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Comment Re:Not Surprising (Score 1) 252

Trump called on Russia to release illegally obtained information on Clinton during his campaign.

And that means what exactly? I thought it was pretty good rhetoric highlighting Clinton's carelessness with her email server.

Trump's policies are definitely pro-Russian.

No, they're just not anti-Russian. There is absolutely no reason for there to be hostility between the US and Russia, but Hillary was dead-set on war with Russia over Syria so her paymasters in Saudi Arabia and Qatar could get their pipeline instead of Putin's Iran pipeline.

It's at least a reasonable line of investigation.

Not really. It's the DNC and their media mouthpieces ("It's illegal to look at WikiLeaks!!!" -- CNN) desperate to distract from the content of the leaks, and a convenient way for the CIA to smear WikiLeaks with black propaganda. Lefties on Slashdot are gullible as hell. Before this Russia shit if the CIA said the sky is blue /.ers would have looked out of their basements to check and now it's all "HOW YOU DARE YOU QUESTION THE CIA!!!!"

Nothing has changed. The CIA didn't suddenly start telling the truth. WikiLeaks didn't suddenly start lying. Lefties on /. are just grasping at straws because they're assblasted about Trump and can't deal with losing.

Comment Re:Some of us know how to use PGP in a real client (Score 2) 23

Yep, that was what I was hinting at -- of course one can not securely interoperate with other services using plain old STMP, but I hoped they would add secure link between any two of their internal customers, with plausible deniability that they ever communicated.

As to "innocence" of metadata, a required (and educational!) read that I am sure you have seen, but others might have not:

Paul B.

Comment Re: Trump is worse (Score 1) 252

You realize that he paid the Clintons several hundred thousand dollars to be at his wedding, right, doesn't that make your little red blood boil?

No? Trump was a businessman buying favors from whore politicians.

You're going to be so mad when Trump Makes America Great Again and we add him to Mount Rushmore.

Comment Re:Pussy says what? (Score 1) 499

I actually thought he might do it just because he's effectively in prison now, as a way out that lets him save face.

Clearly, I gave him too much credit. He's apparently content to live out the rest of his days in a gilded cage, grasping at any pathetic attempt to stay in the spotlight-of-disgrace.

Comment Re:liar (Score 1) 499

How could you possibly interpret his statement like that?

Because he said almost exactly that? Fuck the bankers? Cool. Fuck the DNC for rigging their own primary? Hey, no fair!

People seem set on ignoring the single most important detail about this "partisan" issue - The people wanted Sanders vs Trump; the GOP grudgingly honored the will of its constituents (even though they largely expected to lose as a result), while the DNC rigged every step of their primaries to get the "right" woman on the ticket (and did lose as a result).

As for "one sided" - Nope!, the Russians hacked both sides, they just didn't find anything "juicy" enough about the GOP to bother with.

Comment Re:liar (Score 0) 499

Wikileaks has said they have stuff on the RNC.

But nothing at all salacious. Assange said everything they have on Trump is the same stuff he says publicly.

The US intelligence agencies have said they found evidence the RNC was also hacked.

This is /. We don't believe things US intelligence agencies say here.

Trump is careless and no doubt has given ample opportunity to collect incriminating material.

Trump doesn't use email, and there's no evidence he's engaged in anything criminal.

You're buttmad about Trump so all of a sudden the CIA is good guys who we can totally trust with no evidence and Wikileaks is evil Russian bad guys because the CIA says so. Trump Derangement Syndrome has knocked an awful lot of /.ers' tinfoil hats off, and they really need to get those glued back on.

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