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Comment Problem is the reporters (Score 1) 154

Too much if it bleeds it leads, not enough actual comprehension of what they are writing about.

If you don't understand what's going on someone saying "It breaks matter down at a basic level and coverts it to energy" Is scary. If someone tells you "Invisible rays are passing through you and they can cause cellular mutations and cancers" it's scary. Then there is the basic competition between the people that do things and the people that tell you how to think about them.

Comment Re:Response to Walmart.com (Score 1) 183

I'm sure it has nothing to do with Walmart offering free 2-day shipping on orders greater than $35, no membership required.... Under $35, no worries, $5.99.

Walmart also has a reputation for shipping things out promptly unlike Amazon. Amazon is fine if you have prime, but if you choose free shipping, there are times you may wait a week for your item to even ship.

Bingo. Walmart also has the best customer service you will find.

Comment Re:The present and not the 1950s (Score 1) 920

While you are talking about a time before your parents were born

My parents were born before the Balfour declaration, but thank you for answering my earlier question. There is indeed, no subject on this earth that you will not speak on in total and complete ignorance. From your statements in this thread alone the spew of anti-information that comes from you is beyond belief.

Your statement above that Israel started its wars to affect election outcomes is beyond belief and worthy of Alex Jones in it's insanity.

I have to ask are you paid to spout this stupidity or do you just have no self respect ?

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