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Comment Re:3 months in France (Score 1) 765

3 months is the standard notice time for a developer (and for most qualified jobs) in France. This is written in your contract when you get a job. This is both ways: when you leave or when you are fired.

So leaving without notice time (or with a shorter time) is something you have to negociate.

Now that is perfectly fine. The standard of professionalism applies equally to bother employer and employee. I have absolutely no problem with that.

Comment Double standard (Score 1) 765

I for one, am sick of the double standard. Employees are expected to be professional and give two week's notice, however employers are not held to the same standard of professionalism. Whenever it is feasible and possible, I'll give two week's notice but I don't have qualms about leaving with less notice. Anyone defending this double standard is either an employer or an employee that has been so utterly brainwashed by corporate America that he or she will literally lick their boots.

Comment Safety Initiatives (Score 1) 96

I am all for increasing safety of the Uber drivers and holding them to more professional driver standards. I used to work in IT and now I drive a big rig for a living. There is a camera in my truck cab that monitors what I do. The company is going to know if I am texting or using my phone while driving but they do let use Bluetooth. I am all for this! I want to know that my loved ones are as safe as possible when using Uber.

Comment Re:Win for consumer (Score 2) 48

Apple sets its price points based on flash storage amount. If people can easily add more storage, that will be a win for the consumer. Yay, competition!

The win is purely empirical because you still need to use SanDisk's App to move files between your iPhone and the SanDisk unit. It does not completely integrate with the iOS platform. It would be a real win if you could actively use the SanDisk unit for storage. Really, the iPhone is a very consumer unfriendly device. I drink the Apple Kool Aid as far as my MacBook Pro is concerned. For my choice of smartphone, I am Android all of the way. I don't believe in spending more than 150.00 for a smartphone. At the prices of the flagship phones, I'd rather have a better tablet or spend my money elsewhere.

Comment Gary Jonhson (Score 1) 412

IMHO, Gary Johnson is not going far enough. While we are at it, we can eliminate the utterly worthless Homeland Security altogether. Let's also get rid of the DEA, move the ATF mission to the FBI and scrap enforcement of tobacco and alcohol. Just cutting those bloated agencies alone would pay for social programs to make life in America better and easier for everyday Americans. I would council caution with eliminating Housing and Urban Development but restructuring it strictly as an advocacy unit for the poor. The Department of Education, could have some value if completely scrapped and built from the ground up with professional educators instead of bureaucrats and politicians. As for the Department of Commerce and the IRS .... let them go bye bye.

Comment Control Of DNS (Score 1, Insightful) 280

The internet and it's associated technologies were developed in the United States so DNS should be under the sole purview of the US Government. If I had my druthers, IP addresses would also be controlled by the US. As much as I hate that little bitch Ted Cruz, I support him on this one.

Comment Reality (Score 1) 91

Technology, i.e. mechanics and electronics, is failure prone. Since major failures don't occur often, we become psychologically conditioned to believe that technology should never fail. I used to battle this all of the time when people would complain about emails not being delivered. It is (and always has been) a best effort service. The SMTP protocol makes allowances for delivery of an email to take 7 days but because most of the time delivery is instantaneous, people have expectations that this will always be. I loved some of the end-users complain that it worked yesterday. Well, yesterday is gone and today is today. I had a PHB once complain about email so I cited the very white paper written on the protocol. I was out of hot water but clearly he did not like the answer.

Comment Fiverr (Score 0) 44

It could not have happened to a nicer (sic) company. The so-called gig economy takes people's real and valuable skills and reduces it to sweatshop compensation. Fiverr and Amazon Mechanical Turk represent all of what is despicable about capitalism. I smiled when I read Fiverr got DDoS'd. Hopefully that cost them a bundle.

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