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Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 1) 623

To some extent the conservative outlook is defensible.

No, no it's not.

When science says "the planet is warming" the reasonable conservative response is "let's try and find a way of avoiding it that is acceptable to my political/economic philosophy", not "no it isn't".

Reality doesn't stop happening because you don't believe in it. All of your demands for "extraordinary proof" were met decades ago.

Seriously -- watch the video linked it in my sig below.

Comment Re:Van Allen radiation belts (Score 1) 141

Yup, that's obvious. I'm dumb not to have thought of that: ECC == more cells / usable bit == more events / usable bit.

We had a fault in a high altitude aircraft (>60K feet) that we are pretty confident occurred when a cosmic ray flipped a bit inside the error correction circuitry.

Hilarious. As you add protection you add places to be broken :-( Need error correction circuitry for the error correction circuitry.

Comment Re:Bad memory... (Score 1) 141

overflows in C don't cause immediate crashes

Where in any C standard does it say that.

"overflows in C [ compiled by most compilers ] [ run on most common hardware ] don't cause immediate crashes" is probably true.

But an overflow in signed integer calcutaltions on a Harris 800 or a Tandem TXP, to cite two examples I have real experience with, would cause an immediate crash.

Comment Re: SEUs are a real thing... (Score 1) 141

99.99â... of SEUs have notihing to do with cosmic radiation.

Let me guess, you are a millennial, and to cool to use Google?

It was initially thought that this was mainly due to alpha particles emitted by contaminants in chip packaging material, but research has shown that the majority of one-off soft errors in DRAM chips occur as a result of background radiation, chiefly neutrons from cosmic ray secondaries

Comment Re:Keeping up with the Nadellas (Score 1) 120

Oh please, what's our alternative for systemd?

$ apt-cache show init
Package: init
Source: init-system-helpers
Version: 1.22
Essential: yes
Installed-Size: 29
Maintainer: pkg-systemd-maintainers <>
Architecture: amd64
Pre-Depends: systemd-sysv | sysvinit-core | upstart
Description-en: System-V-like init utilities - metapackage
  This package is an essential metapackage which allows you to select from
  three available init systems in Debian (systemd, sysvinit, upstart) while
  ensuring that one of these is available on the system at all times.

It says what the alternatives are right there:

systemd-sysv | sysvinit-core | upstart

Comment Re:MS Hates Linux (Score 1) 470

when the truth may be "Microsoft's Signature program involves keeping users from breaking RAID settings, but the new settings aren't supported by Linux yet."

Slightly worse than that -- Intel aren't releasing any info about how to use the new RAID settings, so there is no way Linux will be able to support them.

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