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Comment Mixed feelings (Score 1) 128

On one hand, I cheer Prugar because I have been fired from jobs and I was told that I am "not a team player." Never mind that I had one of the highest issue solve rights and work completion rates of my team and department. Yes, I am socially awkward and have a disability but, when the day is said and done, isn't a job about productivity? Firing someone because you feel threatened by them is evil. On the other hand, I think that two wrongs don't make a right. I believe he would've been better off asking for his job back. It has become too easy to fire people based on a whim so this is why I like to see corporations take a big hit occasionally. They get too big for their britches and need a little bit of that hubris deflated.

Comment It's Nice and All (Score 1) 126

I like seeing technology advance and 4K video looks fantastic but there are still few devices capable of displaying video at these resolutions. Furthermore, Big Telecom isn't a fan of giving people large amounts of data for cheap so anyone that has both limited broadband and limited mobile data will be unable to partake in this offering. The harsh, cold reality is that data infrastructure is pathetically weak in the United States. Since there is virtually no competition with the few big telecoms out there having regional monopolies, there is no incentive for them to offer larger data pipelines at affordable prices. With my current plans, one 4K video would just about kill my internet usage for 30 days.

Comment The Cloud (Score 1) 124

This is why I don't use the cloud for anything! I have my own email, web, and sftp server. I set up my own personal private cloud via ownCloud and all this gets hosted on a small, low-power server in my house. My information is relatively secure and I don't have to worry about anyone else monetizing it or providing it to a government authority.

Comment I have to call (Score 1) 472

Bullshit! I think it can be made for a reasonable cost. It sounds like Apple is fudging a few things. I remember when US Airways got it's panties in a bunch over having to give up it's foreign call centers. It turns out that on-shoring all of the reservation processing added only a minor cost increase.

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