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Comment I'm Angry (Score 4, Interesting) 117

It takes a special kind of asshole to attack a library; a place where people go to learn and access the internet. Why go after one of the poorest resources and attack those that have the least to give? Go after the fucking fortune 500 companies but not a fucking library. One only hopes that anonymous could turn the tables on these slimy thieves.

Comment IMHO (Score -1) 168

Donald Knuth is an elitist. It is not necessary to have a background in mathematics to write software. I taught myself PHP and I certainly don't have any kind of mathematics background whatsoever. It isn't dumbing down as he claims. It's about creating opportunities. If you can code and you can do it well without mathematics, so be it. The math side is for those that want to do research. I work in the real world ....

Comment Stupid (Score 1) 70

This is a rather foolish maneuver because there are more choices for wireless service now than there has ever been. Prepaid phone service no longer has the stigma that was once attached to it so the large tier 1 carriers have to be careful about raping the consumer's wallet. MetroPCS has partially-subsidized phones and Tracfone has an equipment lease program. Neither company charges an activation fee and their monthly service charges are inclusive of taxes and fees. Unless you travel overseas, there is almost no reason to go postpaid at all because you can get a good deal on prepaid family plans.

Comment Well (Score 1) 81

I'm not a millennial so I'm behind the times when it comes to apps. I've never heard of this Chinese Communist selfie app but it doesn't take an app to do a selfie. You've got an Android or iPhone builtin app to do it for you. It even lets you easily share it to Facebook. Who the hell really needs an add-on selfie app?

Comment I don't (Score 1) 389

Geek Squad tends to be predatory on their customers and constantly upsells based on fear of what is unknown to the customer. I can undercut them significantly, still make money, and not resort to dirty tricks.

Comment Frightening (Score 1) 95

Just what the every day Chinese people need is another branch of law enforcement. This is going to effect the poor whom probably cook outdoors to feed their families. Perhaps they might need a car or some other form of vehicles to get by. Will the Chinese Environmental Police round them up and send them to labor camps?

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