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Comment Re:No Great Loss. (Score 1) 161

Not only complicated, but different for the sake of being different...
Pretty much every other system has the same standard shell with the same standard commands, maybe adding a few of their own but the basics still all work the same. Why reinvent the wheel (poorly) rather than starting with a standard unix like shell and maybe adding some extras?

Comment Re:The MS Merry Go Round. (Score 1) 161

The problem is that general purpose computers with general purpose operating systems are geek toys, and are far too complicated for the average guy on the street... In their failing attempts to make windows more suitable for such users, they are making it less palatable to the more technically minded users too.

Comment The industrial revolution did not cause it (Score 1) 331

Basically, the ability of the environment to absorb the co2 had been depleted. IOW, mankind had been adding co2 for millenniums above and beyond what nature could handle. Had industrial revolution not happened, then it simply means that this would have been delayed.

Comment Re:I always use my home as an example (Score 1) 115

The difference is that it costs them nothing to leave it unfixed. If however you couldn't give Google $80 a month to come pick you up they would fix it really quick. Amazon and FedEx and others keep a database attached to addresses which allow for manual corrections and they implement them instantly because it costs them money to go to the wrong place or fail to find your address.

Uber's mapping is horrifically aweful, but they rely on a GPS waypoint to set your pickup location so they don't care either.

Comment Re:As did all the others. (Score 1) 125

A design like Airlander 10 is fundamentally a lot more resistant to the common problems that plague blimps during landing, such as susceptability to winds. It has less inherent lift, a smaller cross section, and more ability to anchor itself down with its fans. However, something clearly did not function correctly here. A blimp should never nose down like that. Either lift or thrust was for some reason configured wrong.

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