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Comment Re:Shouldn't the Moon be off limits? (Score 1) 269

You overestimate what we humans can achieve in comparison of the sheer scale of cosmic objects.

If an asteroid is big enough to be a threat to Earth, it's too massive to move. And the moon is 400000km from the Earth. Taking dirt from the inside and throwing it on the surface will not change its gravitational pull one iota.

Comment Maybe travel by short skips? (Score 1) 458

Coupled with some sort of scoop/intake device to harness those particles and use their energy at every stop?

On a completely crazed spinoff, this effect might prompt the development of extremely destructive FTL weapons. Imagine a weapon that will fry a planet as big as the distance it traveled? Stuff of nightmares.

Comment Re:Nail in the coffin for Keynesian economics (Score 1, Flamebait) 107

'economic growth' doesn't mean growth as in a cake growing in the oven.

it simply means an improvement in the standard of living of the population. that is ALWAYS possible, and it uses LESS resources to be made possible.

growth %ages applied to 'GDP' are make-believe bullshit that means absolutely jack except to Keynesian loonies who have been wrong from the moment they stepped out of school with their diplomas. that stupid number made this retarded meme that 'growth is limited' possible. a superficial understanding of economics dispels this naive notion.

remember microchips? they used much more resources, cost much more and were slower. telephone cables? they were made of tons of copper, now we use sand and make optic fiber, and in a while, we'll just go full wireless and fuck using ANY resources to link point A to point B. next generation cars will be electric, with batteries that we ALREADY recycle, basically EVERYTHING we do better and cheaper, and I dont just mean price tag cheaper, I mean ACTUAL resources utilized cheaper.

Comment Politically correct bias, maybe? (Score 4, Insightful) 464

On the other hand black athletes do overwhelmingly better than white ones. Is it because of discrimination in the granting of NFL contracts to black guys over the whites?

Or it could be that genes that favor physical prowess over raw intellectual aptitude are more present in individuals with dark skin than those who are paler? Maybe the corollary is also possible, that the 'bookworm genes' are about 10% more present in people with white skin.

No, that would be politically incorrect - hell, criminal - to utter, ergo, discrimination on basis of race must be the issue here.

Another example of the 'opressed/opressor ideology' and collectivism that is being the downfall of western civilization on display, nothing to see here folks.

Comment Re:Bitcoin to revolutionise economy (Score 1) 642

What's really funny is how this process of 'stealing coins from people who keep their wallet in plain text' is carried out by central banks worldwide in a incomensurably larger scale and nobody seems to mind it, at least not /.ers, to whom money derives its value from its magical property of being accepted by the government to pay taxes with. *muffled laughter*

But to the point, this is hardly the end of Bitcoin, much like the crash of 1929 or of 2008 ( by itself, that is ) weren't the end of the US dollar. It's a new technology, hell its a new concept, its gonna stumble a lot until it enjoys even a moderate adoption.

As for Mt.Gox though, they will have to bend over backwards about a gazillion times before anyone will trade there again.

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