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Comment Re:Maximum yield (Score 1) 813

I also remember that driving from Ohio into Pennsylvania was kind of like driving from Alabama into Florida... one minute, you're on a wide, freshly-paved road... 3 minutes later, the shoulders are gone, the asphalt is a half step above compacted gravel, there are potholes big enough to trash a lifted monster truck, and the road itself looks like it hasn't been improved since the 1950s.

I've had that in reverse. I was driving on some bridge, dodging potholes, and suddenly the road was great. I looked over, and sure enough, there was a sign that said "Welcome to Kansas".

Comment Re:Maximum yield (Score 2) 813

Yes, thats why we have had interstate bridges collapsing, and the roads in my affluent area are made up of interlocking patches over potholes.

Id hate to see the roads in areas that arent affluent.

Awhile back, I was surprised to hear that my state, Missouri, had the 4th worst roads in the nation. The surprise was that there were 3 states worse than us!

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