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Comment Re:What kind of jobs? (Score 1) 282

Sorry, not gonna work. Yes, that used to work out back when the American dream could still come true, but know what? It's over. Been over for a long time now.

The American Dream was "work hard, climb the ladder, make wise investments and one day you'll live comfortably".

Doesn't work anymore. You can work your ass off and you will won't get anywhere, earn enough to actually make any investments and you'll never live comfortably. You'll work to your grave.

The new American Dream is "fuck this, try winning the lottery or get hit by someone with money with his car and sue his pants off".

Comment Re:People are still struggling with the concept (Score 1) 173

The last time I tried making a phone call in my car, it didn't understand half of what I was trying to say. Luckily, I was still in the driveway, because if I'd been driving, I probably would have crashed into a tree while yelling at my !@#$ phone. For me, at least, it's fine for receiving calls, but terrible at making them.

Comment Re:Right to 3D print (Score 1) 204

Just wait 'til 3D printing catches on.

In case you're not familiar with this, spare parts for cars is a HUGE business. And everyone involved is fleecing you, no matter where you get that part, whether it's a "genuine" original, a knockoff, even if you get it from a junk yard from a wreck, in the end you'll be charged many, many times over what the part actually costs you to build it in a 3D printer.

Can you imagine just what kind of industry you're standing against if that takes off? If you think the MAFIAA's battle against that dreaded "copying" was big, just wait 'til car companies and the fully dependent downstream companies (which are far from mom'n'pop shops as well!) feel the pain of you creating your own plastic parts for a buck that they wanted to sell you for twenty after mass producing it for a cent.

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