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Comment Re:Synesthesia (Score 1) 134

I get that, too. Loud noise = white flash. I always assumed it was just my brain being so startled by the noise it stopped paying attention to visual input for a second. That's gotta be a poor survival instinct.

I've noticed at art museums, as I stand and look at a paining, I often hear a kind of mild background hum, that seems to change depending on what work I'm looking at. I can tell it's in my head and don't think I'm intentionally doing it. Possibly it's something I notice there because art museums are kind of quiet places.

Comment Intelligence Busting (Score 2) 119

If you hate unions so much, why didn't YOU sue to prevent drivers from unionizing? I assume that you don't employ drivers, therefore you've got exactly as much standing as a company like Uber that doesn't employ drivers.

Uber's response is pants-on-head retarded for a company that is trying to insist it has no employees. Their correct course of action would be to absolutely ignore everything this "union" does, and continue with whatever click-through agreement that drivers agree to in order to drive for Uber, because without employees, there is literally nothing the "union" can do other than whine and beg their members to quit driving for Uber.


Microsoft: Windows 7 Does Not Meet the Demands of Modern Technology; Recommends Windows 10 ( 502

In a blog post, Microsoft says that continued usage of Windows 7 increases maintenance and operating costs for businesses. Furthermore, time is needlessly wasted on combating malware attacks that could have been avoided by upgrading to Windows 10. A report on Neowin adds: Microsoft also says that many hardware manufacturers do not provide drivers for Windows 7 any longer, and many developers and companies refrain from releasing programs on the outdated operating system. Markus Nitschke, Head of Windows at Microsoft Germany, had the following to say about Windows 7: "Today, it [Windows 7] does not meet the requirements of modern technology, nor the high security requirements of IT departments. As early as in Windows XP, we saw that companies should take early steps to avoid future risks or costs. With Windows 10, we offer our customers the highest level of security and functionality at the cutting edge.

Comment Re:Hey, cable companies: (Score 1) 200

Since 99% of the cost of providing service is the trenching, this will make the market far more competitive.

Citation, please...

Just so you can get the correct citation, do you want the costs of wiring with the government seizing a right of way for you, or costs of wiring if you have to individually negotiate with every property owner whose land you are going to dig up?

Here's a fancy little equation from 2011 that doesn't include buying the property, and is just the cost of installation, not maintance or upgrades: cost per house = 3072 + 13365*(houses/mile) - 0.8867*houses + 25.04*frost_index + 17700*wetlands_pct + $1376*soil_texture + 165.40*road_intersection_frequency That equation is "rural" installation, costs are probably way higher in an urban environment where you have your choice of installing everything under the sidewalk the entire way or everything under the street the entire way. Suburbia is going to be a mix of the two.

As for IP transit? as low as $0.45/mbps and falling

Comment Re:What's the connection with geek culture and ani (Score 1) 114

What's the connection with anything? A bunch of people like it, a bunch of people don't. You could say the same for all the other geek stuff like D&D, techno music, comic books and so on. Anyone who claims people have to be crammed into a specific mold is an asshole.

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