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Comment Gotta Fill Prisons Somehow (Score 1) 181

Are you tired of having empty prisons? Do you need something to do since your officers cannot put people in jail for marijuana? Feel like the drug war is a losing battle? Well, welcome to the golden opportunists of opioid abuse incarceration. Just stoke the fires of a long-time medical problem, and instead of offering medical solutions for a medical problem, offer to put people in your jails. As a bonus, everyone is a suspect, and most people feel pain from time to time. Ka-ching! Watch the money start rolling in again. Soon, your officers and police, and lawyers, and judges, and bailsman will be a busy as ever.

Comment Audacity is a Great Ugly Duckling (Score 3, Interesting) 102

I've used Audacity for years. It's a powerful, useful audio editor. The releases are stable. It's a great program.

Though, the UI is not in keeping with the quality of the rest of the program. I have written to the developers. The response I got back suggested that the developers are not really open for any kind of visual changes. In fact, the reskinning functionally was removed in later versions.

I would like a UI that looks more like Ardour. Though, if the developers don't like dark themed UI's, perhaps a slider could be added something like in Adobe Premier so the user can change the light/dark elements on the fly. Other work needs to be done, like modernizing the icons and making sure it is ready for 4K.

Additionally, thank you for Audacity. It is a wonderful program, worthy of being a showpiece in the open source community.

Comment What is lacking (Score 1) 151

The problem with encryption software is that most of it isn't designed to be centrally managed. I am an OpenBSD user and I use full disk encryption which is slick as owl shit but there is no way to centrally manage, say, several OpenBSD machines. In order to change the passphrase or key I have to go to each and every machine. There are some commercially available software packages that will implement central management tools but I do not trust them. When it comes to encryption, if I cannot see the source code, I do not trust it.

Comment The Pi Symbol is Nonsense (Score 1) 133

The pi symbol could easily be replaced with something that depicts the representation between radius and circumference, freeing up a tiny bit of learned memory for everyone who uses math. There is no reason to use a purely symbolic constant to represent a naturally occurring relationship. Save the ancient Greek symbols for meaningless artifacts which only occur in math space.

I understand that many people who would write that this is not necessary, would also write that they would not want to have to relearn the new symbol, thereby proving a point that it took too much effort to lean the old one.

Oddly a pie as in pie symbol makes more sense to more people.

There is a reason why so many people forget so much of their math.

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