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Comment Just wondering (Score 1) 59

Why the NSA feels that a conversation from an air craft is any more worthy of "security" attention than one from somewhere else. Besides, it will pass through a ground station anyway, so why bother with special attention, cost, and required resources.

As much eavesdropping going on in the name of "security" does little for "terrorism" anyway. It's used far more commonly in drug and financial cases to replace actually doing their job. At best it's used to prove a case; at worst, it's used to see if there's a case to be made.

Comment I may be old, but... (Score 3, Funny) 53

At least my Lincoln Logs never spied on me.

And I'm so old that when I was five and told my dad I wanted Lincoln Logs for Christmas, he handed me a hand axe, a piece of flint and some beef jerky and dropped me off in the woods. I was out there in my little jammies in the middle of December and let me tell you, it got so cold I had to kill a deer and crawl inside to keep from freezing to death. It was like something out of The Revenant.

Yeah, I had a rough childhood, let me tell you.

Comment Re:AI will replace your children (Score 2, Funny) 53

AI will replace your children

At least the AI won't bring some fruity hipster with a man-bun over to the house for Thanksgiving like my daughter recently did. I mean, he was a nice enough guy and all, but he seemed a little low-T if you catch my drift. I tried to get him to watch football or go out back and play mumblety-peg or strip down to our briefs and try out some wrestling moves, but he demurred. He also wouldn't eat any of the turducken, saying that he was some kind of vegan or something. I mean, what the fuck is that all about? When I was his age, I lived on raw hamburger and Skoal Long Cut.

I guess my dream of my daughter marrying a first-round draft pick out of Alabama or something is just about gone. Well, it is what it is. Kid's will break your goddamn heart. you know?

Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 3, Interesting) 205

Kansas, BTW, is firmly middle of the pack on both measures. Kansas is #25 of 50 in terms of GDP per capita, and according to the Mercatus rankings, they're #27. So Kansas isn't a perfect example.

Kansas is a perfect example. Forget GSP (the state version of GDP) and Mercatus. Look at the trendlines. Since they've had this experiment in extreme trickle-down economics, they're rapidly heading into the shitter.

Comment Re:no (Score 1) 303

Well, what I don't mind going to the cinema for a good movie. What I hate is all the mountains of bullshit piled onto shit movies to trick people to pay good money for a bad movie. Now that's what killed the cinema for me, too many shit movies with great reviews from shit main stream media reviewers, a bunch of bullshit hype, really insane idiotic pseudo celebrity worship where the can do no wrong and it really, really does piss you off when you are sitting in the cinema part way through a shit movie and the only thing keeping you there is the price of the ticket, the movie itself, crap. Now that's exactly what stopped me going to the cinema, over priced tickets and shit movies. Streaming I just kill the stream and play a computer game instead.

So seeing movies at home rather than in a cinema is all about stopping watching them, rather than watching them to the end. Nepotism is killing the industry, formulaic, no creativity, no story telling ability, lack of knowledge in story telling, the prime typical example of the lot Jar Jar Abrams, not the worst but definitely the leading low light. It's not the environment it is the content.

Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 5, Insightful) 205

Or Texas which has been doing better than California for the last twenty years.

I'm living in Houston now, so I can have an opinion on the "Texas miracle".

It's horseshit. First, Texas is not "doing better than California". Second, one of the ways Texas has attracted businesses and jobs is by deregulating and lowering taxes. But see, those chickens are starting to come home to roost. The real economic engine of Texas is the Houston/Gulf Coast area which had a big boom when gas was $4/gallon. At $1.85 (which is what I paid to fill up earlier tonight), there are a lot of oil folks out of work, which is hurting everything from trucking to local businesses like restaurants, drug stores, groceries, etc. The big boom in Houston now (and the reason that Houston is still the economic driver for all of Texas), is health care. We have the best medical centers and medical schools around and are building more. And even though Texas is a low-tax state, the state makes up for it by loading up its citizens with fees and licenses and surcharges galore.

By the way, Houston is a liberal city. Blue as blue can be. It's got more in common with Austin and San Antonio than it does in more backward places like Dallas-Ft Worth or the panhandle. Hell, until recently, the mayor of Houston was a lesbian. Think about that. A lesbian mayor in Texas. Up in Dallas, they'd force her into a re-education camp and treat her with electric shock and the Bible.

Without Houston, Texas would be sucking as bad as Kansas, which has the worst economic trend in the United States thanks to one-party Republican control of Kansas state government.

Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 1) 205

Yes, you should make it easier for the US government to steal other countries taxes, is that what you are saying. Those offshore profits were earned offshore, so the taxes should always be paid where the revenue is generated. Not the US being and continuing to be a global economic and resource parasite.

Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 1) 205

Every GOP dominated state has severely failing economies. See Kansas as a perfect example.

Define "failing". Red states, by and large, have lower economic growth because they are more rural, and urban centers generate more economic activity. That's a generality, though. If you look at a list of states by GDP per capita, some red states rank very highly.

If you're talking about fiscal responsibility, it's pretty much exactly the opposite of what you say. The states that are on the edge of bankruptcy are nearly all blue states, while those with the healthiest governments are red states.

Kansas, BTW, is firmly middle of the pack on both measures. Kansas is #25 of 50 in terms of GDP per capita, and according to the Mercatus rankings, they're #27. So Kansas isn't a perfect example.

Comment Re:Android CUPS Printing (Score 1) 71

Android CUPS Printing. Advertises through AVAHI, works on Smart Phones, solves the problem. No Google involvement.

My Android phone with the HP print service installed just finds my HPLJ2300 on the network. No server involvement, beyond the Jetdirect card. ISTR paying $200 for it, and then I went ahead and ponied up another hundred bucks for an additional tray, a postscript DIMM, and a 128MB DIMM.

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