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Comment Surprising (Score 1) 97

I honestly thought Edward Snowden might use OpenBSD because it is more secure than Linux. The allegations of backdoors in the IPSEC stack were proven to be false during an intensive security audit by the OpenBSD team. The OpenBSD team regularly audits their code and is transparent about bugs found. But, I digress, I am an OpenBSD fanboi. OpenBSD powers my router/gateway, server, desktop, and laptop. In my world, if it is capable of running OpenBSD, it does.

Comment Let Them Cry (Score 5, Insightful) 477

I am not a Trump supporter but I am definitely anti H1-B visa and offshoring. The Indian firms are wrong as there is plenty of talent in America capable of writing excellent software. Conversely, I have seen very poor software come out of India that was not only unstable but replete with spelling and grammar errors on the user interface. Some stuff was so pooly written, that friends of mine have told me that they ended up re-writing large portions thereby negating any savings. The only reason the Indian IT firms are calling foul is because they're going to lose money and it isn't foul because the Indians engage in protectionism for their economy. They have very high import taxes .... sky high to as much as 25%. So the Indians get no sympathy from me whatsoever.

Comment Not So Good For 3D Printing and Mission Critical (Score 3, Informative) 498

There are times that users just can't have resource grabbing happen, such as 3D printing. The latency from even checking for updates, can ruin a studio recording. Windows 10 rebooting options are poorly thought out. What if you cannot have your computer reboot anytime in the near future?

Comment Forgot Some... (Score 5, Insightful) 489

White text on a bight yellow background, on Galaxy Note 3 Android.
Where the fuck have the icons gone? Windows.
Why can't I cut an paste information from your dialog.
Why are things still not resolution independent. Adobe, and most music production applications.
Don't think you need files and folders? Think again, and the includes you Firefox mobile bookmarks.

The creator of "material design" need to be shot. There's a difference between not being limited by the physical world, and needlessly disconnect us from what we have already learned.

In the battle between KDE, Gnome, and Unity, Cinnamon won.

Rounded corners rule!
Shadows show us what's on top!

Just because Apple did it, doesn't make it right. Remember, they had a bad year last year.
People need to work, more than you need to masturbate over your own art work.
Most serious file management takes place in two windows.
Clean means that you are too lazy to update the functionality in your program, so you are leaving useful stuff off.
Those who think that the command line and a GUI cannot coexist have never seen a 3D CAD or design program.

Comment I'm Angry (Score 4, Interesting) 163

It takes a special kind of asshole to attack a library; a place where people go to learn and access the internet. Why go after one of the poorest resources and attack those that have the least to give? Go after the fucking fortune 500 companies but not a fucking library. One only hopes that anonymous could turn the tables on these slimy thieves.

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