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Comment Re:Let's be certain first,.. (Score 1) 115

Here's a citation.

The woman, whose name has not been disclosed, said that when the allegations became public she received threats and found it impossible to work.

She said that she was judged in a "gigantic court of public opinion with anonymous judges and witnesses who guessed wildly".

Just how did anyone know who this "Un Disclosed" woman was to threaten her ?

Have a little fucking skepticism. Your brain is more than just dead weight to keep your head in place.

Comment Re:Rule of thumb: not so much. (Score 1) 115

This kind of accusation is usually BS to frame politically dangerous people.

Um. No. Seriously and respectfully ask some of your female friends what kind of misconduct they've experienced in the workplace. You may be amazed.

No seriously check up on the scams that this has been used to pull. YOU!! May be amazed.

Comment Re:So much for the singularity (Score 1) 128

A big part of the singularity logic is that you will have technological feedback that keeps increasing the power of tech till it reaches unrecognizable levels.

If you are looking at 2030 for the singularity, there no matter how you slice it there isn't going to be that exponential growth from traditional hardware driving it.

Comment Re:Apple Tried This Before... (Score 1) 527

I was a mac person. Mac II, MacII FX. They hardly killed the 5.25 inch drive. You might as well say the original PC killed the 8inch disk. It's always been a battle of price point issues vs usability issues.

When the Iomega Zip disk came out it was easy to see that existing magnetic media wasn't meeting the need. Optical is still hitting a good price performance spot, that may go but not because anything apple does. Just shifting of costs in flash and hard drives. You can get external HDs for roughly 25$/terrabyte and flash drives are down to 25 cents/gig. Flash at 10 cents a gig will destroy dvd r, HD at current levels is already far superior for large applications

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