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Comment Re:The Fine Article is about Freedom (Score 1) 926

He compares 3 countries with what he defines as cultures of fear based in freedom myth as the root of their anti-democratic evils: the US, Israel and Apartheid South Africa.

So he just lumps together the countries the European Left loves to hate with no regard for their actual political and ideological orientations?

US: ultra-capitalist oligarchy pretending to be a two-party democracy
Israel: military rule in one area with sectionalist social democracy in the other area.
South Africa: EXTREME sectionalism based on actual tribal affiliation, coupled to a legacy of extreme racism.

If I was going to make an analysis, I would call sectionalism the common factor between these countries' problems, not a "fear based in freedom-myth". That, however, requires that we actually admit the United States has factions and sectionalism at all, which the dominant factions in the US refuse to admit (because by doing so they can cast themselves as the One True Representative Faction of all Americans rather than as a two-party system representing what are increasingly two separate nations).

Comment Re:tech is a fairly broad category (Score 1) 660

Subtle? It's not all that subtle, dude. Boston has some evil opposite of New York's ethnic neighborhoods. New York is proud of Little Italy, of Harlem, of the Lower East Side, of Queens! Boston... is proud of Southie, Beacon Hill, and the suburbs, where the white working class and white professional elite live. Boston blatantly disdains, Jamaica Plains, Mattapan, Dorchester, and East Boston where most of the city's residents actually live, and GOD HELP YOU if you live in a student area like Allston, Brighton, or Fenway. Cambridge disdains Boston in the same way that monied/industrial classes and academic/technological classes hate each other worldwide. Brookline is too good for Boston and Boston is too good for Brookline at the same time, in a way that I'm officially told has absolutely nothing to do with Brookline being heavily Jewish. Only the people of Somerville seem to care about Somerville, which is ironically, in my opinion, the nicest actual town in the whole damn area.

Food is expensive, it's impossible to find a doctor when you need one (I literally had a nervous breakdown and could not get a damn doctor's appointment despite having work-supplied insurance), rent is expensive, the weather is crap (particularly because you can't really enjoy the winter weather without going to the countryside). For all they did to encourage biking, I still got flat tires from broken glass when I actually attempted to ride my bike the 3 miles to work straight down Massachusetts Ave instead of taking the bus. The primary social activity of the metro area was going to your favorite pub and getting smashed, which I wouldn't even object to except that the pub "system" of Boston relies on intricate local knowledge of the precise social scene you want to attend and crowd you want to attract. Actually, I do object because I like to go clubbing rather than just get drunk. Even the "geek" activities for non-students largely consisted of "go watch a guy talk about technology while you eat bar appetizers and drink beer". The T also shuts down its various lines at times ranging from 11:30PM to 1AM, making you either go home early every time you go out, find some place to stay, or only go out near where you live anyway.

And Anime Boston got wrecked last year by someone drunk and someone stoned fighting during the rave while hundreds of overcrowded fellow nerds waited to even get in. The cops got called and the party broke up. GOOD JOB BOSTON!

Wow, now was that ever a rant to get off my chest. AND DESPITE ALL THIS, native Bostonians will continually insist that they live in "the Hub of the Universe", which is obviously far superior to crappy cities like New York, especially New York, or San Francisco, or anyplace other than Boston or maybe Seattle.

Obviously these are all First World problems, but boy is Boston ever a depressing place to live outside its 3-4 months of summer.

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