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Comment Ooookay (Score 1) 75

I would think information overload would be less of an issue for the more youthful demographic. I am 40 and have had to get used to more information. My new work from home tech support job requires 4 monitors. Yike, that can be overwhelming for a guy used to doing the same job with one or two. I am just finally, after 5 working days, am getting used to navigating that way of getting work done. I don't really 'LIKE' it yet but it is slowly growing on me. I really dislike the information overload and I have to force myself to stop multitasking by keeping my smartphone in a different part of the house so that I'm not using it while watching TV. I really have to do the same for my laptop. I guess the psychologists are right when they say that the information stimuli is kind of addictive. Yikes!

Comment Meh, It's a Cellphone OS (Score 1) 75

It's not like the Android "community" is going to use it. You see, cellphones aren't getting better, so we hold on to our phones. Our carriers and cellphone makers won't update our phones. If we update our phones it breaks the warranty.

Cellphones are just supposed to be disposable crap we purchase in infatuation, and throw in the trash when we discover there's no racing stripe on our model.

Cellphone usability sucks. Every tried to get stuff done on a cellphone. It has all the power of the 2000 computer, with all the UI design of a Ouija board.

Comment Mixed feelings (Score 1) 133

On one hand, I cheer Prugar because I have been fired from jobs and I was told that I am "not a team player." Never mind that I had one of the highest issue solve rights and work completion rates of my team and department. Yes, I am socially awkward and have a disability but, when the day is said and done, isn't a job about productivity? Firing someone because you feel threatened by them is evil. On the other hand, I think that two wrongs don't make a right. I believe he would've been better off asking for his job back. It has become too easy to fire people based on a whim so this is why I like to see corporations take a big hit occasionally. They get too big for their britches and need a little bit of that hubris deflated.

Comment First Ammendment (Score 1) 588

Yes, well all want to be safe at home, while shoving slabs of tasty pizza in our mouths.
Still, there's a problem, the registry is Unconstitutional, breaking the First Amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..."

I think that an attempt to disenfranchise or disestablish a religion, is the same thing as establishing the remaining one.

Too quickly, we are going from here, to here:
Fascists walk among us.

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