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Comment Why is this the case? (Score 3, Insightful) 58

Is there something instrinsic about the functions that Adode Flash does that makes this inevitable or is it that Adobe started with an unfixable design model or is it that Adobe is incompetent. Offhand I don't see a fourth option. Well maybe just bad luck.

SO for example. In the first option, we can compare the functionality of adobe to other systems. Silver light or H264 is not the same thing since unless I'm mistaken Adobe flash is not just a codec but also a language. So a better point of comparison is Java. If it's a matter of functionality leading to intrinsic vulnerabilities in a browser setting then one would expect Java and Flash to have the same frequency of exploits. Perhaps what saves Java is that it's usually off by default and asks permission to run.

Alternatively if it's an unfixable design model, I don't see a dimes worth of difference between this an incompetence except that the former is worse because one knows the design was incompetent but persists in selling it. It's like the difference between premeditated murder and manslaughter..

So given they could eliminate most expoits why don't all browsers quarantine Adobe or classify it as suspect malware.

Comment Re:Terrible decision, regardless of patent feeling (Score 1) 100

Not quite - the "total profit" part in the statute only applies to design patents.

And yet, just like the camera and folder organization patent and the cell phone video conferencing patent from Samsung, all the patents in question from Apple in this last particular case brought up by the Supreme Court were ALL utility patents, NOT design patents.

The '647 patent covers "quick links," which do things like automatically detect data in messages that can be clicked. The '959 patent covers universal search, such as what Apple uses in Siri. Patent No. '414 involves background syncing, such as syncing calendars, email, and contacts. The '721 patent covers slide-to-unlock, the motion used to unlock the home screen. And '172 covers predictive text.

Comment Re:Terrible decision, regardless of patent feeling (Score 2) 100

So that stood for 140 years (including the 1952 Patent Act, where Congress again said that the damages for infringement were the total profit).

You're totally right, of course.

Samsung should give all of its smartphone profits to Apple since it infringed on some of Apple's patents.

And conversely, Apple should give all of its iPhone profits to Samsung, since the court had also found that the iPhone had infringed on some of Samsung's patents.

Comment Re:Mandate reporting when antibiotics are prescrib (Score 1) 75

Yes. But we need to be aware that man is not the only source of antibiotics. They naturally occur. We get a good lot of them from plants and bacteria, starting of course with penicilin which we got from mold, and which was already present on salted food and damp environments. What we did was to make antibiotics present in organisms other than their natural sources.

Comment Everything Old is New Again (Score 2) 75

The Andromeda Strain was published in 1969.

The United States has some disease reporting, it started at least 75 years ago before the antibiotic bubble. This CDC Report summarizes the present state of disease reporting, in two pages. We need higher standards of reporting and legal penalties for failure to report.

Comment Re:Stop using cars at all. (Score 1) 240

We grew up out there, saw that it was a cultural and economic dead end, and fled as soon as we could. We understand the rural lifestyle quite well as we were raised in it.

But do you understand why others find it attractive? Somehow, I seriously doubt it. And if you do not, you do not truly understand it.

Comment Re:Not mine, you won't... (Score 1) 240

The problem is that what Americans call "dense" isn't dense enough, outside the Northeast, for European-style mass transit to work well, and yet lots of folks think American cities aren't truly great unless they have mass transit - regardless of whether it will work and be cost-effective. That leaves American taxpayers with huge bills for mass transit systems they'll never use.

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