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Comment Re:Simple question to those knowlegable of SystemD (Score 1) 538

I wonder how this goes in SystemD and how complicated it may be. Is there a GUI Tool for this? I heard that these scripts are basically binaries in SystemD and I have to compile them? Is that true?

Nope. If you're writing for systemd you'd write simple config files rather than init scripts (man systemd will point you to man systemd-system.conf for details). If you want to keep backwards compatibility you can keep using init scripts. I don't know how Ubuntu have dealt with upstart compatibility.

You don't need GUI tools. On my Debian systems I can use either the old Debian tools (update-initrc.d, invoke-initrc.d), the Redhat inspired service(8) stuff or the native systemctl(1) command.

All systemd config is simple text files. There is no "registry".

Comment Re:Wrapper, not replacement (Score 1) 538

We've gotten old

In my experience most of the anti-systemd people are not "old". They like to claim titles like "greybeard" and "veteran" but many of them are only in their 30's.

I'm 57, systemd doesn't exactly seem a shocking new thing to me. I've been used to rapid change for all my life. Getting my head around paged virtual memory back in the '70s, or graphical workstations in the '80s, now that was interesting, since then...

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