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Comment Worse than a bus (Score 1) 7

It will leave from a terminal, not from where you are. It will arrive at a terminal, not your destination. It will go on a schedule, not when you're ready. It will be a lot more expensive than a bus ticket. It won't work in bad weather. There will be TSA (unless we come to our senses before 2026).

It's not an inherently bad idea, but who is it for? Who'll be willing to pay the fare? Who has a 2 hour commute?

Are they going to swap out the battery with a charged one for the return trip? And why are they saying it will be quiet? Are helicopters loud because of combustion, or because the blades disturb the air?

Comment Re:Politicians siding with big business? Naw. (Score 1) 118

If you side with the people instead of the businesses the media companies the businesses own call you a racist sexist islamophobe homophobe xenophobe and pay a bunch of whores to say you traumatized them with a kiss.

Do the what the businesses want and fuck you can do whatever you want. Threaten your husband's rape victims and they'll call you a champion for women, and steal money from Haitian reconstruction and they'll call you an advocate for the poor.

Comment Re:Cui Bono? (Score 1) 424

I'm not saying the leaks aren't from Russia. The leaks could be from:

1. Russian government.

2. Non-state Russian hackers.

3. Disgruntled DNC staffer/IT guy.

4. The NSA.

It could be any one or all of these. They could have been hacked by Putin for general spying/blackmailing purposes, but then also leaked by a staffer. We don't actually know.

So I'm not the one jumping to conclusions here. You're the one blindly believing the government, which has a long, long history of lying about foreign attacks in order to justify war. You have your pre-formed doctrine ("Dems r gud guys dey wuldnt lie!!!11!") and will not look at the evidence and speculate about what it means, since then you'd have to wonder if you're Obama and Hillary's dupe.

They lied to get us into Vietnam (the Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened). They lied to get us into Iraq. They're probably lying about this, too.

Comment Re:RANT! (Score 1) 193

Only because that subset is artificially limited.

People don't "need" better internet because the ISPs strangle out the competition. Netflix v Comcast was well documented. AT&T meters all of it's traffic, while zero-rating their own individually purchasable items. The current ISPs are doing everything they can to prevent people from moving into the 21st century of connectivity.

Yes, that's why almost no one uses Netflix and Netflix is going out of business.

And that's just talking about today, right now. Give it another 5-10 years, when people are streaming 4k movies in 3D, or whatever the "next big thing" is. Should we wait till then to upgrade our infrastructure? Or just let the ISPs keep running through the same 30 year old lines?

If everyone pre-pays for their next 10 years of broadband bills, I'm sure the ISPs will install the next 10 years of equipment. Other than that, why should they setup anything they don't intend to use in the next year or two?

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