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Comment My evening (Score 1) 154

When I get home from work, I plop in my chair and veg out. I've done that for as long as I've had a job to get home from. But I'm not doing the same crap. I went from watching Primetime crap to watching non-primetime crap on the DVR, to watching Netflix. Just because I'm doing some form of mindless entertainment doesn't mean it will be Netflix. If their content drops enough, there's Hulu, or if not that, something else.

Comment Re:too much segmentation (Score 1) 154

^This, this, this!!! I never quite cut the cord over it, but I found non-primetime stuff to record, shouted at Bill O-Reiley, and pfutzed around on the internet. Currently, there are more non-reality shows on, but the damage is done, they have to lure from the other stuff, when they once had me by default.

Comment Re:As someone who streams, legally.... (Score 1) 67

When I tried free Hulu a few years ago, the ads were frequent, repetitive, and glitchy (I got caught in an infinite loop of ads), and though other than that loop, they were shorter than TV ads, I found them even more annoying. It sounds like the online ads are the same, except maybe for the glitch. To me it's well worth paying for Hulu (ad-free) to avoid the crappy commercials.

Comment Re:One little problem (Score 1) 589

America is the only place in the world where it is legally permitted to criticize anyone and everyone.

See, for example: The creepy tyranny of Canada's hate speech laws

That reminds me of a joke from the Bush era.

American: "My country is free because we can stand in the middle of DC and call our leader an idiot".
Iraqi: "So what. I can stand in the middle of Baghdad and call your leader an idiot".

Comment Re:Now you're terminated (Score 1) 389

The alternative is to "trust" that the coworker standing behind you will catch when you fall backwards. At some places I worked at, stepping off a 12-story building is easier.

The problem is, if you're falling backwards off a 12 story building, the guy behind you is 12 stories down! I'm as trusting as the next guy, but that's taking it a little too far.

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