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Comment Re:Skills needed (Score 1) 48

LOL you sound like you work at the same place I do. Most currently the excuse for the open office layout I work in is security. The idea is no one will do anything risky if someone is always looking at you. Luckily the environment needed for the equipment is not conducive to human habitation so I spend most of my time in a microfiber pullover under the tiles in the lab rather than at my desk, only the parts ordering and weekly reporting draws me to my workstation.

Comment Swarms (Score 1) 87

Swarms of self driving car orbiting the city. Call and get one to take you to the store or the train station or the restaurant, wherever you need to go, release it to join the swarm/flock/herd and do your thing, calling for another just few minutes before you need to go. Automated monitoring could have enough cars at the train depots to take the occupants to their final destinations, and if done right a transfer from the train could cover the final mile cost just like a single bus bas does multiple transfers or a rail pass handles all the switches you need.

Comment Skills needed (Score 2) 48

4 year college degree, and 5 years experience in a technology that has only existed for 14 months and cannot be taught in a classroom outside of business anyways. The requirements are way past ridiculous and border on the insane. To top it all off the person doing the hiring hasn't a clue about the actual technical requirements needed to perform the job. They want their cake and want it for free, they want to tell you what to do, how to do it and pay you next to nothing all the while not having a clue what they REALLY want, how to do it, or the resources needed to do it with. Just another day in the life of an IT professional...

Comment Re:People like Musk need to do more homework (Score 1) 87

Oh, and then to boot, in Los Angeles and many parts of SoCal, lots of those tall nondescript buildings Elon might want to tunnel under are actually hidden oil rigs. Again, good luck with that, or even thinking about tunneling anywhere NEAR them.

I think Elon simply has no clue about this state's geology.

Comment Part of why Silicon Valley is in CA (Score 1) 311

Most employment agreements are such that the company owns it even if it is outside of normal hours. So inventions you come up with on your own time are not yours.

And one of the key reasons Silicon Valley grew up in California is a law that, in effect, says:
  - As a matter of the state's compelling interest:
  - If you invent something
  - on your own time and not using company resources
  - and it's not in the company's current or expected immediate future business plan
  - you own it
  - regardless of what your employment contract says
  - and employment contracts have to include a notice of this.

Result: People who invent neat stuff their current company won't be productizing can get get together with a few friends, rent a garage across the street, and build a company to develop the new stuff. So companies bud off new companies, doing somewhat different stuff, like yeast. And the opportunity to get in on the ground floor attracts many other skilled people who might not be as inventive, but still wnt to be some of those "few friends" of the inventors.

Comment Re:Need this refined before I need a knee replacem (Score 1) 38

Sooner or later I will need a knee replacement. It would be nice to have a tissue one instead of metal and plastic.

I could use one now. I tore a meniscus in my knee a couple years ago, and it's healed as much as it will - which isn't enough. Surgery options only involve cutting it out (which leaves the bones rubbing each other) or replacing the whole joint (which is not only inferior but doesn't last as long a my current life expectancy).

Being able to drop in a replacement, grown from a printed scaffold of generic materials seeded with my own induced-pluripotent stem cells, would just fix it. (In fact it should fix it to be as good as it was decades ago, or maybe even better than it ever was.)

Comment Single target. (Score 1) 41

All [no standard] means is that websites will write their own version, some already have.


Also: In the race between weapons and armor, weapons always (eventually) win.

By creating a standard and getting the bulk of the "content providers" to adopt it, the WWWC creates a single big target that leads to breaking MOST of the DRM simultaneously. Meanwhile, content providers are left with the choice of getting behind the big target or being non-standard.

Which is fine: Like WEP, or a locked screen door, DRM won't protect things forever. But, like a "No Trespassing" sign, it DOES indicate INTENT forever. Intent of the content provider to limit access, and intent of the unauthorized content viewer to bypass that limit. That takes the "I didn't mean to do it." defence away, and gets any legal cases down to examining whether the poster of the No Trespassing sign had the right to limit the access and/or the crosser of the boundary had a right to obtain access.

Comment Re:2-3 hours a day! (Score 1) 311

I regularly lift up to 75 lbs. I used to smoke and gave it up, and the hourly breaks that I was getting via being a smoker. I still manage breaks on a similar scale under the guise of studying 'hardware' layout diagrams and network maps, or bathroom breaks and a quick trip to the coffee house in the lobby.

Comment They're still people (Score 2) 311

The expectation is that the salaried position is a 40 hr/wk position.

If you treat your employees only as a measurable commodity, entering into no acknowledgment of their worth, individuality, and personal potential, while attempting to mine every second of their time like a greedy, annoying crow, or worse, if you attempt to sit on those things and repress who they are, then your employees will not be loyal. This is inevitable.

When the first even nominally better opportunity (which might not even be better on grounds of pay, since everything else at your place sucks so bad) and they'll be gone. Because you made them hate you.

Which you deserved.

Sane employment is pleasant, goal seeking and reward-rich. For everyone. Not based on counting drops of sweat and screaming when the count is short. Balance liberty against compassion in tension as you encourage your employees to chase your goals and their goals. Otherwise you run the risk of just turning out to be considered another reviled prick.

I've run several very successful businesses. I'm not guessing here. Happy people do better work. Period.

Comment Re:Favorable? (Score 1) 266

Applied to a wider context, this is pretty much why our species is doomed. No pre-emption. All reaction.

What if we don't believe in your scary stories about the bogeyman, though? There's no need for bogeyman "pre-emption". There's no need for bogeyman "pre-emption" rules and bogeyman "pre-emption" police. Lots of people would rather not spend their days being threatened by police because of special interest storytelling.

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