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Comment Re:Dare to be different! (Score 1) 123

What market has chosen? Apple has chosen to produce an iPhone and people can buy it or not have an iPhone. And people buy it.

Remember how market economy was supposed to be? Suppliers offering choices and people being the decider what sells and what doesn't? What choice do I have? If I want a more or less modern phone, I have to swallow that it's going to have a soldered battery with an anemic lifetime because it's paper thin, along with the phone not being much thicker and needing a protective cover so it doesn't crumple when you put it into your pocket.

And please don't tell me people really HATED those USB ports enough that they DEMANDED them removed...

Comment Re:um (Score 4, Interesting) 118

You should probably add that one of the key reasons for this being that they don't want debris to fall back down onto the launch facility, either 'cause something goes wrong early on or because a stage gets jettisoned.

Also, it is actually more economical to start the turn early on, it gives you a way better flight profile that also puts less stress onto the parts.

Comment Re: I peruse iffy websites all the time (Score 1) 319

You're joking, but it's kinda disturbing to be woken up by a SWAT team at early dawn just 'cause you bought hydrogen peroxide, hydrochloric acid and acetone, while at the same time being hilarious that they don't dare to touch anything, fearing they might upset the TATP.

Oddly enough, those three chemicals are also very useful to etch PCBs. But thanks to our SWAT team, I now know an additional use for them...

Comment Re:missing info... (Score 1) 319

Well, either you managed to turn him from someone who was considering Daesh to be a good thing into someone who is certain it is.

Or, if he's meeting the right people, he might understand that the true meaning of life isn't to blow yourself up and taking infidels with you but to kill people for the money they have.

With prisons you can count on one thing: If you're not a criminal when you get in, you have every opportunity to learn how to become one before you get out.

Comment Re:Thoughtcrime (Score 1) 319

Hmm... well, let's extrapolate from legal porn. Considering the amount of "amateur porn" sites out there, it is entirely possible that there are also that kind of porn pages, along with "professional" in-for-the-money venues.

It's probably the same way it is in the legal porn circles: Pick your favorite flavor.

Comment Re:Thoughtcrime (Score 1) 319

That was not the topic, the topic was that outlawing possession and arresting those who do will eliminate demand. And that didn't work AT ALL for alcohol. Quite the opposite, it did actually increase the demand for alcohol.

I wouldn't deem it impossible for child porn to be the same, some people don't give a shit about the act itself but the thrill of the forbidden and illegal is what turns them on.

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