court. Jack Thompson might.

Comment Re: Read again - reality is fixed for transfer (Score 1) 180

Sales taxes have been proposed and supported as a way to "make the rich pay their fair share". They use the argument that food is excluded, thus it's a progressive tax because poor people have little luxury. Many states and even some cities have sales taxes.

The proponents are, frankly, delusional. It has been shown that people with higher incomes save more; unless you want to charge sales tax on capital gains or on mutual funds and savings accounts, there is a large chunk of money not being spent on sales-and-use. That means, for all intents and purposes, those of us sacking hundreds of thousands away, the Warren Buffets, the Donald Trumps, the people who put 60% of their money into savings, from middle-class up to ultra-rich, we all get to avoid much more of our taxes.

They say, "Well, the rich can't hide their money over seas, because a sales tax applies on everything!" How does it apply to the $32 trillion bank accounts hidden over seas?

So, no, the Federal Government doesn't have sales tax; but some idiots have proposed it.

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