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Comment Re:Old news (Score 1) 233

Agree. Most of it is the cool factor. I honestly can't off the top of my head think of anything Siri does that I can't with default voice search beyond querying/adding calendar events. Asking questions gives me results with Google, and if really wanted to have those read back to me I could use Vlingo. I can't ask "where can I get a sandwich", but I can tell Google Voice Search "nearby restaurants" and it gives me a map with pushpins marking them. That's honestly better than Siri to me.

Comment Re:In this case, Size Does Matter (Score 4, Interesting) 233

My old Windows Mobile 5.x phone going on 8 or 9 years ago was able to use voice to "Play X artist" or "What's my next appointment" (still can't do that on Android),... and WinMo didn't even require a server connection to translate my voice into text. It could even respond to you. Say "Play music", it would ask "what do you want to play? By album, artist, genre, or shuffle?" You could even continue the conversation, just like Siri, by saying "what artists are available?" or something similar.

The only time a connection of any kind was required was if my request spawned a web search or geolocation process, which would be a normal webpage or map loading. I don't see why Apple needs "a huge data center" to handle these requests.

Comment Re:Not a real competitor to Siri (Score 1) 233

I'd love something as seamless as Siri. No option exists on android for querying/adding calendar appointments, and I'd find more practical use for that than most of the things Siri does. All in all though, the Google Voice Actions (is that the real name?) seem to do okay for me. Sure I can't say "where can I get some coffee?" with perfect results, but saying "Nearest coffee shop" works okay for me.

Comment Re:Old news (Score 4, Interesting) 233

That's great thing that I like about Vlingo as well. The only reason I have my default action still on the Google Search voice thing is that it can do a select few things that Vlingo can't, which I use more often. Vlingo is far more full featured than this Evi thing.

I agree about a lot of "been done before" stuff. Heck, my old Windows Mobile 5.x phone going on 8 years ago was able to use voice to "Play X artist" or "What's my next appointment" (still can't do that on Android),... and WinMo didn't even require a server connection to understand my request.

Comment Old news (Score 5, Informative) 233

Not only has this been out for approaching a week, but it's also far from a competitor. It uses the standard voice services to transcribe what you say, then 'helpfully' google it for you or open a webpage. It most certainly can't do what Siri does, even when it is (rarely) working. You can ask Siri where to get a sandwich. Asking Evi just results in the homepage for launching. Not even a search for what you want. When's that Majel thing coming?

Comment Re:Love the attempt, but... (Score 1) 378

In IE, I hate the lag between clicking the "e" on my taskbar and the wait until it finally lets me begin typing into the address bar. Or that, if a page is loading while I'm typing a URL, whatever I was typing gets wiped out with the current page address as soon as the page is done rendering. It's like it's fighting with me.

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