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Comment Re: Ontario, largest subnational debtor on the pla (Score 1) 287

What is cheaper, a "robot" to drive a car or a human who will work for free?

The robot. It can run 24/7, rather than the DOT requirement of 11/24 for humans, thus doubling the utilization of the vehicle. It will also (likely) be much cheaper to insure, it will require less safety equipment, it is less likely to pilfer the cargo, etc.

Comment It WOULD be wise, but it's not. (Score 1) 287

It is very wise to anticipate the need and establish and test it before it must become a mainstream standard.

But they're not doing that. This is a means-tested, graduated scale welfare mechanism.

This is not UBI, it doesn't even vaguely resemble UBI, and as a test of UBI, it's worthless, because its results are completely unrelated. To any degree the results are used to make any decisions at all about actual UBI, the decisions will be nonsensical. Garbage in, garbage out.

Comment Re: Cultural ethics won't allow work-free life (Score 1) 231

As I pointed out, we're not starting from scratch so you could easily say: I favor Sweden's, or France's or Germany's mixed with England's whatever.

You can easily say it, but not easily implement it. The fact that you can't realize that means you have some kind of brain defect or something.

Comment yeah, no (Score 1) 287

If it's my taxes being used to conduct this experiment, it damned well IS my business.

Not in a republic, it's not. If it's anyone's business, it's that of your representative. You know, the one you had/have a fractional millionth of an effect in selecting, and essentially none in influencing — that power has been purchased by the corporations.

Comment Re: Ontario, largest subnational debtor on the pla (Score 2) 287

What do we do with people when there's no work for them?

If everyone has a sexbot, then after a generation or so, the "surplus worker problem" will be solved.

Think about it....lots of economic displacement is on the way.

It will be far smaller than the displacement caused by farm automation, and that happened during a time when the population was growing rapidly.

Comment Sex Robots (Score 1) 287

I don't know how much an anatomically functional interactive sexbot will cost, but it will likely be way cheaper than alimony and child support, and it won't get headaches. If it has a "mute" button and can make sandwiches, that is even better.

True story:

My SO, Deb, and I were laying about in bed one lazy afternoon; she seemed to be dozing lightly.

Me: "Hey, baby?"
Her: "Mmmm?"

Me: "When {unspoken:sex} robots come out, can we get a French maid?"
She: "Sure."
...a few seconds pass...

She: "We'll call him 'Pierre.'"

I made a photo-toon of this

Comment Re: Robots are good (Score 1) 231

Doesn't matter how essential the goods are. All that matters is that competition exists in the market. And if robots can make anything, competition is trivial - just buy some robots and sell the thing cheaper (but still at a profit) and completely displace the other guy.

For that matter, we've seen this curve before - for normal consumer goods, why not have your own manufacturing robots at home, and avoid the markup? There are a few good reasons, but only if the markup isn't too high.

Comment Re:Fluid type manipulation with unions (Score 1) 369

Unions aren't the least bit obscure: they do very specific things, and just as you tell them to. It's a matter of skill. Not obscurity.

For instance, in my 6809 emulation, with a register that is sometimes independent 8-bit and sometimes single 16-bit (the 8-bit A and B registers become the 16-bit D register, depending on the instruction in play), a union is just the thing. It does exactly what is needed, when needed, and not otherwise.

Comment Re: Cultural ethics won't allow work-free life (Score 1) 231

If not that, what would you propose?

tbh I'll favor the first healthcare plan that looks somewhat competent. Single payer? Sure! But it has to be more than "just do single payer and problem is solved." Let's see the actual plan. Free market? Fine, but again, let's see the actual plan.

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