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Comment get a good scanner (Score 1) 3

Did this earlier this year. First step is to have a good double sided sheet fed scanner.. I got a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 ADF that is linux friendly. has a full list. gscan2pdf is a great piece of software that does most of the work.

For OCR - I basically only do on a windows virtualbox session with commercial software. Open source was not of sufficient quality at this point (although some people have had success with tesseract for OCR). I only do that on occasion. Most cases (receipts) I just use a good file name.

For sorting the scans I simply use a very good file name and folder name combination. Search via file or GNU locate works fine.

For backup I simply use bittorent sync plus a external hdd

Comment code size (Score 2) 362

Size and complexity
Upstart (1.5): 285 files, ~185k lines, ~97k C
Debian: sysvinit + 120 files, 5.8k lines
systemd (v44+): dbus + glib + 900 files, 224k lines, 125k C
sysvinit: 560kB, 75 files, ~15k lines

Debian startup is smallest, it's only shell with sysvinit (C) as dependency
Upstart is about 10 times bigger in terms of lines of code/text. Most of the extra complexity size comes from C.
systemd is about 10 times bigger, like upstart. But with the mandatory deps it blows up to about one hundred times the code footprint! Most of the extra code is in mandatory dependencies, but the systemd core is also bigger than anything else.

Comment 2 OS goes to 3 OS.. (Score 1) 479

There is no way they can compete against Chinese OEM manufacturers - they will eat their lunch.
Throw away current decent dev tools for new ones never makes sense
This seems like an all out gamble that they can take on RIM in the corporate market with MS's backing
They can't completely dump Symbian and Meego will continue without them.

Comment N900 vs iPhone v3 vs Palm Pre (Score 1) 484

In terms of hack-ability it seems like the ranking is

Nokia Maemo(with slimmed down, Pre (directfb - framebuffer driver), Android (java rendering), Apple (I don't know about Symbian).

I have to hand it to Palm - their approach of porting webkit to run in directfb is a nice Idea.

Personally I think the future of app development on these phones is simply to use HTML 5

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