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Comment Re:None. (Score 3, Informative) 165

Depending on the type of part, FDM can work. Many of the Technic parts are functional from FDM. I've had good luck making custom gears. For holes, you make them a bit undersized, then drill or ream them. Shaft splines tend to be forgiving. The teeth aren't too bad.

It's making parts that will snap together that gets sketchy.

Comment Re:Archimedes had calculus (Score 4, Interesting) 153

It was more than that, and he did have an inkling of the use. But he treated it as academic. In college, we had to study his technique for integrating the area under a curve. Specifically, the area of a spiral. And he got it right. We even applied it to other geometry with success.

What made it painful was that it was done without algebra or even the symbol pi. Think long wordy descriptions involving limits and ratios and you end up with 3 pages of text for what takes half a line in modern notation. Heck, even his result takes a couple lines to write.

Comment Re:Just have medicare for all and get rid of the o (Score 1) 285

I've supported the idea of something like the UK system for years. But people in the USA will need to get over a few things first. The biggest preconception people have is that under single payer, they will get the same treatment, but for free.

Unfortunately, we insist on deluxe treatment (under threat of malpractice lawsuit for not providing the best care possible). That's not going to be easy for people to give up. Free, they can get behind. Not getting the nice bed in a private room, not so much.

I try to explain to people that basic free healthcare is cheap and attainable. But any universal healthcare is not going to be healthcare like they imagine. Go for it, but with open eyes.

Comment Re:Accusation through misunderstanding (Score 4, Interesting) 223

One of my favorite sci-fi short stories had a similar premise. Some guy discovers a way to make an inter-dimensional portal. No one knows where the other end is, but it's blazing hot on the other side. Everyone starts building simple heat engines to harvest the energy. And all is well until .... ... the Devil sues the guy. Heat was being drained from Hell and was predicted to cause widespread problems. Epistemological (as opposed to ecological) disaster of biblical proportions.

Funny stuff.

Comment Re:It's just nature's way... (Score 1) 102

Nature doesn't have feelings. Doesn't care about you, me, or anything. Doesn't care if the planet is destroyed or we are. Nature doesn't have any thoughts on any subject at all. No more than mathematics or physics or chemistry has thoughts, feelings, motivations, or desires.

Please stop anthropomorphizing.

Comment Re:Fighting Poverty..not new. (Score 1) 413

Studies of charter schools show they do about the same as public schools. Some do better, some do worse. On average, about the same. So, believe it or not, they are delivering the same service and skimming a profit.

There is some debate as to whether charter schools get the same funding per student, or less. NYC estimates saving about 15% per student (about $3k).

The main advantage of charter schools seems to be that bad ones are much much easier to shut down.

Comment Re:They need to do things to improve the way abx w (Score 2) 345

Because of so many logical flaws, it's mind boggling.

If it is important to bypass the gut, use an injection.
The gut wall is permeable. those metabolites will be in the gut anyways. But in lower concentration ... leading to higher chance of resistance.
Metabolism is all over the map. Trying to figure out the pharmakinetics of such a drug to achieve proper dosage would be a nightmare.
And finally, it's tough enough finding a drug. Finding a drug that can be created by a metabolic pathway is tough squared.

Yeah, you're going to lose money.

Comment Duh! (Score 5, Informative) 108

The photopolymer resins are usually UV cured. They contain chemicals that spit out free radicals to initiate polymerization. And you don't get a 100% cure.

The paranoid in me wore double gloves when handling parts with liquid resin. Newer stuff might be safer. But the stuff I used was gene scrambling goo in my mind.

Comment No (Score 1) 568

Why stop at Software Engineer? If you expropriating titles, why not take Software Physician? Software Attorney? Software Priest? Software Pilot? Software Mortician?

Yes, it's technical and detailed and takes lots of planning and training. So do other professions. But it's not the same training or methodology. They each have their own professional name. Software people need to create their own professional name.

Code monkey is pretty offensive. But Software Primate might fly. Just get the Software Pope to ordain you first.

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