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Comment A Friend (Score 1) 163

A friend of mine is driving a concept fuel cell tractor trailer for his company. They had to add a digitized noisemaker to sound like a diesel engine because the truck is so quiet. Since the truck is so quiet, it's almost a safety hazard because it kind of creeps up quietly. He loves the fuel cell truck as it outperforms the diesel, it's quiet, and the range he gets is equivalent to 14mpg. My buddy said that they'll have to pry this truck out of his cold dead hands.

Comment I Disagree (Score 1) 370

I do not like going to movie theaters to watch movies. Too often, you have the chatty cathy talking over the movie, or worse, playing siskel and ebert. I like being able to watch a movie in the comfort and privacy of my own home. I have a decent-sized 60" television which provides an experience that is more than adequate. I can also pause the movie to use the bathroom or fix a snack. I'm a little hard of hearing so if I miss a line, I can always rewind. Plus, prices to see movies in the theater have become really ridiculous. Between the cost of the movie and maybe some popcorn and a beverage, you are approaching the cost of eating a decent dinner out. I would rather sit and eat a relaxed dinner. There is just no compelling reason to go to see a movie in a theater anymore.

Comment What is lacking (Score 1) 151

The problem with encryption software is that most of it isn't designed to be centrally managed. I am an OpenBSD user and I use full disk encryption which is slick as owl shit but there is no way to centrally manage, say, several OpenBSD machines. In order to change the passphrase or key I have to go to each and every machine. There are some commercially available software packages that will implement central management tools but I do not trust them. When it comes to encryption, if I cannot see the source code, I do not trust it.

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